Licenced Groundwork at Pageants Field

Badger Setts  have  been long established at Pageants Field in Bradpole. Local residents have worked together to arrange for some measures to be taken to protect their adjacent gardens.

The residents have arranged for the appropriate licences to be obtained to enable this work to be undertaken.

The work is expected to commence during the week commencing 8 October. .

Badger Setts are common across our Civil Parish and, of course, have legal protection.

Bradpole Council is pleased to support those residents affected, particularly when they are working together to overcome their local difficulties and are prepared to do it in a responsible & legally compliant way.

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BPC Oct 2018

Japanese Knotweed ~ Autumn 2018 Review

We have reported on this website in previous years the steps that have been taken since 2014 to eradicate the outbreak of Japanese Knotweed at Townsend Way, Bradpole.

June 2014 eradication begins


May 2018

A recent study on the control of Japanese Knotweed has been published by Swansea University in which they say that most information for people affected by the plant is largely based on anecdote.  Knotweed can be controlled using glyphosate at the right time of year, though this can usually take three to five years.

In view of the long term nature of this eradication programme the affected area has now been fenced off.

In her Autumn 2018 report our Ecology consultant from Dorset Council basically said keep up the good work.

The full report can be found on our Council owned Green Spaces page  scroll down to the Townsend Way section.


BPC Sept 2018