Bradpole Parish Council

Chairman: Cllr Patricia Dendle

Vice Chairman: Cllr Colin Baker

Clerk Contact:

Email: bradpole@daptc-gov.uk


 Meeting of Bradpole Parish Council

Thursday 4th April 2019 7.30pm

Bradpole Village Hall

Members of the Public and Press Welcome


   1.  Apologies  

   2.  Declarations of Interest

  3   Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th March 2019 – To agree minutes

   4.  Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on

       WDDC and DCC Matters

   5.  Democratic Ten Minutes

   6.  Matters Arising from Minutes 7th March 2019:

    a) Community Get Together 12th March – Feedback – Volunteers 

    b) Bradpole Village Fete – Update

    c) Community Bus – Update

    d) Village Road – Resurfacing – Update

    e)  Additional Section 106 Monies – Update

    f)   Gore Cross Way –   Parking Complaints – Update   

   7.  Reports from Outside Organisations

    a) BLAP – To receive any information

    b) Village Hall – To receive any information

    c)  DAPTC – To receive any information – Cllr W Smart

    8.  Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan

    a)  Final Regulation Section 15 Document – To agree

    9.  Donations and Grants – To consider forming a working group

    10.  Planning:

      a) Approval:

         WD/D/19/000212 : Location of Development:2 WATTON GARDENS,

          BRADPOLE, DT6 3DG : Erection of a rear single storey extension

          WD/D/19/000358   Location of Development:1 CALEY WAY,

          BRADPOLE, DT6 3HD : Erect extension and alterations

     b)  To consider any Planning Matters received after published agenda

    11. Correspondence:

          Letter from resident regarding precept increase

    a) To discuss any correspondence received after published agenda

    12. Democratic Ten Minutes

    13.  Finance:

    a) Payments for Approval

    b) Bank Balances

    c)  External Audit – Year End 2018/19 – Update

    d)  Internal Audit – Year End 2018/19 – To agree Internal Auditor

   14.  Parish Maintenance.

    a) Allotment Fence – Update

    b) Tuffys Seat – Update

    c) Notice Boards – Update

    d) Pageants Field – To discuss on-going maintenance

    e) ROW – Update

   15. Clerk’s Information:

   16.  Councillors Information:

   17.  Date of Next Meeting:  Thursday 9th May 2019

   Sandra Goldsmith

   Bradpole Parish Clerk                                                  Dated: 29th March 2019