Rights of Way Footpaths in Bradpole Parish

alt="parish rights of way map"

There  are 29 “Public Rights of Way” footpaths which cross Bradpole Civil Parish and in total amount to just over 9 km in length. Many of these link up with footpaths in neighbouring parishes.

alt="Monarchs Way signs at Lee Lane"
Monarchs Way Signposts at Lee Lane

Included in these footpaths is a local section of  the long distance “Monarchs Way”  which crosses from Lee Lane, via Watton Hill, to Pymore.


Bradpole Council has produced a 2hr circular walking route around the Civil Parish

Highway authorities have a general duty “to assert and protect the rights of the public to the use and enjoyment”  of “Rights of Way” paths in their area. They are legally responsible for maintaining the surface of the path, including bridges, and keeping it free of overgrowth. In our case this responsibility falls upon Dorset Council’s Rights of Way Department.

In recent years the Government funding of local authorities has reduced and this has been reflected in less maintenance being carried out on our footpaths.

Not all 29 footpaths are used regularly but for those that are  a number of complaints have been received relating to the poor state of some of them. The Parish Council has entered into a financial agreement with the Dorset Rights of Way team to have all of the paths cut at least a minimum number of times each year.

Path users may register problems on line direct with the responsible local authority: REPORT A PUBLIC RIGHTS of WAY PROBLEM

NOTE: not all footpaths have “Rights of Way” status, “Rights of Way” maps may be found by zooming in at: DORSET EXPLORER