Neighbourhood Plan (BANP)

BANP 2019 front cover

In 2014 West Dorset District Council asked Bradpole Parish Council to join four other local councils to form the local JOINT COUNCILS’  COMMITTEE to prepare a Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP).

When completed, a Neighbourhood Plan will sit alongside the adopted Local Plan forming part of the formal Planning structure and will be taken into account when assessing the suitability of new development proposals.

Bradpole Parish Council BANP Vision Statement

“The Neighbourhood Plan will enable settlements within Bradpole Civil Parish to be places where the individual character, identity, heritage, amenity and natural landscape will be preserved, where new development will provide homes to meet the expressed needs of their residents and where opportunities will arise to provide enhanced community and infrastructure facilities accompanied by improved connectivity with the health, social and other public services in our neighbouring parishes.” 


Latest Information

REG16 ConsultationPoster

17 May. 6 week consultation on the submitted BANP launched. This consultation will close on 28 June. Comments on the plan can be emailed to 

Alternatively they can be posted to Planning and Community Services, South Walks House, South Walks Road, Dorchester DT1 1UZ.

May 2019. Dorset Council are now considering the submission document and will manage the process from here on. There are a number of steps to follow including an Independent Inspection to ensure compliance with local and national guidelines.

Following this month’s local elections the Joint Councils Committee, representing the participating parishes, will reconvene and will be representing the BANP project at the local level.

All enquiries relating to the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan should be directed to the secretary  to the Joint Councils Committee at Bridport Town Council, 

BANP correspondence which relates solely to Bradpole Civil Parish should be copied to the Bradpole Parish Clerk.

BANP Submission Document – April 2019

29 April. The document is submitted to Dorset Council who will now manage the project through to a public vote.

4 April. The final document has been approved for submission by all participating councils:

27 March. The Joint Councils Committtee of participating parishes take ownership of the draft Plan from the Steering Group this week to present to the various councils for their consideration. Target date of submission to WDDC remains by the end of March ahead of Dorset Council unification.

21 March. Bradpole Council holds an extraordinary meeting to consider both the draft submission documents and a 17-page Govt funded “Health Check” which reveals that a number of changes are to be made.

11 February The Shadow Dorset Council Executive supports a suspension of the West Dorset Local Plan Review i.f.o. a new Dorset Council Local Plan scheduled for 2023. See: Minutes of Shadow Dorset Exec Feb 2019 This decision  will have to be ratified by the new Dorset Council.

7 February Joint Councils advised that the BANP team are working with WDDC to achieve a submission of the draft neighbourhood plan by 31st March 2019 ahead of Council unification.

January 2019 – Late January submission deadline unlikely to be met as work continues on re-writing policies. Bridport Town Council committee told that gathered evidence does not support policies (Housing & Centre of Bridport) as currently drafted and that the Joint Councils Committee will need to decide those policies that should be carried forward. Committee minutes item 47.

December 2018 – AECOM have produced a number of recommendations relating to certain policy areas ahead of the final draft Plan being produced for consideration and ratification by the individual parishes. Bradpole Councillors express concern over further project delays and in particular the viability of the Plan. Council minutes Dec 2018 item 8

October 2018 – House of Commons publish briefing paper: HERE

More information about the evidence supporting the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan HERE


BRADPOLE PARISH COUNCIL &  Neighbourhood Planning
“Ensuring town & parish councils retain responsibility for their own areas”

A Primary responsibility of Bradpole Parish Council is to represent the views of residents of the Civil Parish. These representations are agreed by the council, as a corporate body, and reflect the responses and views expressed by residents in various consultations and public gatherings.

In 2017 Bradpole Council published its response to the various development land options that had been brought forward at the time:

Bradpole response to 2017 Development Land Assessment Survey 

As well as providing an opportunity for residents to have a say on future developments within their communities a Neighbourhood Plan also provides an important opportunity to identify the green spaces, landscape and historic features to protect within our communities. see Protecting Bradpole’s Landscape.

See our:  Bradpole Parish Council Environment & Heritage Report – 2016

Photo of Gore Cross Green

Bradpole Council has always sought to be informed by its residents through consultations within the Civil Parish:

2011 Parish Plan

2016 Parish Plan Review.

See also Bothenhampton, Bradpole, Symondsbury & Walditch Conservation Report

together with our Heritage of Bradpole & Pymore Page



A local Neighbourhood Plan has to comply with the adopted 2015 West Dorset Local Plan which is itself under review. The current review.

This review is awaiting further direction from the new Dorset Council.

Bradpole PC Response to WDDC “Issues & Options” 2017

A Neighbourhood Plan also has to comply with the latest version of the National Planning Portfolio Framework:

national planning policy framework(opens in a new window)Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader

As part of the Local Plan Review a Landscape and Heritage Survey has been produced in which the sensitive areas in Bradpole Civil Parish are highlighted under the following areas:

Area 1 Land around the Bradpole Conservation Area

Area 2 Land around Lee Lane

Area 8 Land around Watton Hill & Pymore

All three areas are rated as having an overall moderate-high sensitivity.

The full report for Bridport is here:

2018 Landscape & Heritage Study Bridport

A further appraisal covering the “Preferred Options” for the next Local Plan, including those sites excluded,  was produced in August 2018. The Bridport Area, including Bradpole, may be found on pages 121/8 of this appraisal:

2018 Sustainability-appraisal-preferred-options

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2018

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Site Search

A full list of the Local Plan Review evidence base may be accessed HERE

See also our Planning Page

Bradpole Parish Council Working for the whole of the Bradpole Civil Parish Community