CLIMATE CHANGE: Environmental & Ecological Risks

Dorset Council, in responding to Climate Change concerns, has declared a Climate & Ecological Emergency see their website page

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Looking across rural Bradpole Civil Parish from the iconic Watton Hill

In March 2020 Bradpole Parish Council adopted a Climate, Environment & Ecology Action Plan Framework:     Interactive BPC Climate Action-Plan-Mar 2020 . It is anticipated that this will involve public participation by the residents of Bradpole Civil Parish in a working group with some of Bradpole’s Councillors.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved in this issue which is important to all of our futures.

Report to Council October 2020: Bradpole Parish Council Climate Change report


Within the Bradpole Climate, Environment & Ecology Plan (Clause 1 d) is a commitment by the Parish Council to eliminate single use plastic in its activities.

Whilst plastic is an important part of our 21st c. lives (medical, safety protection and much more) single use plastics, and the quantities in which they are used, is a big problem. A plastic bag for instance is used on average for 15 minutes, yet could take up to 300 years to fragment.

We encourage individuals, businesses, community groups, in fact everyone in Bradpole Civil Parish and beyond, to consider what they can do.

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Quoting from:

“We can make simple lifestyle changes; use refillable drinks containers, use our own shopping bags, buy locally produced fresh vegetables, meat and fish instead of plastic wrapped and imported products etc.”


You can also view a blog from the Bridport Mayor on Waste Management. This  includes a short video about how the Bridport Waste Management Centre deals with our local waste.

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Bradpole Parish Council Working For The Whole Of Bradpole Civil Parish.