Neighbourhood Plan

The Localism Act 2011 introduced rights and powers to allow local communities to shape new development by coming together to prepare Neighbourhood Plans.

In 2014 Bradpole Parish Council joined four other local councils to form the local JOINT COUNCILS’  COMMITTEE to prepare a Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP) .

Neighbourhood Plan Project Groups’ Structure

The Joint Councils’ Committee (JCC) is the democratic decision-making body which consists of one councillor from each partner council, who each have an equal vote. The Chair is elected annually.

The JCC have appointed a Steering Group to lead the delivery of a draft Plan for submission to the JCC. Once agreed by the JCC the Plan will be subjected to an Independent Examination before being prepared for referendum.

The JCC is the accountable body which controls Plan expenditure.

Click on JCC for the published minutes.

Steering Group meeting @ Bradpole Village Hall

Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions

What can a Neighbourhood Plan do?

– Set site specific / topic-specific policies

– Influence the delivery & design of new development

– Allocate land for development or extend the defined development boundary

– Set new policies

– Provide design / character guidance

– Identify & protect Local Green Space

What it can’t do:

– Promote less development than in Local Plan.

– Prevent development

– Stop development that has already been approved through planning

– Conflict with National or Local Plan polices

– Remove Local Plan allocations but can influence delivery

– Seek unreasonable demands not backed by evidence


The document: Bridport Area NP What can & cannot be done provides more detailed information.




February 2018 New Project Manager takes up post to join with consultants to bring the project to completion.

– January 2018 Feria Urbanism appointed as Consultants to finalise the Draft Plan for submission.

– December 2017 Consultants tendering process underway

November 2017 Consultants sought to produce an area Design Statement and to provide support to ensure that a Draft Plan is technically correct.

October 2017 2017 BANP Consultation results & comments published in full:

BANP survey report September 2017

Appendix: Full Comments Received

See also:

– September 2017 WDDC publishes a summary of its “Issues & Options” Consultation re the Local Plan Review: summary of the responses (pdf, 1Mb)(opens in a new window)Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader

September 2017: Consultation closed with 665 respondents of which some 200 are from the Bradpole area.

May 2017: No additional open market development sites to be allocated by BANP 



Timeline Jan 2018

Timeline June 2017

Timeline April 2017

Project update feb 2017

Timeline June 2016


Neighbourhood Plan Presentation 2014

More information about the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan HERE

BRADPOLE PARISH COUNCIL &  Neighbourhood Planning

“Ensuring town & parish councils retain responsibility for their own areas”

Bradpole Councillors support the concept of Neighbourhood Planning and consider it important that the project is properly undertaken within the local area to ensure the best chance of the final Plan document being acceptable to Bradpole Civil Parish, an independent examiner, and importantly to the residents of all the participating parishes when it eventually is put to a referendum.

As well as providing an opportunity for residents to have a say on future developments within their communities a Neighbourhood Plan also provides an important opportunity to identify the green spaces, landscape and historic features to protect within our communities.

See our:  Bradpole Parish Council Environment & Heritage Report – 2016

Bradpole Parish Councillors raised a number of concerns about the project in early 2016 and these were addressed at an Extraordinary meeting held in March 2016.

The minutes for that meeting, together with questions raised by Bradpole Councillors and answers provided by the project team and West Dorset District Council, can be read by following these links:

Extra-ordinary Meeting minutes 9 March 2016

9 March Questions / Answers to the Neighbourhood Plan Project

9 March Questions / Answers to WDDC

Following the re-assurances and undertakings provided Bradpole Councillors decided that it was in the best interests of the Civil Parish to remain within the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan as it provides the best way in which to meet the aspirations of residents described in the 2011 Parish Plan and re-emphasised in the 2016 Parish Plan Review. The responses received in consultations continues to inform Bradpole Parish Council’s decision-making.

Councillors continue to monitor the Plan progress to ensure that the undertakings given in March 2016 are upheld:

BANP Monitoring February 2018

NP Annual Monitoring Review 2017

Bradpole Parish Council Statement March April 2017

Bradpole P.C. response to NP Sites Assessment Survey

Bridport area first stage site assessment survey – Consultation Draft January 2017

The interests of Bradpole Civil Parish will continue to be protected by the:

Summary of Working arrangements March 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Team at Bradpole Village Fête 2017

A local Neighbourhood Plan has to comply with the adopted 2015 West Dorset Local Plan which is itself under review. The review will start to gain some weight as a material planning consideration as it progresses towards adoption. The degree of weight given to each draft policy will vary, depending on whether or not the issue is contentious and to what extent it is consistent with the  national planning policy framework(opens in a new window)Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader–Portland-Adopted-Local-Plan

Bradpole PC Response to WDDC “Issues & Options” 2017

See also our Planning Page

For more general information look at:–2

Locality Glossary: Qualifying Bodies
This is a body which produces a Neighbourhood Development Plan for a Neighbourhood Area. It may be a parish or town council (or several which have joined together).