Land behind Badger’s Row, Bradpole Old Village. DEADLOCK BROKEN

Within the centre of Bradpole old village and situated behind the recently constructed Badgers Row cottages is an area of land which has been largely unattended since the cottages were constructed a few years ago.
The site behind Badgers Row

The land is owned by West Dorset District Council (WDDC).

The planning arrangements were that the developer of Badgers Row cottages would manage and landscape the site. A sum of money had been deposited with WDDC as surety.

Bradpole Parish Council has raised concerns over the lack of progress on several occasions but matters between the developer and WDDC came to a deadlock and the site is deteriorating.

Following a July meeting between Parish Councillors and WDDC the DEADLOCK has been BROKEN. Councillors were able to back up their belief that the developer had no interest in managing the site and as a result WDDC advise that the developer has now written to confirm “he has no intention to undertake the outstanding clearance and landscaping works and accepts that the District Council may do so and use the surety to fund such work.”

Responsibility for managing the site now reverts to the owners WDDC and in due course DORSET COUNCIL as the unification of councils proceeds.

WDDC have commented: “The site probably now hosts a range of wildlife so total clearance would be somewhat destructive.” A firm of ecologists has been asked by WDDC to prepare a report to be received over the coming weeks.

The Gore a green walk in Bradpole

The site is an extension of the Parish Council owned green space known as The Gore and it would seem practical that the WDDC site could in future be landscaped in a similar manner with native trees and shrubs together with an area of grassland  forming an amenity space that connects with The Gore. The scope of works would be informed by the available budget and ongoing maintenance costs would have to be taken into account.

Bradpole Council will continue to liaise with WDDC (or its successor) to ensure that real progress is now achieved. In the meantime, with the developer out of the equation, the management of the site now rests solely & firmly with WDDC.

We shall continue to keep residents briefed on progress through this website and our social media platforms.

Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community
BPC July 2018