Bradpole Village Wildlife Area

Alongside the conservation area of Bradpole Village, lying behind the Badgers Row Cottages, is a small wildlife area owned and managed by DORSET COUNCIL.

The Site

The wildlife site is being created in accordance with the planning obligations relating to the construction of the Badgers Row Cottages.

wildlife site before work
The site in Bradpole village behind Badgers Row Cottages taken in 2017 showing years of neglect

Bradpole Council have, on a number of occasions, indicated that it has no current intention of seeking to take over ownership and management of the land from Dorset Council and thus placing the financial liability upon the council tax payers of Bradpole Civil Parish. Bradpole Council simply wishes to see this land satisfactorily managed by the landowner. This position was re-iterated and minuted by councillors at their August 2019 meeting. The site is registered at HM Land Registry under title no. DT 365766 where for a small fee (£6 in 2019) details of the ownership, easements and a site plan may be obtained.

Whilst Bradpole Parish Council does not have responsibility for the site management it did in 2018 seek from local residents, and pass to the Local Authority landowners, a consensus of views which included wishes for a low maintenance regime, the planting predominantly of shrubs rather than trees and the respect for the security of adjoining properties.

Work commenced in early 2019 initially to clear the site. The wildlife plan will take a some time both to complete and to become established.

site after commencemnt of work
Jan 2019 – Work commences on site preparation, compare this photo to that above taken last year.

The Wildlife Management Plan

The intention for the site includes objectives for: enhancing the area for wildlife likely to use the site by avoiding formalised planting of garden or border shrubs not normally found in a natural meadow/copse environment. The creation of a hawthorn dominated hedgerow to separate the area from adjoining properties.
A minimal maintenance system preventing disturbance to existing wildlife. A system that is sustainable in the long-term.

A stile has been placed over the boundary fence to allow access to the site. In due course, and as the annual maintenance regime is applied, it will be possible to cut a path between the longer grass areas to link to the existing lower path.

Image of a Hydroseeding vehicle
Hydroseeding with a native wildflower mix May 2019

This wildlife area will have a direct link to the Parish Council owned wildlife corridor at The Gore. See Parish owned Green Spaces.