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Using our Community Spaces

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 For organised groups wishing to use land owned by Bradpole Parish Council for formal community/sports events etc.

Please refer to our GREEN SPACES page.



Bridport Hospital

Bridport Medical Centre

Bridport Museum Local History Centre

Bridport Neighbourhood Police Team

Bridport Youth & Community Centre

Digital Dorset

Dorset Housing Register

Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network

Shoppers Parking Permits

Tax Help for Older People

Tree Work in a Conservation Area

& More:

Abandoned Vehicles



Fly Tipping

And don’t forget to :

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Click on NED

Bridport Community Hospital

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To find out what healthcare facilities are available and the opening times for Bridport Community Hospital visit their website at:

The Minor Injuries direct line is 01308 426245

For health advice and reassurance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, contact:
the NHS 111 Service.

See also Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network  (details below)



Bridport Health Centre/Ammonite Health

West Allington, Bridport. Dorset. DT6 5BN

Tel: 01308 421896


Bridport Museum Local History Centre

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There is much about Bradpole and the local area to be found at the Local History Centre in Gundry Lane, Bridport

What you can find at the Local History Centre:

    • Family history records
    • General Register Office indices for births and marriages 1890-1945 on microfiche
    • Parish registers on microfilm and transcriptions
    • International Genealogical Index covering much of the world
    • Monumental Inscriptions for local churchyards
    • Bridport Cemetery records
    • National Burial Index
    • Access to historical censuses
    • Donated family histories and research


Bridport Neighbourhood Police Team

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Bridport, Bradpole, Beaminster, Lyme Regis and surrounding areas are covered by the Neighbourhood Policing Team stationed at Bridport.

Bridport Police Station, Tannery Road, Bridport DT6 3TP

Front counter opening hours

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 0900-1700hrs Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Closed If closed please call 101 or use the online form.


Bridport Youth & Community Centre

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Committed to providing a safe and inspiring environment for everyone in the wider community

Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3RL

Telephone: 01308 422 500​


Digital Dorset


Around 21% of people are not confident using the internet-there are more than 70 Digital Champions helping to change this.

Digital Champions are volunteers who help and support people in the local community to use the internet and gain basic online skills.



Do you wish to join the Housing Register in West Dorset ?

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Dorset Home Choice is the name given to the Housing Register in West Dorset. Qualifying households on the housing register in West Dorset are able to bid for social rented homes when advertised by housing associations through Dorset Home Choice.

Summer 2021: A new Housing Register is being formed.


Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network

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Local practices are working together and with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in their local areas in primary care networks to enable greater provision of proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care.

Based at the Bridport Medical Centre, West Allington. DT6 5BN

Find out more at:


Tax Help for Older People

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Tax Help for Older People is a service from the charity Tax Volunteers providing free, independent and expert help and advice for older people on lower incomes who cannot afford to pay for professional tax advice.

A national charity, based in Dorset, available through a low-cost phone line. T. 01308 488066


Tree work in a Conservation Area

alt="Trees are an important feature of the Bradpole Conservation Area"
Trees are an important feature of the Bradpole Conservation Area

The centre of Bradpole Village is a designated Conservation Area and rules exist to protect that status. Included within this are the trees which are an important feature of the village.

“Unauthorised work to protected trees could lead to prosecution, resulting in enforcement action such as fines or a criminal record. Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Planning Conditions, Felling Licences or Restrictive Covenants legally protect many trees in the UK.”


If you plan to carry out remedial work or wish to fell trees within the Conservation Area you will need to apply to the local planning authority at least six weeks before the proposed work on such trees:


Shoppers parking permits available online



You can now purchase or renew a permit online at:

Permits are priced from £16 for one vehicle or £18.50 for two vehicles for each six month period.

The website has been designed to work on smartphones, tablets and desktops, enabling you to carry out transactions at a time and place that suits you. The fully automated service will also send you a reminder when your permit is due to expire.

Shoppers’ permits allow two hours’ parking (limited to one use a day) in district council short stay car parks or three hours if a disabled badge is also displayed.


Abandoned Vehicles

The dumping of unwanted, untaxed, MOT failed vehicles is a nationwide occurrence. Dumped cars and other vehicles represent a danger to public safety, are a focal point for anti-social behaviour and detract from the natural beauty of the area.

However, care must be taken when dealing with motor vehicles which are legally parked and have a current Vehicle Excise Licence but the keeper cannot be contacted. There may be a legitimate reason for this, such as they are away on holiday, in hospital etc.

Before reporting an abandoned vehicle, you can now check on the GOV.UK website (Get vehicle information from DVLA) (opens in a new window) to see if a vehicle has up to date road tax as from 1 October 2014, it is no longer a requirement to display the tax disc

An abandoned car or other vehicle may:

    • Not have a current vehicle excise licence (road tax disc)
    • Be burnt out
    • Be severely damaged or have missing parts
  • Not belong to the keeper shown on the Police National Computer
  • Have a current vehicle excise license (Road Tax disc) but there is reasonably held belief that the vehicle is abandoned.

    To report an abandoned vehicle in Dorset online go to see our online reporting page.


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Badger colonies are widespread across our Civil Parish reflecting our proximity to the countryside around us. They can, of course, be a problem in some locations but they are a Protected Species and there are severe penalties for anyone who disregards this status.




It’s not the dogs fault it is the owners responsibility!

We continue to receive reports of dog fouling in various places around our Parish where some irresponsible dog owners are not clearing up after their dogs.

This can have major health implications, the biggest threat from dog excrement is toxocara canis. Roundworm eggs are found in dog faeces, which can easily be picked up by young children.  This causes stomach upsets, sore throats, asthma and in rare cases blindness. The eggs can remain active in the soil for many years, long after the dog mess has weathered away.

When in a public area you are required by Law* to clean up after your dog. Not only is it unhealthy not to do so but it is also anti-social.

Use “poo bags”, available widely, there are plenty of bins around the Parish to place the bags in or take them home and place them within your general rubbish sack. 

Dog fouling and the law.

 The Maximum penalty  is £1,000.00.

In 2014 there was a case where a dog owner was fined a total of some £1700, including costs, for failing to remove her dog’s faeces from a playing field.

alt="Report offenders logo"Report offenders online

Bradpole Parish Council welcomes those responsible dog owners who do the right thing and clear up their dogs’ waste.


Is your dog under control?

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Do you know that Your dog is considered dangerously out of control if it:
– injures someone
– makes someone worried that it might injure them

A court could also decide that your dog is dangerously out of control if either of the following apply:

  • it attacks someone’s animal
  • the owner of an animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal

And don’t forget: A farmer is allowed to kill your dog if it’s worrying their livestock.

Dogs that attack people, livestock or assistance dogs must be reported to the Police. They are the investigating body for these incidents.


Dog Warden Service 

You can get an unlimited fine or be sent to prison for up to 6 months (or both) if your dog is dangerously out of control. You may not be allowed to own a dog in the future and your dog may be destroyed.
More details at:



The correct disposal of waste requires time and money. Some individuals and companies try to beat the system by disposing of theirs illegally.

The recently opened recycling centre in Bridport is operating efficiently but despite this some irresponsible individuals still see fit to dump their rubbish illegally at a cost to everyone.

Illegally dumping waste can be very harmful to animals and the environment, and can lead to the pollution of land and water courses. Fly-tipping can also harm human health and be detrimental to the quality of life for the people living around such incidents.

You can report illegal rubbish dumping on-line

Those caught fly tipping can be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


Fly Posting

Fly posting is when posters, stickers, boards and other forms of advertisement are put up in a public place illegally.

Fly-posting is a criminal offence. Report fly-posters to your local council or the police:


Go to our Useful Links Page to see how you may report other issues in your Community.