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There will be no weekly surgery on Thursday 24th May 2018

If you need to contact a Bradpole Parish Councillor please refer to our

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The weekly  surgery is normally held on Thursday mornings between 10.00hrs & Midday at the Parish Office in The Village Hall, Higher Street Bradpole.

If you wish to attend a morning surgery to discuss any issues please telephone the Clerk on the Thursday morning of your visit from 09.45hrs onwards:

tel: 01308 421379

Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community
BPC May 2018

Land behind Badger’s Row, Bradpole Old Village. May 2018 update

Within the centre of Bradpole old village and situated behind the recently constructed Badgers Row cottages is an area of land which has been largely unattended since the cottages were constructed a few years ago.
Land behind Badgers Row, Bradpole

The land is owned by West Dorset District Council (WDDC).

Bradpole Parish Council has raised concerns over unfulfilled planning obligations on several occasions seeking to ensure that this area is turned into a Green Space for the people of the village in line with those agreed planning obligations.

The Parish Council had sought to have this land designated as a Green Space under the developing Neighbourhood Plan which would have provided some measure of protection, as requested by residents. One unfortunate consequence of  prevarication is that this has not yet been possible because the land is not currently being used as a public green space and this sorry tale explains why.

So what’s going on?… you may well ask.

The situation has been referred to the M.P. for West Dorset who has asked to be advised if the work has not commenced by the end of May 2018.

Go to our Badgers Row Wildlife Area page for the full story and the latest action.

Unfortunately a few irresponsible people are using the land to dump rubbish when there is a perfectly good re-cycling centre in Bridport.
Please report offenders at:



Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community
BPC May 2018

Protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces

We continue to follow the community requests in our Parish Plan to seek ways of protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces.

In early 2017 we were able to obtain protection for Gore Cross Green through Fields in Trust.

Our attention is now focussed on Pageants Field. We have again spoken to Fields in Trust who have agreed in principle that this space may be protected in perpetuity for the community.

Bradpole Parish Council have agreed to progress this and will be dealing with the application and Land Registration over the coming months.

March 26 ON TARGET A Deed of Dedication is executed between Bradpole Parish Council and Fields in Trust.

Feb 2018 LATEST. We have received the draft Deed of Dedication from Fields in Trust and are on target to have this process completed during Spring 2018.

See Bradpole’s Green Spaces

In the meantime Bradpole Parish Council has become a “Friend” of Fields in Trust helping them to protect our open spaces.

Individuals and families may also become “Friends” see:

Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community



BPC April 2018