A Defibrillator for Bradpole Village

Thanks to the efforts of the Village Fete Committee, and supporters, a cheque for £1200 has been handed to the Parish Council by Fete Committee members to be held “ring fenced” pending the installation of a defibrillator in the centre of Bradpole Village.
The Fete Committee have suggested that the defibrillator be located in the telephone box outside of the Bradpole Village Stores & Post Office once the legal paperwork and other preparations have been completed.
(BT had intended to remove the box.)
Bradpole Councillors have transferred a maximum sum of £1200 from the Council’s reserves to add to the “ring fenced” funds to be ready for when the apparatus can be purchased.

Bradpole Parish Council will continue to look at ways in which similar facilities may be installed at the other settlements within the Civil Parish.

alt="Committee members hand a cheque over to the Chairman of Bradpole council"
Fete committee members handing a cheque over to the Chairman of Bradpole Parish Council

Round Bridport Bus~ Trial Extended U.F.N., Alternatives to be considered

Service 7 Round Bridport Bus Service Trial* operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays servicing the parishes of Allington, Bothenhampton, Bradpole & Bridport

alt="local dignatories welcome the community bus"
* Earlier this year and with financial support from Bradpole & Allington parishes Bridport Town Council extended the trial period with revised routes and timetables.

No 7 ROUTES from 6th March 2019

No 7 TIMETABLE from 6th March 2019

An Aug 2019 review demonstrated that whilst there had been a marginal increase in usage the then current levels remained below those expected. 
Alternative options are being considered during which time the existing service will be extended until further notice.


In Aug 2019 Bridport Town Clerk ,Will Austin, said: “We are disappointed at the take-up to date and want to see more people using the service to demonstrate a greater community benefit. We are also looking at other ways of running the service to show that we’re getting best value.   There is strong support for the service amongst councillors and a recognition of its importance to regular passengers who might otherwise not be able to get to the town centre.”

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BPC/BTC Nov 2019




– Dorset Council issue statement regarding the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan. You need to be on the electoral register to vote in local referendums. 
–  Bradpole Parish Council to draw up a Climate Change Action Plan.
– December 2019 Minutes Published
– New volunteer Group forms to brighten up Bradpole Village and make it more wildlife friendly
– Round Bridport Bus Trial extended – Route & Timetable
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