The Brit Valley & Watton Hill

The River Brit forms the western boundary of Bradpole Civil Parish and bisects the settlement of Pymore which is shared with the neighbouring Civil Parish of Allington.

alt="The River Brit passes through the old industrial settlement of Pymore"
A mixture of the old and the new in Pymore reflects the past industrial heritage of this settlement.

Overlooking the Brit valley and lying within Bradpole Parish is Watton Hill one of the iconic hills that creates the topography of the wider Bridport Area.

alt="Watton Hill forms an impportant part of the Bridport area landscape"
Watton Hill and the Brit Valley seen here from Pymore

Whilst the land at Watton Hill is privately owned it does fall entirely within the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which receives the highest status of protection under national planning policies and similar to that of National Parks.

A number of protected Rights of Way paths pass through this area not least of all the National Long Distance “Monarchs Way” which crosses the civil parish from Pymore to the monument at Lee Lane on the east of the Parish.

The importance and sensitivity of the Brit Valley Landscape Character was highlighted in section 8 of the 2018 Landscape Assessment РBridport    commissioned by West Dorset District Council in 2018.

Like the River Asker, in the east of the parish, there is a flood alleviation scheme at Pymore which also benefits areas lower down the river in Bridport where there is a confluence of both rivers before they enter Lyme Bay.

The vital importance of the area of undeveloped land separating the Pymore settlement from other developed areas in providing a unique backdrop and and a natural setting is recognised by the local  Neighbourhood Plan with the Brit valley being recognised as a Green Gap.