“Happy Island” ~ Flood Protection & Wildlife Haven

During periods of heavy rain Bradpole’s floodplain is put to work. We saw this in January 2016  when this photo was taken.

alt="flooded River Asker January 2016"

The River Asker, which flows though the Bradpole Civil Parish, has this important floodplain much of which is found within the Civil Parish boundaries. Whilst there is a relatively small catchment area in the surrounding hills when there is heavy and prolonged rain a surge of water flows down the river. The floodplain is the natural place for the river to dissipate its energy. As can be seen in the photo Meanders form over the floodplain to slow down the flow of water and when the channel is at capacity the water spills over the floodplain where it is temporarily stored.

The effect of this provides some protection to the lower areas of Bridport particularly at the confluence of the rivers Asker & Brit. The river Brit has its own floodplain around Pymore providing similar protection.

Fortunately there are usually only a few days each year when this important work is undertaken by the floodplain. At other times the area is frequented by many who enjoy the countryside and by the wildlife which visit and inhabit this river corridor which is locally known as “Happy Island”.

If you have a property adjacent to a river the Environment Agency has published a booklet: Living on the Edge

“A guide to your rights and responsibilities of riverside ownership:”

“Happy Island” is designated as a protected Green Space within the  Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan.

See: Bradpole Parish Council Environment & Heritage Report – 2016

Thanks are due to the landowners and particularly to those that allowed the new and much appreciated Trailway to be created.

alt="A bridge over the Asker in Springtime"
A bridge over the Asker in Springtime

Please respect this whole area for the wildlife, the flora, and for everyone who enjoys it by keeping it clean and tidy

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