A Cohousing scheme available to Bradpole Residents*

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* The Bridport Cohousing project, to be named “Hazelmead”, is available to local residents both in Bradpole and other settlements around the Bridport Area.

Planning permission has been given to build 53 “eco-homes” including 26 for social rent and 14 under leasehold shared ownership.

The benefit of this scheme, over some others, is that the community who live there will collectively own “Hazelmead” and be responsible for making their own decisions and managing their own organisation.

Bridport Cohousing says it is currently looking for new members, and is particularly interested in attracting young people and families to join the project.

On November 17, Bridport Cohousing will host an afternoon event for the public in Bridport Town Hall 14.00 ~ 17.00hrs providing information about the project and answering questions about what it might be like to live in cohousing.

Free admission, but ticket only from Eventbrite   https://bit.ly/2kG2fNl

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more on Facebook at: @bridportcohousing

Email: info@bridportcohousing.org.uk

BCH/BPC Oct 2019