May 2016

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Annual Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 12thh May 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Spear, Dendle, Baker, Ellis, Coatsworth, Harvey, Mason, Hudson and Giles – Townsend. Parish Clerk, Mrs Sandy Goldsmith and two members of the Public.

In the absence of Cllr Chilcott, Cllr Spear, Vice Chairman chaired the opening of the meeting.

1 Apologies: None

2. Resignation of Councillor Chilcott from the Parish Council: The Clerk read out a letter she had received from Cllr Chilcott, it is was with great sadness that he had decided to stand down as a Parish Councillor. He had thoroughly enjoyed his time as a Councillor and as Chairman and wished the Council the very best of luck in the future.

Councillors requested that a letter on thanks be sent to Neil Chilcott thanking him for his dedication over several years to the Parish and to the Council.

Cllr Spear then handed over the meeting to the Clerk

3. Nomination and Election of Chairman: The Parish Clerk asked Councillors for nominations for Chairman, Cllr Giles – Townsend proposed Cllr Neville Mason, seconded by Cllr Ellis.

Cllr Mason prepared to serve as Chairman, with no other candidates the Clerk asked Cllrs to vote on the election of Cllr Mason as Chairman, all Councillors voted in favour. Cllr Mason duly appointed

Chairman of Bradpole Parish Council. Acceptance form signed.

Cllr Mason thanked everyone for electing him as Chairman and welcomed everyone to the meeting. He added his personal thanks to Neil Chilcott for his dedication as a Councillor.

4. Nomination and Election of Vice Chairman: The Clerk then asked for nominations for Vice Chairman, Cllr Mason proposed Cllr Spear, seconded by Cllr Baker. Councillors were asked to vote in regard to the election of Cllr Spear who was willing to stand, Councillors unanimously voted for Cllr Spear, who was duly elected as Vice chairman of Bradpole Parish Council. Acceptance form signed.

5. Declarations of Acceptance of Office and Registration of Interest: Cllrs Mason and Spear confirmed they had no changes in circumstances to be declared on their Registration of Interest.

6. Appointment of Representatives on outside bodies:

DAPTC – Cllr Hudson agreed to attend the Western DAPTC meeting as Bradpole representative.

Bradpole Village Hall – Cllr Harvey agreed to be the Parish Council representative.

Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan- Vision 2030 – Cllr Spear agreed to sit on the Steering Group as representative for Bradpole. Cllr Dendle is currently Chairman of the Joint Councils Committee whose role it is to oversee the Steering Group. Cllr Baker agreed to act as reserve for Bradpole on the Joint Councils Committee.

8. Minutes of Meeting held on the 7th of April 2015: Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting.

9. Declarations of Interest: None at this time, Councillors to declare declaration of interest at the time should any arise.

8. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on

WDDC and DCC Matters – No reports

9. Democratic Ten Minutes: Liz Wyatt resident of Higher Street spoke in regard to the proposal of double yellow lines in the road at Badger Row. She felt that this would have an adverse effect to residents who live in the cottages opposite, nearly all who have no off-road parking. She stated that parking near to the corner did not occur so much now since not so many construction vehicles are on site. She also presented the Council with a letter from another resident of the Cottages, which the Clerk presented, the residents were against yellow lines but asked Councillors to consider asking DCC to put a slow sign on the approach to the bend and improve the mirror, as a lot of the problems are cars travelling to fast around the bend.

Cllr Coatsworth joined the meeting

10. Matters Arising from Minutes 7th April 2016

a) Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations June 10th -12th – Cllr Ellis informed the meeting that she had very little further information, but it looked like there will not be an event held on the Saturday.

After discussion Councillors agreed that the Coins purchased by the PC could be given out at the Parish Plan Update Event. Therefore the PC would not be involved in the event being organised by The Friends of Holy Trinity.

b) Road Parking – Higher Street – Cllr Dendle, speaking as a resident and not a Councillor said she was against any yellow lines as many residents do not have anywhere else to park other than on the road. Badger Row residents have adequate parking, each having a garage and one parking space. There is a white line already in place and perhaps local residents could be encouraged to refrain from parking on it. After discussion and consideration, Councillors agreed that at this time the PC would not support a proposal for yellow lines in Higher Street at the bend leading near Badger Row but the situation to be monitored and DCC Highways to be asked to send an officer to assess and give advice.

c) Web Site – Hosting – Cllr Baker reported that he was currently making enquiries into three companies, details given to Councillors and he would report back to the June meeting with his final recommendation.

d) Railway Crossing Gates – Repair Work – Cllr Mason informed the meeting that he has spoken with Steve Turner who will fit a metal protection cover over the corner of the post and paint it black.

11. Casual Vacancy Bridport Parish Council – Due to Resignation of Councillor – The Clerk will notify the Returning Officer of the Vacancy for Councillor and proceed as instructed by him.

12. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Update – Cllr Baker reported that as agreed at the April meeting, Bradpole remains within the Plan he and Cllr Dendle have been monitoring the work of the Steering Group and Working Groups and the monitoring will improve now that Cllr  Spear has volunteered to sit on the Steering Group. Some things are improving others are not. 

A report received late this afternoon has caused serious concerns involving land within Bradpole. He suggested that a small working group be formed to look at the report and report back to the June PC Meeting. Councillors agreed, Cllrs Spear, Mason, Dendle and Baker to meet and report back to June PC.

a) Parish Plan – Update – Cllr Dendle reported that she is still working on the update to reduce the amount of paperwork to keep the cost down

13. Planning

a) Consultations:

WDDC WD/D/16/000572 – 11 Trinity Way, Bradpole, Erect Carport – No objections from Councillors.

b) Approved:

WDDC WD/D/16/000403- 28 Claremont Road, Bradpole, Proposed single storey side extension

c) Tree Works:

WD/CA/16/00133 – Steeple View, Higher Street, Bradpole, 6 No Beech – Fell; 1 No.

Cypress – Fell; 1 No. Apple – Fell; 8 No. Leylandi – Fell : After discussion the corporate view of the Councillors was that they were against this application to fell the referred to trees which are within the conservation area and that the only reason to fell them appears to be to let light and air in to applicant’s property.

WD/CA/16/00134 – Steeple View, Higher Street, Bradpole, 6 No. Ash – 30% crown reduction 22 No. Leylandi – 40% crown reduction: After discussion seven Councillors agreed in favour of this application, two against.

WD/CA/16/00138 – Rowans, Higher Street, Bradpole, 1 No. Cypress – Fell: After discussion the corporate view of the Councillors was that they were against this application as it seemed that the tree was healthy and the only reason given was to let light into the property.

Below application received after agenda published.

WD/TP/16/00158 – St James Park Nursing Home, Higher Street, Bradpole – Crown thin by 10% and removal of low overextended limbs from following three specimens, Monterey Cypress and two Pine Trees: After discussion and consideration the Councillors agreed they had no objections to this application.

14. Correspondence

Came & Co – Parish Council Insurance Renewal – 1st of June2016 – The Clerk informed Councillors that although the Council had a three-year fixed rate with Hiscox the increased renewal cost this year was due to an increase in the Insurance Tax Premium. The cost was still within the amount approved in the budget for this year.

15. Democratic Ten Minutes: Resident from Badger Row asked if Councillors knew when the land at the rear above the cottages was likely to be dealt with. He was informed that this land was still owned by WDDC as far as the Council was aware and the PC has no further information in regard to any proposals for the land. He also asked if the Council knew who had put up the “No Parking” up on the Footpath Post. The Clerk informed him the sign had been put up by the Rights of Way Officers.

16. Finances

a) Approval of Cheques for Payment:

1399 B.Burton       £375.00 Grass Cutting

1400 Footeprints    £82.44 Inks :

1401 Tower Print   £283.62 Queens Birthday Medals

1402 Buyer Direct £128.00 Gazebo Valance Wrap :

1403 Came & Co   £804.44 Insurance:

1404 HM Revenue £92.64 :

1405 Void Cheque:

1406 S. Goldsmith £371.65 Wages and Postage

b) Balances:

Current Account: £16,781.10

Deposit Account: £1,586.20

WDDC Bond       £35,844.89

17. Parish Maintenance

Cllr Coatsworth reported that the resurfacing work had commenced along Jessopp Avenue, he is still progressing the resurfacing of Village Road but has been assured it is on the Schedule for 2016.

Cllr Harvey informed Councillors that the goal post at Gore Cross Green will be installed on the 14th of May.

Cllr Mason to speak with the person who will be installing the post to make necessary arrangements.

18. Councillors Information Items

Cllr Coatsworth: In regard to the Planning Application at Pymore Mills he is to have a meeting with the Chairman of the Planning Committee to find out why no decision has yet been made.

He has received a complaint from a resident in Jessopp Avenue in regard to large lorries and agricultural vehicles using the road. Cllr Mason pointed out that they had been an increase one day last week owing to the A35 closure.

Cllr Giles – Townsend: The Old Privy at Pymore should be considered for so some form of protection order. Councillors thought this would not be possible as it is privately owned by the householder. Clerk to make enquiries.

Cllr Dendle: Would Cllr Coatsworth please see if he could chase up the 106 agreement and Landscaping Planning Conditions for Badger Row.

Cllr Baker: Consideration should be given in regard to further protection against any future development plans for Pageants Field and Gore Cross Green. Councillors agreed that this matter should be discussed at the June Meeting. Cllr Baker also asked Councillors to give thought in regard to installing power on Gore Cross Green.

19. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd June 2016

Meeting Closed at 9.05pm.

Signed: N. Mason Dated: 2nd June 2016