Neighbourhood Plan

In 2014 Bradpole Parish Council was invited to join four other local councils to form the local JOINT COUNCILS’  COMMITTEE to prepare a Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP).
When completed, a Neighbourhood Plan forms part of the formal Planning structure and will be taken into account when assessing the suitability of new development proposals.


Bradpole Parish Council BANP Vision Statement

“The Neighbourhood Plan will enable settlements within Bradpole Civil Parish to be places where the individual character, identity, heritage, amenity and natural landscape will be preserved, where new development will provide homes to meet the expressed needs of their residents and where opportunities will arise to provide enhanced community and infrastructure facilities accompanied by improved connectivity with the health, social and other public services in our neighbouring parishes.” 

Neighbourhood Plan Presentation 2014

Neighbourhood Plan Project Groups’ Structure

2018 Neighbourhood Planning “Roadmap” Guide

Steering Group meeting @ Bradpole Village Hall


November 2018 – Analysis of the results continues, policies are being amended to reflect the consultation responses and UK Gov-sourced funding has been agreed to provide technical assistance from AECOM.

October 2018 – House of Commons publish briefing paper: HERE

– Latest project plan timeline: HERE

Sept 2018 – Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan – REG 14 Pre submission consultation now closed. REG 14 Summary Results


In 2017 Bradpole Council published its response to the various development land options that had been brought forward at the time:

Bradpole response to 2017 Development Land Assessment Survey 

This response still holds good and together with the 2016 Environment & Heritage report detailed below and residents responses to our Parish Plan consultations has informed the Bradpole Council comments on the Pre submission consultation.

More information about the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan HERE


BRADPOLE PARISH COUNCIL &  Neighbourhood Planning
“Ensuring town & parish councils retain responsibility for their own areas”

As well as providing an opportunity for residents to have a say on future developments within their communities a Neighbourhood Plan also provides an important opportunity to identify the green spaces, landscape and historic features to protect within our communities.

See our:  Bradpole Parish Council Environment & Heritage Report – 2016

See also Bothenhampton, Bradpole, Symondsbury & Walditch Conservation Report

together with our Heritage of Bradpole & Pymore Page

Bradpole Parish Councillors raised a number of concerns about the project in early 2016 and these were addressed at an Extraordinary meeting held in March 2016.

The minutes for that meeting, together with questions raised by Bradpole Councillors and answers provided by the project team and West Dorset District Council, can be read by following these links:

Extra-ordinary Meeting minutes 9 March 2016

9 March 2016 Questions / Answers to the Neighbourhood Plan Project

9 March 2016 Questions / Answers to WDDC

Following the re-assurances and undertakings provided Bradpole Councillors decided that it was in the best interests of the Civil Parish to remain within the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan as it provides the best way in which to meet the aspirations of residents described in the 2011 Parish Plan and re-emphasised in the 2016 Parish Plan Review. The responses received in consultations continues to inform Bradpole Parish Council’s decision-making.

BANP Roadshow at the 2017 Bradpole Village Féte

The interests of Bradpole Civil Parish will continue to be protected by the:

Summary of Working arrangements March 2014


A local Neighbourhood Plan has to comply with the adopted 2015 West Dorset Local Plan which is itself under review. The current review will start to gain some weight as a material planning consideration as it progresses towards adoption. The degree of weight given to each draft policy will vary, depending on whether or not the issue is contentious and to what extent it is consistent with the  national planning policy framework(opens in a new window)Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader

Bradpole PC Response to WDDC “Issues & Options” 2017

As part of the Local Plan Review a Landscape and Heritage Survey has been produced in which the sensitive areas in Bradpole Civil Parish are highlighted under the following areas:

Area 1 Land around the Bradpole Conservation Area

Area 2 Land around Lee Lane

Area 8 Land around Watton Hill & Pymore

All three areas are rated as having an overall moderate-high sensitivity.

The full report for Bridport is here: 2018 Landscape & Heritage Study Bridport

See also our Planning Page