June 2016

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 2nd June 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Mason (Chairman) Spear, Dendle, Baker, Ellis, Giles – Townsend and

Hudson. Cllr Kayes, no members of the public in attendance.

1. Apologies: Cllr Harvey Absent: Cllr Coatsworth

2. Declarations of Interest: None at this time, Councillors to declare declaration of interest at the time should any arise.

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on 12th May 2016 – Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors: Cllr Kayes gave an update in regard to DCC current position in regard to the grant money for Bridport Leisure Centre, no decisions have yet been made. Within WDDC there are to be changes made to all the Committees to try and improve the services given. Also she is currently speaking with Jez Morris at Magna in regard to parking problems in Church Close and Court Close, some people have asked to be allowed to install drives on their front gardens. In principle Magna agree but it would be paid for by the resident. Cllr Kayes reported that she was concerned that it would not help the parking problem, in fact it would do away with road parking spaces.

5. Democratic Ten Minutes: No members of the public present.

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 12th May 2016:

a) Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations June 10th -11th – Cllr Ellis reported that as far she was aware no events will be held in the Village Hall on the Saturday owing to the lack of any helpers coming forward.

A Fashion Show is to be held in the Church on the Friday Evening and Songs of Praise in the Church on Sunday. After discussion Councillors agreed that the Parish Council would have no involvement with the Church Events and that the Birthday Coins would be distributed at another time later in the year.

b) Web Site – Transfer of Website Hosting Service – Cllr Baker reported that he visited Andy Hunt to discuss his quote and although his quotation had been the cheapest of the three he believed that he would be able to offer a service comparable to that which we have been used to. After discussion Cllr Baker proposed that in October the hosting of the Parish Website is transferred to Quantum Enterprise, seconded by Cllr Spear, unanimously agreed.

c) Casual Vacancy Bradpole Parish Councillor – The Clerk reported that she had received confirmation that no Election had been called for therefore the Casual Vacancy could now be advertised. Clerk to arrange.

d) Resurfacing Village Road, Bradpole – No further information available owing to the absence of Cllr Coatsworth, Cllr Kayes informed the meeting that the work was not on the list for the next six months.

e) Planning Application Pymore WD/D/15/001019 – No new information at this time.

Cllr Kayes left the meeting.

7. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Cllr Dendle reported that the new project manager had been appointed and that she will start work on the 4th of July. Cllr Dendle still has some concerns over the way some of the groups are consulting with the Parishes.

a) Report from Parish Council Working Group – Cllr Baker presented a report in regard to the PC Monitoring Group Meeting held on the 19th of May. The main area of concern surrounded the recent publication of Land Use working group notes, but it is understood that this is a “work in progress” and carries no formal policy agreement. The PC are keen to have the plan develop in such a way that is correct and will receive the support of the electors. (Copy of report attached to minutes).

8. Parish Plan – Update – Draft Questionnaire for approval – After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed acceptance of the Parish Plan update questionnaire and housing survey with cost not to exceed £650 seconded by Cllr Baker unanimously agreed.

9. Planning:

a) Consultation: WD/D/15/002729 38 Court Close, Bradpole – Loft Conversion and two storey extension.

Amended Plans/Documents/Description – After discussion Councillors agreed that they objected to the amended plans as the application was not complete, insufficient information in regard to the loft conversion.

b) Approval: WD/D/16/000572 11 Trinity Way, Bradpole – Erect Carport

c) To consider any Planning Matters received after Published Agenda:

Planning Conditions attached to Badger Row, Higher Street – 1/D/10/001646. Cllr Spear requested that an enquiry be made with WDDC Planning in regard to whether the conditions of approval have been altered in writing b by WDDC, specifically in regard to the landscaping scheme. Clerk to make enquiries with WDDC.

10. Tree Works: Approval: WD/CA/16/00134 Steeple – View, Higher Street, Bradpole, 6 Ash – 30% crown reduction 22 Leylandi – 40% crown reduction .WD/CA/16/00138 Rowans – Higher Street, Bradpole, 1 Cypress – Fell

11. Correspondence: None at this time.

12. Democratic Ten Minutes: No members of the public present

13. Gore Cross Green – Agreement for under 12 year olds football teams to use Green: After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed The Parish Council should approve the use of the sport facilities on Gore Cross Green by organised groups subject to prior agreement by the Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Baker, unanimously agreed. Cllr Mason and Spear to meet to compile a set of rules for groups to abide too.

14. Western DAPTC Meeting – Cllr Hudson updated the meeting with information he had gained at the DAPTC Meeting.

15. Finances

a) Payments for Approval Chqs:

1407 B.Burton £375.00 Grass Cutting:

1408 J. Morey £90 Pageants Play Area Weekly Inspections:

1409 Village Hall £160 Rents:

1410 HM Revenue £160:

1411 S.Goldsmith £372.95 Wages and Admin – Agreed and Approved

b) Bank Balances: Bank Balances as of 31st May 2016:

Current Account: £14,643.31

Deposit Account: £1,586.20

WDDC Bond £35,844.89

c) Approval of Accounting Statements 2015/16 – The Clerk presented to the Council the Accounting Statements for the Parish Council for 2015/16, which had been internally audited by Mrs Meech. After considering the accounts Cllr Baker proposed acceptance of the Accounting Statements for 2015/16, seconded by Cllr Spear, unanimously agreed. Signed by Cllr Mason, Chairman of the Parish Council.

d) Approval of Annual governance statement 2015/16 – Councillors read the Annual Governance Statement for 2015/16 and after consideration Cllr Spear proposed that as Councillors agreed that all sections of the Annual Governance Statement had been complied with it should be approved, seconded by Cllr Dendle, unanimously agreed signed by Cllr Mason, Chairman of the Parish Council.

16. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments: Cllr Hudson reported that the second allotment is still only been worked very occasionally and is very overgrown. Clerk to speak with the hirer.

b) Pageants Playing Field – Safety Inspection Report – Clerk still awaiting the report.

c) Gore Cross Green – To consider pursuing electricity connection and water supply. After discussion Councillors agreed that Cllr Baker should be allowed to make further enquiries with Western Power but the water supply to be not pursued at this time.

i) Tree Maintenance – The Clerk has asked Carl Stoodley to cut off some of the overhanging branches and for him to report on the health of the trees.

ii) Further Protection of Gore Cross Green – Fields in Trust – After discussion Councillors agreed that up to date information should be brought back to the July Meeting.

d) The Gore – Path Edging – Clerk to pursue matter with Lengthsman

e) Japanese Knotweed – The Clerk reported that she had met with Bridport’s Head Groundsman on site and that the Knotweed will continue to be treated every week as in the previous year. The Clerk informed Councillors that the house owner Mrs Coveney has sadly died and that the house is now unoccupied and believed to be owned by a nephew who lives in Ireland. Councillors agreed that the new owner should be informed that the Knotweed in the garden will no longer be treated by the PC as it was done so at the request of Mrs Coveney and as a gesture of goodwill by the PC without taking any legal responsibility. Councillors also agreed that a sign should be erected in the fenced off area informing people that the area is being treated.

f) Lengthsman – The Clerk reported that although she has no concerns over the work carried out by the Lengthsman, she is concerned that Bridport Town Council do seem to be committing more of his time to Bridport Town than to the Parishes. There have been times when Ed has not been able to complete work within the Parish as he has been taken away to do extra work for the Town. She has arranged to meet with Daryl Chambers to discuss her concerns. Councillors agreed that the Clerk be allowed to address the concerns over the lack of fulfilment of contracted hours

g) Planned Maintenance Checks – Cllr Mason and Hudson to carry out checks in the near future.

17. Clerk’s Information: The Old Privy at Pymore, is not currently on the listed buildings for Pymore. Anyone can make a request to English Heritage for a building or monument to be included but there is very strict criteria. Also the Clerk has received a complaint in regard to debris from children’s den on footpath leading from Higher Street to The Gore which had been causing a danger to users. Debris has been removed and children advised.

18. Councillors Information Items:

Cllr Ellis: Approached by Mr Tattersall wanting to know the result of any traffic speed checks that may have been carried out in Townsend Way. Clerk to make enquiries.

Cllr Baker: The house in Jessopp Avenue that is subject to a planning application in regard to a fence is up for sale.

He has reported pavements defects to DCC. He will be attending the Hallam Meeting in regard to Vearse Farm on the 7th June.

Cllr Hudson: Has received a request from a lady for the Parish Council to be put a bench near to the Cycle Path.

Cllr Giles- Townsend: Asked if anyone knew of the whereabouts of the Lebreton Cup that the Parish use to award for the best garden.

Cllr Mason: Asked Councillors to consider the possibility of a press release going out after each PC Meeting.

Also consideration to be given in regard to improving Railway Crossing Gardens. To be agenda items at next meeting.

19. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 7th July 2016 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 9.25pm

Signed N. Mason Dated 7th July 2016