Parish Council Owned Green Spaces

Schedule of LAND ASSETS May 2020

Bradpole Parish Council owns a number of Open Spaces and these are described below.


Any Group wishing to use the Parish Recreation areas should contact the Parish Clerk for COVID-19 conditions and availability.

Other Green Spaces such as that bordering the River Asker through “Happy Island” are in private ownership.

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The Parish Plan highlights the importance of safeguarding the existing Open Spaces and putting them to better use for the benefit of the Community whilst taking into account the concerns of the immediate neighbours.

alt="Bradpole gazebo"In 2016, with the help of a grant, a gazebo was purchased for use on our Green spaces at Parish Council Community events.

In early 2016, and as part of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan, Bradpole councillors produced a report on the environmental & heritage assets within Bradpole Civil Parish.

Follow this link to read the report:

Bradpole Parish Council Environment & Heritage Report – 2016 

Whilst the Parish Council has funds available, received from Council Taxes, for both the basic management of our Green Spaces and the replacement of  Play equipment these funds are limited.

The formation of Community groups is supported and those properly constituted groups can access funding sources that are not normally available to councils to enhance and improve community facilities.

Gore Cross Recreation Area

alt="Youngster enjoying the benefits of Gore Cross Green"
Youngsters enjoying the benefits of Gore Cross Green

Gore Cross Recreation Area is a 2 acre (0.79h.a.) relatively level field which requires regular maintenance.

    • Additional picnic tables/benches were installed following suggestions put forward by several local residents in the Parish Plan.
    • Goal posts have been installed to facilitate up to 9-a-side matches, particularly for our younger residents, and have been used by local under-11 mixed teams.
    • Where diseased trees are felled these are replaced on a minimum one for one basis.
    • The grass is mown very frequently to keep the Green in good order.
    • A “Shed on the Green” was established in 2019 using S106 Grant monies relating to earlier property development in the civil parish.


Residents said in Parish Plan consultations that the Parish owned Green Spaces should be “safeguarded”.

Bradpole Parish Councillors executed a Deed of Dedication with “Fields in Trust”  in November 2016 to protect “Gore Cross Green” in perpetuity for the benefit of residents. This Deed has now be registered at HM Land Registry thus completing the protection process.

Find the Protected Gore Cross Green at this link to Fields in Trust


alt="image of descriptive sign with Fields in Trust logo"
Gore Cross Recreation Area Sign + Fields in Trust logo
alt="Community picnic in 2017"
Community Picnic

This Green Space is widely used by members of the Bradpole community and occasionally community events are held. This highlights the need to keep the land clean for all who use it.

The Parish Council wishes to enable improvement and a greater and varied use of existing community open spaces.

The “Get Bradpole Buzzing Group”, formed in 2019, is brightening up some of Bradpole’s green spaces by planting native wildflowers. See our community groups page for contact details.

Bradpole Parish Council has a set of rules & regulations for the use of the Green for the benefit of all users see:-

Gore Cross Recreation Area rules 2020      

Any persons or organised groups wishing to use this field for formal community/sports events etc. should contact the Bradpole Parish Clerk at:

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Pageants Field and Play Area

COVID-19 Please follow the COVID-CAUTION GUIDELINESwhen using the Play Area

BPC risk-assessment-Pageants Play Area January 2021

alt="The newly installed tower at Pageant's Play Area"
The Play Tower at Pageant’s Play Area installed October 2015

Pageants Close recreation field and play area is a smaller green space (0.33h.a.) on sloping land. It includes a Children’s play area. A replacement Play Tower was installed in October 2015

The play area fencing was replaced with safety compliant fencing in September 2014.

alt="a drawing of a badger"There is a large badgers sett on the SW perimeter. Badgers are a protected species their habitat cannot be disturbed.

Check out this RSPCA site for more information:

CAUTION take care on the field surface as the badgers can cause it to become uneven in places.

The playground area is subject to an annual health and safety check by an independent assessor. The most recent Annual Safety Inspection Report is available here:

2020 Pageants Close Play Area Inspection Report

NOTE that the 2020 Report incorporates additional guidelines for all users  relating to COVID-19

Bradpole Parish Council has adopted a basic set of rules for the use of the Field & Play Area for the benefit of all users see:- Pageant’s Field Rules

COVID-19: Please check with the Parish Clerk for the latest position.



Parish councillors review options for this field from time to time to consider whether it continues to meet the wishes of the community.

 Bradpole Councillors decided, in late 2017, to apply for the same protection with “Fields In Trust” that was achieved at Gore Cross Green in that year. See this field at:

This process has now been completed and the Deed of Dedication was registered at the Land Registry in May 2018 under title DT420393.

alt="Fields in Trust sign at Pageants Field"
Pageants Field Protected!

In May 2020 Pageants Field was designated under the adopted Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan as a Green Space.

For  more details please contact the Parish Clerk:

Railway Gardens, Caley Way

alt="Railway Gardens memorial benches & notice board"
Railway Gardens a tranquil corner of Bradpole Village
alt="Bradpole's Level Crossing Gates"
Railway Crossing Gates at Railway Gardens previously Bradpole Halt

A pleasant small amenity area next to an old railway crossing. You will find there seating and a Parish Council Notice Board.

The Parish Council undertook a review of the planting on this site during the summer of 2016. Here is a summary of the report which was adopted by the Parish Council on 4 Aug 2016:

Railway Gardens Review 2016 (Summary)

Adjacent to “Railway Gardens” are the Bradpole Parish Council allotments, for more about these go to the: Bradpole P.C. Allotments page.

The Gore

alt="the Gore wildlife corridor"A pleasant and  green walkway and wildlife corridor owned by the Parish Council which passes through a built up area in the village.

During the late Autumn of 2015 the hedge along the footpath was laid, an old technique of hedge management. This will enable future control to be both easier and less costly.

Unfortunately there has been some instances of vandalism resulting in criminal damage to Council owned trees and shrubs in The Gore. These have been, and will continue to be, reported to the appropriate authorities.

BPC Tree Policy 2018

For the benefit of all please keep this and all of our public spaces clean and tidy.

Townsend Way

The Parish Council owns a strip of land on the north side of Townsend Way which is being managed by volunteers from the “Getting Bradpole Buzzing” group.

alt=" Bradpole road sign atTownsend Way"

This provides a Green border opposite the protected Gore Cross Green.

alt="Checking for Japanese Knotweed in 2017 "
Dr Annabel King checks the eradication progress July 2017

In 2014 Japanese Knotweed was found to be growing on part of this plot and an eradication programme was put in place.

Japanese Knotweed (JKW) – Townsend Way 2014 Programme of Eradication

The progress of this programme is monitored regularly

Our consultant, Dr. Anabel King, Senior Ecologist, Natural Environment Team,  Dorset County Council Reported in Sept 2018:

“I visited the Japanese Knotweed site at Bradpole yesterday morning (16/09) to see how it has responded to another year of treatment.  Although it is still there I can also see that the treatment is still having an effect as growth is reduced when compared to last year and overall there seemed to be fewer plants around.  I also thought the new fencing was a very good idea given the length of time which treatment of this plant often takes.”

“In terms of further treatment I think I’d just advise continuing the current spraying programme.”

alt="new fence at Townsend Way"
New fencing at Townsend Way. Oct 2018

“JKW is a plant which requires long term treatment to fully eradicate it.  The Bradpole patch is now so much smaller than when I first saw it and I’m very hopeful that it will be possible to get rid of it completely in the next few years.  It is frustrating not to be able to dig it up but, as we have discussed, this would involve excavating a large volume of earth and the arisings would then have to be treated as hazardous waste.  Also, any remaining rhizome would then start growing more vigorously in response to the disturbance.”


Dog Fouling Problems

alt="Dog Fouling Notice on stile at Gore Cross Recreation Area"

The problem of dog fouling which was highlighted as a major concern in the Parish Plan unfortunately continues. However the situation is improving as owners understand the need to be responsible for their pets. The Parish Council hopes to see this trend continue for the benefit of all, not least of all for the children who frequent our green spaces.

The majority of dog owners are responsible people and clear up any mess, we are grateful to them for the care they take.

alt="Report dog poo offenders logo"

There remains a minority of inconsiderate dog owners who do not act responsibly.


The Dorset Council website has a page for reporting dog fouling and there is a Dog Warden who may follow-up these reports.

Owners can also be prosecuted in the magistrates court where a fine of up to £1,000 plus costs can be imposed.

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