New fencing at Happy Island

Local residents have asked the Parish Council about the new fencing which has been erected in the Asker Valley locally known as “Happy Island”.

New fencing at Happy Island, Sept 2017

The fencing has been erected on privately owned land within the flood plain. Rather than speculate the Parish Council will make enquiries hoping to establish the longer term intentions of the landowner.

See also Planning application WD/D/17/001984 relating to a much smaller section of the land.

In accordance with residents’ requests, both in the Bradpole Parish Plan & the 2016 Review, to protect our Green Spaces, the Parish Council has requested that part of the River Valley, known as “Happy Island”,  be designated as a Green Space in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The whole of “Happy Island” is in the private ownership of a number of landowners.

There was overwhelming support form Bradpole village residents for the Environment & Heritage proposals, which included the designation of “Happy Island”, outlined in the recent  2017 Neighbourhood Plan Consultation, the full results of which will be published shortly.

See more about the River Asker Flood Plain HERE

BPC Sept 2017


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