A Circular Walk Around Bradpole Parish

alt="part of the walk uses the long distance Monarchs Way footpath which passes through the Parish"
The route uses part of the “Monarch’s Way” long-distance footpath which here passes over Watton Hill to Pymore

To compliment the Bridport Green Route volunteers from Bradpole Council have devised a 2-hr circular walk around the Civil Parish taking in points of landscape and heritage interest.

The Bradpole Route (at Pt. 14) liaises with The Bridport Route (Jct. 4) at Happy Island, a combination of the two routes provides a 4-hour walk.

These initiatives are in line with the adopted Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP) project # 13 to maintain and improve the area’s network of footpaths.

alt=""The route commences at the Gore Cross Recreation Area where there are picnic tables but can be joined at any point.

The Route along river valleys, through villages, and over some local hills is relatively easy to follow apart from the crossing of Watton Hill. We have provided an appendix mapping this particular section.

alt=" Monarch's Way sign post in Pymore Village"
The Monarchs Way passes through Pymore Village

Part of the Bradpole walk is along the Monarch’s Way long distance footpath which passes through the Civil Parish.

This route has been produced at minimum cost for the benefit of both local people and visitors to our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We are seeking ways to improve both the mapping and the way-marking and will be seeking grants to support this. In line with the BANP developer contributions will be sought. There may also be scope for sponsorship.

In the meantime ENJOY.


Appendix – Crossing Watton Hill

 Waymarking posts over Watton Hillalt="waymarker on Watton Hill" alt="decorative"



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