Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP)

BANP-decision-statementalt="front cover of 2020 referendum version of Neighbourhood Plan"

In 2014 West Dorset District Council asked Bradpole Parish Council to join four other local councils to form the local JOINT COUNCILS’  COMMITTEE (JCC) to prepare a Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP).

Summary of Working arrangements March 2014


Latest Information


13th January

The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan has been assessed by an independent Examiner and her report has been accepted by Dorset Council.


The Plan is now moving forward to a public referendum which will be held on Thursday 27th February 2020, when voters will be asked to answer simply yes or no to the question of whether they want the Plan to be used by the Planning Authority in deciding planning applications within the Bridport Area up to 2036.

Please make time to vote in this referendum it is important for all the communities in the Bridport Area.

Bridport Town Council and all the parishes wish to extend grateful thanks to the many community volunteers who contributed their time and effort towards the creation of the neighbourhood plan which will affect development in the Bridport Area up to 2036.

Throughout the consultation on the draft plan local people were able to shape the objectives, policies and projects set out in the Plan would help ensure that the Bridport area remains a place to be proud of, with an improved supply of:

  • Homes for local people
  • Better public facilities
  • Employment opportunities and
  • A reduced carbon footprint.

To view the Referendum version of the plan and the supporting evidence base please go to:

Reference copies of the Referendum version can be viewed at Bridport Town Council Mountfield office and Bridport Tourist Information Centre. Bridport Library holds both reference and loan copies of the plan.

Referendum Explanatory Paper

6th January Dorset Council set the date for the BANP referendum as 27th February 2020, issue of Polling Cards expected shortly. YOU need to be on the electoral register to vote in elections or referendums:


1st December The referendum (final) version of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan is published: BANP Referendum version

Dorset Council Democratic Services Team will determine the date of the referendum and this will be available on this website when known.

14th November In a major landmark representatives of the project team in Bridport link with their design consultant in Dorchester to discuss and finalise the text for the referendum version of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan.

alt+"The Vice Chair of the JCC, The Project Manager and The Chair of the Steering Group finalise the referendum version of the neighbourhood plan"
BANP project members Amanda Streatfeild, David Dixon and Phylidda Culpin finalise the referendum version of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan-Nov 2019

After a long journey the final referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan has been agreed by representatives of the Joint Councils’ Committee, the Steering Group and Dorset Council.

alt+" The project team in Bridport linked by computer to their design consultant in Dorchester"
Linked to their Design Consultant in Dorchester representatives of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan project Team finalise the Referendum Version of the Plan document.

Many local people and organisations have contributed to this major planning document which will be placed to a referendum of local electors in 2020.

In the meantime please ensure that you are registered to vote


12th November The JCC have met to discuss and agree the final modifications to the text of the BANP following the Independent Examination.

These modifications have now been agreed with Dorset Council who are responsible for producing the referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan. We hope to have an agreed referendum date,which is likely to be in early 2020, available shortly.

9th October The Independent Examiner has produced a Report for Dorset Council to consider and finds the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan and the policies within it, subject to the recommended modifications, does meet the Basic Conditions.           

In liaison with the JCC an Independent Examiner has been appointed to undertake the next stage (REG17) ahead of an eventual public vote.



BRADPOLE PARISH COUNCIL &  Neighbourhood Planning
“Ensuring town & parish councils retain responsibility for their own areas”

A Primary responsibility of Bradpole Parish Council is to represent the views of residents of the Civil Parish. These representations are agreed by the council, as a corporate body, and reflect the responses and views expressed by residents in various consultations and public gatherings.

In 2017 Bradpole Council published its response to the various development land options that had been brought forward at the time:

Bradpole response to 2017 Development Land Assessment Survey 

As well as providing an opportunity for residents to have a say on future developments within their communities a Neighbourhood Plan also provides an important opportunity to identify the green spaces, landscape and historic features to protect within our communities. see Protecting Bradpole’s Landscape.

See our:  Bradpole Parish Council Environment & Heritage Report – 2016

alt+"Gore Cross Green"

Bradpole Council has always sought to be informed by its residents through consultations within the Civil Parish:

2011 Parish Plan

2016 Parish Plan Review.

See also Bothenhampton, Bradpole, Symondsbury & Walditch Conservation Report

together with our Heritage of Bradpole & Pymore Page



A local Neighbourhood Plan has to comply with the adopted  Local Plan

Bradpole Parish Council Working for the whole of the Bradpole Civil Parish Community