February 2016

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 4th February 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs: Chilcott (Chairman) Spear (Vice Chairman), Dendle, Baker, Ellis, Mason, Coatsworth, Hudson and Harvey. Mrs Sandra Goldsmith, Parish Clerk. Cllr Ros Kayes. Three members of the public present.

1. Apologies: Cllr Giles – Townsend.

2. Declarations of Interest: None at this time. Councillors to declare declaration of interest at the time should any arise.

3. Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th January: Taken as read, signed as a true record.

4. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters

Cllr Coatsworth spoke about the financial situation in regard to DCC and the fact that Council Tax is likely to be raised by around 4%, 2% of which would be used to help fund Elderly Care within the County.

Cllr Kayes also spoke about the financial status of WDDC and DCC. She informed the meeting that WDDC will be employing more people in the planning department to try and overcome the current problems. She also spoke about the withdrawal of funding from Bridport Leisure Centre. She also referred to the fact that consideration has been given into the three District Councils within Dorset amalgamating into one.

5. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Fricker addressed the meeting in regard for the need for dropped kerbs in Bradpole area Trinity Way in particular. He had been assured in July 2015 that work would be carried out within the 3 months.The work has still not been carried out. He outlined once again the need for the dropped kerbs and also asked the Council to consider a 20mph speed limit in the Trinity Way area. Cllr Coatsworth is already dealing with the drop kerbs and will contact WDDC again.

Two Pymore residents, Mr Axell and Mr Gillingham addressed the meeting in regard to the amended planning application at Pymore Mills Industrial Estate. They voiced their concerns over the inaccuracies within the application in regard to the water course, trees and wildlife. Also there was no mention of change of use in the proposal title. They requested that the Parish Council took into consideration the views of local residents and strongly considered opposing the application.

The Chairman thanked the members of the public for their information and in regard to the Pymore Planning Application it would be discussed as an agenda item later in the meeting.

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 7th January 2016:

a) DCC Members Divisional Fund – Cllr Coatsworth informed Councillors that he had agreed to all the items asked for and that there may be other money available at a later date.

b) Resurfacing on Village Road – Cllr Coatsworth to look into when the road is likely to be resurfaced. The Clerk reported that some patching work has been carried out in the past week.

c) Identification of Green Spaces and Important Community Buildings within the Parish which maybe in need of protecting. – Cllr Baker reported that the working party had met and a draft report has been prepared and circulated to Councillors. Cllr Baker added that to date he had only received communication from two residents.

The report will not be finalised for a couple of weeks to allow any further information to be submitted from residents.

Final report to be presented at the March Parish Council Meeting.

d) Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations – The Clerk reported that she had spoken with Mr Kelley from the “Friends of Holy Trinity” a meeting is yet to be arranged to discuss any arrangements. Cllr Ellis willing to attend the meeting once a date is known. Councillors to bring any ideas to the March meeting.

e) Fingerpost within the Parish – Information from DCC – The Clerk reported that she had made enquiries and DCC will not be repairing or replacing the finger-post in the future. After discussion Councillors requested the Clerk makes enquiries into any possible grants or funding available for repairing or replacing the finger-post.

7. Planning:

a) Consultation:

WD/D/16/000079 1 Claremont Road, Bradpole, DT6 3AY Erect Extension and Alterations (Full) – No


WD/D/16/000048 14 Beaumont Avenue, Bradpole, DT6 3AU Erect two storey side extension, front porch,

single storey rear extension. Replace concrete roof tiles with slate. Render finish walls. (Full)No objections

WD/D/15/001019 Pymore Mills Industrial Estate, Pymore Road, Bradpole (Jan 2016 amended application)

After discussion the Parish Councillors collectively agreed that they opposed this application on several grounds

but mainly that the application was not valid as it did not appear to meet with WDDC Planning Validation Checklist.

Also there was incorrect information within the application in regard to the watercourse, trees and wildlife.

Councillors were also concerned over the way the change of use had not be mentioned in the Application subject title.

Councillors also took into account the views of many of the Pymore residents.

Clerk to submit report to planning opposing the application.

b) Approval: WD/D/15/002786 36 Court Close, Bradpole, Provision of off-street parking space & dropped

kerb (Full)

Below received after Published Agenda

c) Withdrawn Planning Application – WD/D/15/1640 – 18 Bath Orchard, Bradpole.

8. Correspondence

DCC Highways – Dorset Highways Councillors Satisfaction Survey Results. DAPTC – Nomination for 2017 Honours

DAPTC – Annual Conference 3rd March 2016. DAPTC – Letter from NALC Chairman – Information only

DCC – Youth Centres and Clubs – Cabinet Decision 13th January 2013. All of above correspondence circulated to Councillors prior to meeting

9. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Axell thanked the Councillors in regard to the way they had discussed the planning application for Pymore and for the knowledge they had in regard to the application.

10. Date of May Parish Council Meeting – Village Hall required to be used as Polling Station on 5th MayAfter discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that May Annual Parish Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 12th of May, seconded by Cllr Harvey, unanimously agreed

11. Annual Parish Meeting – After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that the Annual Parish Meeting should be held at 7pm on Thursday 7th April then followed by the April Parish Council Meeting, seconded by Cllr Hudson, unanimously agreed.

12. Parish Web Site – To discuss future Hosting of Site – Cllr Baker informed the meeting that David Smith

who currently hosts the web site will not be able to continue after the end of September. After discussion

Councillors agreed that Cllr Baker and the Clerk should look into finding a new hosting company.

Cllr Baker and The Clerk to meet with Mr Smith in the near future to discuss a few matters.

13. Bridport Wider Area Neighbourhood Plan

a) Cllr Harvey’s Resignation from the Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Harvey informed the meeting that he had resigned from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group as he could not see it working in its current format.

He has concerns over the ability of the ability of the group to keep the topics inclusive of all the Parishes.

Cllr Harvey added that he still believed that the way forward is by Parishes having Neighbourhood Plans.

b) Future involvement of Parish Council within the plan – Statement prepared by and read to Parish Council by Cllr Dendle:

“Having been very involved in the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) process since 2013 and having always advocated the need for Bradpole Parish Council to work together with bordering parishes, now and into the future, I am concerned that despite repeated efforts by myself and Cllr Harvey to ensure that the evolving NP is totally inclusive for all the Parishes and public involved this does not seem to be happening.

Although the NP should be unique to the area it is still supposed to be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the adopted West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland Local Plan.

Unfortunately since the formation of the Steering Group and latterly the working parties and despite the planning consultant issuing clear guidelines on what can and cannot be done there are still issues arising that are in direct conflict with this costly advice.

The constant desires of certain members of the steering group and working parties to continue to oppose the national planning policies and local plan strategic policies is disabling the NP plan progress.

It is my opinion and I cannot see a way forward that will enable the changes needed to allow the process to progress and be fair and inclusive to all involved.

In light of Cllr Harvey’s resignation and my own concerns I am asking our PC to decide a way forward.”

After discussion in regard to the Neighbourhood Plan, Cllr Coatsworth proposed that an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council be called for the 9th of March to discuss the future of the wider neighbourhood and how it will effect

Bradpole Parish, seconded by Cllr Spear, unanimously agreed.

14. Finances

a) Payments for Approval:

1387: Viking £38.58 Paper and Folders:

1388 Leaping Hare £108.00 Web Site Hosting :

1389 Village Hall Rents £508.75 1/1 – 31/3 :

1390 HM Revenue £85.25 :

1391 S.Goldsmith £371.67Wages and Admin.

Agreed and cheques signed.

b) Bank Balances:

Current Account: £4,442.88 :

Deposit Account: £1,586.01 :

WDDC Bond £35,652.04

c) Financial Statement to 31st of January 2016: The Clerk presented a budget/expenditure report to the Council from 1st of April until 31st January 2016.

Bank Reconciliation: Cllr Chilcott checked the bank statements and signed report to say the statements agreed with the figures presented by the Clerk.

d) External Audit for Smaller Authorities – Opt In or Opt Out –: After discussion Cllr Coatsworth proposed that the Parish Council opt in to the smaller authorities audit appointments, seconded by Cllr Ellis unanimously agreed.

15. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments – After discussion in regard to the lettering of the fourth allotments, Cllr Chilcott proposed that the new tenant can have the allotment rent free until the 31st of March 2017 allowing for the fact that extra work is needed to make it usable, seconded by Cllr Dendle, unanimously agreed.

Cllr Chilcott and Cllr Mason to visit the allotments to look at the fence.

b) Gore Cross Green – Cllr Harvey informed the meeting that the goal post will be removed as soon as the weather improves.

c) Lengthsman – Any new work requirements to be passed to the Clerk.

16. Clerk’s Information:

a) Meeting with Magna Housing Officer – The Clerk reported that she had a very productive meeting with the local Magna Officer who will be looking into the parking problems around Gore Cross Way and Court Close.

Clerk will be attending a meeting of local Parish Clerks on the 9th of March at Mountfield.

17. Councillors Information Items:

Cllr Coatsworth: Has received request from parents taking their children to school for lights along the path

from Dibden View to Pymore Road.

18. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 3rd March 2016 7.30pm

Meeting Closed at 9.10pm

Signed N. Chilcott Dated 3RD March 2016