Protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces

We continue to follow the community requests in our Parish Plan to seek ways of protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces.

In early 2017 we were able to obtain protection for Gore Cross Green through Fields in Trust.

Our attention is now focussed on Pageants Field. We have again spoken to Fields in Trust who have agreed in principle that this space may be protected in perpetuity for the community.

Bradpole Parish Council have agreed to progress this and will be dealing with the application and Land Registration over the coming months.

March 26 ON TARGET A Deed of Dedication is executed between Bradpole Parish Council and Fields in Trust.

Feb 2018 LATEST. We have received the draft Deed of Dedication from Fields in Trust and are on target to have this process completed during Spring 2018.

See Bradpole’s Green Spaces

In the meantime Bradpole Parish Council has become a “Friend” of Fields in Trust helping them to protect our open spaces.

Individuals and families may also become “Friends” see:

Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community



BPC April 2018


Before being re-deployed following another unintended Cabinet reshuffle previous Secretary of State Sajid Javid had agreed to support the Future Dorset proposal for unitary councils in Dorset, subject to parliamentary approval.

A “Shadow Council” will now be formed in early summer 2018 to work alongside the existing councils with a view to the new DORSET COUNCIL becoming effective from 1st April 2019.

More info from the Dorset Area Joint Committee HERE


It is has been said that West Dorset District Council (WDDC) has substantial reserves, which have accrued over the years, and yet we are led to understand that the new unified Dorset Council will start with a significant deficit.

What is happening to the current reserves held by WDDC on behalf of local council tax payers?

You may ask, Bradpole Council has asked the following question on our residents’ behalf:

What will happen to those reserves currently held by WDDC which would otherwise have been available to be spent in West Dorset?

This reply was received from WDDC on 31 Jan 2018:

“…All existing Councils would cease on 31st March 2019 and all of their assets and liabilities would be transferred to the new Unitary Council. This would include any reserves held by the Council (WDDC).”

Following the substantial reductions in UK Govt funding for Local Authorities WDDC has stated that it “may in future cease to fund discretionary services”. Bradpole Parish Council understands that if services are needed then they have to be paid for one way or another. It is considered that the description “discretionary services” is inadequate and has asked, more than once, for a full and detailed list of those services to be made available.

But see also this tweet from 21 March:


Need to be realistic about what is achievable in setting up the new authority for April 2019 – that’s an unprecedented short timescale. There needs to be seamless continuity of services and it needs to be legal and compliant on Day 1. Transformation work will take longer

APRIL 2018: Bradpole Parish Council has responded to an on-line survey about the future of services, this is what we had to say: WDDC Devolution of Services

Bradpole Parish Council, along with other local parish & town councils, will be monitoring this process with a series of Parish Liaison meetings facilitated by the Bridport Local Area Partnership (BLAP):

BPC March 2018