Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP)

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The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP) Area was designated in 2014 comprising the parishes of Allington, Bothenhampton & Walditch, Bradpole, Bridport and Symondsbury.

A Neighbourhood Plan for the designated area was to put to a referendum in February 2020.


YES: 1861 (87%)

No: 280 (13%)

DORSET COUNCIL “MADE” (i.e.formally adopted) the BANP at their Cabinet Meeting on 5th May 2020 and in doing so thanked the Joint Councils’ Committee and the volunteers who had worked hard over the past 6 years to complete this project.

Bridport Town Council and all the parishes wish to extend grateful thanks to the many community volunteers who contributed their time and effort towards the creation of the neighbourhood plan. 

BANP-The Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is now part of the local planning framework and will be a statutory influence, sitting alongside the Local Plan and other planning guidelines,  in determining land use and development in the neighbourhood plan area up to 2036.  

As well as setting out guidelines for future developments the Neighbourhood Plan also identifies the green spaces, landscape and historic features which are now provided with an additional layer of protection. see: Protecting Bradpole’s Landscape.

Interactive Map zoom in to show the Bridport Neighbourhood Plan area including the designated Green Spaces, Green Gaps, allotments etc in Bradpole Parish.

How much did it cost to create the Plan?  BANP Income & Expenditure Report May 2020


The Neighbourhood Plan, including the projects therein, will now be monitored and reviewed by the Joint Councils Committee (JCC) comprising of elected representatives from the participating parishes.

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JCC virtual meeting Sept 2020

The JCC will meet regularly under a governance document agreed by the partcipating parishes in March 2019: JCC Terms of Reference Feb 2019

A Steering Group of local volunteers has been appointed by the JCC to undertake ongoing monitoring work under a governance document agreed by the JCC in October 2020. Steering Group Terms of Reference_October 2020. 

Vacancies exist on this Steering Group.


Further Neighbourhood Plan Information is available from the Bridport Town Council website:

And also at: Dorset Council


BRADPOLE PARISH COUNCIL &  Neighbourhood Planning

“Ensuring town & parish councils retain responsibility for their own areas”

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A Primary responsibility of Bradpole Council is to represent the views of residents of the Civil Parish. These representations are agreed by the council, as a corporate body, and reflect the responses and views expressed by residents in various consultations and public gatherings.

BANP Vision Statement – Bradpole

Neighbourhood Plan Archives

In 2017 Bradpole Council published its response to the various development land options that had been brought forward at the time:

Bradpole response to 2017 Development Land Assessment Survey 

In 2016 Bradpole Council published a report which contributed to the content of the Neighbourhood Plan:

 Bradpole Parish Council Environment & Heritage Report – 2016

Bradpole Council has always sought to be informed by its residents through consultations within the Civil Parish:

2011 Parish Plan

2016 Parish Plan Review.

See also: Bothenhampton, Bradpole, Symondsbury & Walditch Conservation Report

together with our Heritage of Bradpole & Pymore Page