Bradpole Parish Council

Chairman: Cllr Steve Spear
Vice Chairman: Cllr Patricia Dendle
Clerk Contact: 01308 422140
Meeting of Bradpole Parish Council
Thursday 2nd November 7.30pm
Bradpole Village Hall
Members of the Public and Press Welcome

1. Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th October 2017 – To agree minutes

4. Reports from WDDC and DCC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters

5. Democratic Ten Minutes

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 5th October 2017:

a) Landscaping Badger Row- Update

b) Community Cinema Evening and Future Cinema Events – Update – Cllr Casey

c) Drop Kerb Trinity Way – Caley Way

d) Village Hall Committee – Response – Request for information in regard to Parish Office Rent for 2018/19

e) Land at rear of Seal’s Cove – Happy Island – Update

f) DAPTC – Western Meeting – Report from Cllr Smart

g) BLAP – Steering Group Meeting – Report from Cllr Coatsworth

7. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Update

a) To discuss way forward for Bradpole Parish within the Plan

8. Parish Plan – To discuss investigating availability of exception sites within Bradpole Parish.

9. DAPTC – AGM – 4th November – Motions for Consideration

10. Planning:

a) Consultation: WD/D/17/002161 METZ FARM COTTAGE, HIGHER STREET, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HZ Erection of 3 no detached dwellings and conversion of barn to 1 no dwelling

WD/D/17/002157 ENDWAY, HIGHER STREET, BRADPOLE, DT6 3JA Change of use of agricultural land to garden land (Full)

b) Approval: WD/D/17/001984 ST ANDREWS TRADING ESTATE, SHOE LANE, BRIDPORT, DT6 3EX Proposed alterations to provide outdoor play areas and adjustment of Nursery area (Full)

c) To consider any Planning Matters received after Published Agenda

11. Correspondence:

a) DCC Temporary Road Closure Watford Lane 5th December 2017

b) Obstructive Parking Coneygar Close by Parents with Children at Local School

c) Boundary Query, Pageants Field from Hemlet’s Way resident

d) Footpath Stuart Way

e) To discuss any correspondence received after Published Agenda

12. Democratic Ten Minutes

13. Finances

a) Payments for Approval

b) Bank Balances

c) Bank reconciliation

d) To agree Budget and Precept for 2018/19

14. Pageants Playing Field – Fields in Trust to discuss.

15. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments

b) Gore Cross Green

c) The Gore

d) Lengthsman

e) Pageants Playground

16. Clerk’s Information:

Parish Emergency Response plan

17. Councillors Information Items:

18. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 7th December 2017 7.30pm

Sandra Goldsmith

Parish Clerk Dated: 27th October 2017