Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan

– Pre submission consultation July 2nd – September 7th 2018.

Local events where information on the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan will be available are:

• 14th August – Symondsbury Parish Council (6.00pm)

• 15th August – Bothenhampton Village Hall (4-6pm)

• 23rd August – Melplash Show

• 26th August – Symondsbury Fete

• 5th September – Bridport Town Hall (4-7 pm)

The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP) has been developed with input from over 100 local people across and covers the communities ofAllington, Bothenhampton & Walditch, Bradpole, Pymore, Symondsbury, Bridport and West Bay.


Download both the Summary and Full Pre-Submission Plan documents:

BANP Summary-Report

BANP Pre-Submission-Plan Full Version

TIME TO DECIDE – “We want you to help make sure that the Plan safeguards our rural setting, the individual characters of our town and parishes, and improved supply of homes for local people.”

Please provide feedback using the online questionnaire by following the link below: 

Full questionnaire:

Quick questionnaire:

Many thanks to all of the local people who have contributed to creating our Neighbourhood Plan.

The Joint Councils’ Committee representing the five participating councils will respond to feedback received on the draft plan, making revisions where appropriate.

Also see our Neighbourhood Plan Page

BPC/BANP/Aug 2018


West Dorset District Council has agreed the the Local Plan Review consultation document which is available here:

Local Plan preferred-options-main-document

Refer to pages 257 ~ 265 which includes on page 265 the following statement: 

“The analysis of site options around Bridport throughout the Local Plan review process has resulted in no additional site options being proposed in the Preferred Options document.”

This confirms that there are NO DEVELOPMENT SITE ALLOCATIONS within Bradpole Civil Parish (which includes Pymore East)

The Local Plan Review will be available for public consultation between 13 Aug & 8 October 2018. Go to the Dorset Councils site to access the consultation survey from 13 August

The reviewed Local Plan when adopted will underpin development within our area up to 2036 and will sit alongside the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan if that is adopted by referendum in the Spring of 2019.
It is likely that the next Local Plan review will take place 5 years after the adoption of this review when  available options for development will again be considered.




BPC August 2018

Protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces ~ Pageant’s Field

We continue to follow the community requests in our Parish Plan to seek ways of protecting Bradpole’s Green Spaces.

In early 2017 we were able to obtain protection for Gore Cross Green through Fields in Trust.

Our focus is now on Pageants Field. We have agreed with Fields in Trust that this space may also be protected in perpetuity for the community.

July 31 We await HM Land Registry to complete the process.

June 30  With  the Deed now in place the agreement is in the course of being registered at HM Land Registry to complete the process.

March 26 ON TARGET A Deed of Dedication is executed between Bradpole Parish Council and Fields in Trust.

See Bradpole’s Green Spaces

In the meantime Bradpole Parish Council has become a “Friend” of Fields in Trust helping them to protect our open spaces.

Individuals and families may also become “Friends” see:

Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community



BPC July 2018