Bradpole’s Memorials & Monuments

Bradpole’s memorials to those that served and to those that lost their lives in the World wars of the twentieth century can be found in and around the churchyard at Holy Trinity, Bradpole.

During 2014 commemorations were held on the centenary of the outbreak of the 1914 ~ 1918 conflict and it was during 2014 that the Parish Council carried out a review of the condition of the village memorials. As a result of this review work was commissioned to clean and refurbish the memorials during 2015 for the benefit of future generations.

alt="Bradpole's WW1 Memorial"
Bradpole’s WW1 Memorial
alt="WW2 Memorial at Holy Trinity Church Bradpole"
WW2 Memorial at Holy Trinity Church Bradpole

The King Charles II Memorial Stone, Lee Lane

alt="King Charles II Stone"
King Charles II Stone

William Cromwell defeated Charles II at the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651, and Charles fled to mainland Europe (apparently via Lee Lane, Bradpole, on 23rd September 1651).

The long distance Monarch’s Way footpath traces the route through Bradpole Parish.

The inscription reads that the Stone was erected on 23rd September 1901 being the 350th anniversary.

The King Charles Stone was moved when road works were undertaken on the A 35. It spent some time in storage in Dorchester and was later returned to the care of Bradpole Parish. As can be seen from this old photo (courtesy of Bridport History Centre) the stone, behind the visiting car, was originally in a slightly different place than where it now stands at the junction of Lee Lane and the A 35.

Were the occupants of the car the Parish Councillors of the time?

alt="archive black & white photo, probably Edwardian, of King Charles Stone"
An official visit to the King Charles II Memorial Stone?

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