Extension of new fence at Gore Cross

Gore Cross Green -New fencing March 2018

 Following the successful installation of a replacement wooden fence at Fields In Trust protected Gore Cross Green Bradpole councillors have accepted a quote from local contractors John Bright’s Fencing to extend the fencing along two further sides of this green amenity space..

The fencing & posts along Hemletts Close & Townsend Way is becoming dilapidated and rusty.

We hope to have the work undertaken in July and in time for the school holidays.

This is part of the ongoing maintenance policy for our Parish owned Green Spaces.

The remaining fence borders the main Beaminster Road and is partly concealed by hedging. This fence will remain for the time being but will be reviewed from time to time.




BPC May 2018

Japanese Knotweed ~ Spring 2018 Review

We have reported on this website in previous years the steps that have been taken since 2014 to eradicate the outbreak of Japanese Knotweed at Townsend Way, Bradpole.

June 2014 eradication begins

A visit to the site in the past few days has revealed that there is some new growth so our friends from the Bridport Lengthsman Team will recommence treatment this month.

May 2018 Review

A recent study on the control of Japanese Knotweed has been published by Swansea University in which they say that most information for people affected by the plant is largely based on anecdote.  Knotweed can be controlled using glyphosate at the right time of year, though this can usually take three to five years.


The site will be revisited in the Autumn of this year to review progress.


BPC May 2018

Protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces

We continue to follow the community requests in our Parish Plan to seek ways of protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces.

In early 2017 we were able to obtain protection for Gore Cross Green through Fields in Trust.

Our attention is now focussed on Pageants Field. We have again spoken to Fields in Trust who have agreed in principle that this space may be protected in perpetuity for the community.

Bradpole Parish Council have agreed to progress this and will be dealing with the application and Land Registration over the coming months.

March 26 ON TARGET A Deed of Dedication is executed between Bradpole Parish Council and Fields in Trust.

Feb 2018 LATEST. We have received the draft Deed of Dedication from Fields in Trust and are on target to have this process completed during Spring 2018.

See Bradpole’s Green Spaces

In the meantime Bradpole Parish Council has become a “Friend” of Fields in Trust helping them to protect our open spaces.

Individuals and families may also become “Friends” see: http://www.fieldsintrust.org/Membership.aspx

Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community



BPC April 2018