Extraordinary Council Meeting 9 March ~ Minutes

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Extraordinary Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Tuesday 9th March 2016 at 7.00pm

Present: Cllrs: Chilcott (Chairman) Spear (Vice Chairman), Dendle, Baker, Ellis, Mason, Coatsworth, Giles – Townsend and Harvey. Mrs Sandra Goldsmith, Parish Clerk. Two members of the public present. Also present Bob Gillis, Phyllida Culpin, Richard Nicholls (Representatives from Vision 2030), Jo Witherden (Vision 2030 Consultant) and Jan Farnan (WDDC)

1. Parish Clerk to explain meeting procedure: The Clerk explained that the Chairman had called this meeting because of concerns over the Neighbourhood Plan which had been raised by the Councillors who were representing Bradpole. She stated that the meeting would be conducted under the Parish council’s Standing Orders and that all questions will be restricted to the topic of the evening and answers should be brief and to the point. Reminded those present that there were time limitations that she would be monitoring.

2. Chairman to open meeting: The Chairman declared the meeting open and welcomed everyone.

3. Apologies – Cllr Hudson and Cllr Kayes

4. Declaration of Interest: None at this time – Councillors to declare at the time if any should arise.

5. Chairman to suspend meeting: At 7.05pm the Chairman proposed that the meeting should be suspended to allow Councillors to put questions to representatives of Vision 2030 and West Dorset County Council, seconded by Cllr Mason, unanimously agreed by Councillors present.

The Chairman then handed over to Cllr Baker who asked the representatives present a number of prepared questions on behalf of the Parish Councillors, several of the question had already been sent to the representatives and answers obtained.

Copy of questions and answers are attached to these minutes:

9 March Questions / Answers to WDDC 

9 March Questions /Answers to VISION-2030

Councillors were then able to give their views and concerns into the current position of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Representatives of Vision 2030 and West Dorset County Council to be given 5 minutes each to address the meeting.

Bob Gillis and Phyllida Culpin from Vision 2030 addressed the Council. They both admitted that there have been problems in regard to involving the Parishes in any decisions that have been taken by the Steering Group and they will ensure that this issue improves in the future. The Steering Group needs to work with all the Parishes and Parishes need to be involved in obtaining information from their residents, then feeding back into the Steering Group. Both stated that they hoped Bradpole would remain within the plan. Bob stated that many of the problems had been caused by the fact that he had tried to cover the role of Project Manager and it had not worked as he had hoped. Hopefully this issue will be resolved once a new Project Manager is appointed. Phyllida said she would be reporting all of the Council’s concerns back to the Steering Group.

Members of the public to be allowed to ask questions – 10minutes: Mr Fricker stated that he felt that Bradpole residents have not been given enough information about the Neighbourhood Plan to know what it can and can’t do and how residents can become involved. The other member of public agreed and stated that he was unaware of the Call for Land”.

Richard Nicholls from Vision 2030 stated that he would like to walk around the Parish to identify the Green Spaces, he will contact the Clerk.

6. Chairman to reconvene the meeting: At 8.30pm the Chairman reconvened the meeting

7. Discussion in regard to the future of the Bradpole Parish within the Wider Area Neighbourhood Plan: After consideration Councillors agreed that they needed time to go away and think about all the information gained from tonight’s meeting. A decision would then be made at the April meeting of the Parish Council. Councillors would have to decide on three options.

1. Remain part of Vision 2030,

2. Leave and do own Neighbourhood Plan or

3. Do nothing.

Cllr Chilcott proposed that no decision would be taken at this time and that Councillors should go away think about the information they had gained and a decision on the way forward would be made at the April Parish Council Meeting, seconded by Cllr Mason, unanimously agreed. Resolved

8. Chairman to close the meeting: Cllr Chilcott thanked everyone for attending the meeting, meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Signed N. Chilcott

Dated 7th April 2016