Annual Parish Meetings

The Annual Parish Meeting is held each year in April.

This is not a council meeting but it is facilitated by the council on behalf of electors of the civil parish and is normally held in Bradpole Village Hall.


The Parish Council Chair presents a report to the electors of Bradpole Parish at this meeting and recent copies of these reports may be found hereunder in pdf format

Minutes of these annual meetings are also taken and are published following agreement at the subsequent year’s meeting. Recent copies of agreed minutes may be found hereunder.

Agendas will be published at least 7 days ahead of the meeting.

Chairman’s Annual Reports:

Chairman’s ANNUAL PARISH REPORT April 2021

2021 BFVH Trustees report

Chairman’s Annual Parish Report April 2020

Chairs Annual Report April 2019

Chair’s Report 2018

Chair’s Annual Report 2017

Chair’s Report April 2016

Minutes of Annual Parish Meetings

The previous  year’s minutes will be published here once approved the following year. 

NOTE: there was no meeting in 2020 (COVID-19)

Annual Parish Meeting 2019 Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting 2018 Minutes

 Annual Parish Meeting 2017 Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting 2016 Mins