Bradpole Village Wildlife Area

Alongside the conservation area of Bradpole Village, and lying behind the Badgers Row Cottages, is a small  area of land owned and managed by DORSET COUNCIL.


(Land Registry Title DT365766)

A wildlife site is being created in accordance with the planning obligations relating to the construction of the Badgers Row Cottages.

(planning approval 31/07/2007: Application No: 1/D/07/001656)

The planning objective being that following the development of the site the remaining area should be landscaped for the benefit of wildlife and the local community.

Site Objectives:

  • To safeguard the badger population and enhance the habitat for them.
  • To enhance the area for wildlife likely to use the site.
  • To maintain/enhance the existing meadow/copse environment.
  • A minimal maintenance system preventing disturbance to existing wildlife and a system that is sustainable in the long-term.
  • To avoid formalised planting of garden or border shrubs not normally found in a meadow/copse environment.

This initially was to be the responsibility of the site developer.

So What’s Been Happening? (Latest news first)


March Following a reminder from the Parish Council the landowners, Dorset Council, have carried out a seasonal maintenance cut back.

alt="Badgers row plot March 2021"
March 2021 Following a seasonal cutback


November Dorset Council are undertaking a review of all of its assets using three principles to do this work:

  1. Use to create economic growth by creating new homes and jobs.
  2. Delivering a more integrated, customer focused services through joint provision with partner organisations.
  3. Generate efficiencies through capital receipts and reduced running costs.

“One of the ongoing aspirations of Dorset Council is to build on and improve the working relationship with Town and Parish Councils.”

Despite the expressed aspirations, and many requests for information, Bradpole Councillors are yet to be advised of how this land is to be both managed and maintained by Dorset Council in line with planning obligations.


Dorset Council advise that, following suggestions made by Bradpole councillors, they are arranging for their in-house team to take on the landscaping project. This will now be undertaken in accordance with the original 2015 Plan which was agreed by the planning authorities.
Dorset Council is aware of the local residents wish for privacy and security.

Early 2019. Following the failure of the site developer to fulfil planning obligations Dorset Council takes back responsibility for work to commence initially to clear the site. The wildlife plan will take some time both to complete and to become established.

This wildlife area, once established, will have a direct link to the Parish Council owned wildlife corridor at The Gore. See Parish owned Green Spaces.

The site is registered at HM Land Registry under title no. DT365766 where for a small fee (£6 in 2019) anyone can obtain details of the ownership, easements and a site plan.

Assets, Estates and Property, Dorset Council.

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