November 2016

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Spear (Vice Chairman), Dendle, Baker, Hudson, Giles Townsend, Casey, Ellis, Smart and Coatsworth. Three members of the public in attendance. Meeting chaired by Cllr Spear in the absence of Chairman.

1. Apologies: Cllr Kayes had informed the Clerk that she would be late in attending as she had a prior meeting.

2. Resignation of Councillor – Cllr Mason – The Clerk read out a letter from Cllr Mason who had regrettably resigned as a Councillor as immediate effect as from the 27th of October. Clerk to inform WDDC, Cllr Spear informed Councillors that if they should so wish he was willing to step up to the role of Chairman until the annual meeting in May. Chairman to be nominated and elected at the December Parish Council Meeting. Councillors requested that the Clerk write to Mr Mason and thank him for his dedication as a Councillor over many years and that they were sad to see him go.

3. Declarations of Interest: Cllr Casey declared an interest in Item 7D, other Councillors to declare an interest at the time should the situation arise.

4 Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th October 2016 – To agree minutes: Minutes taken as read, those present at meeting amended to included Cllr Casey, minutes then agreed and signed as a true record.

5. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters.Due to the fact that Cllr Kayes would be late, Cllr Spear proposed that item 6 be brought forward to item 5, agreed by Cllrs present.

6. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Simon Williams on behalf of St Andrews Residents Association addressed Councillors in regard to their objections and concerns over the planning application from Lidl to erect a totem pole advertisement pole. Mr Stephen Kinsella addressed the Councillors in regard to his unsuccessful application to be co-opted as a Councillor, he stated that it was his right as he had lived Bradpole all his life. Mr Shaun Kinsella then addressed the Councillors in regard to the fact that the Council never did anything for the people who lived in the Council Houses they were only concerned about people who owned their own homes, he wanted to know what Councillors were going to do for people in the Court Close area. Messrs: Kinsella then left the meeting.

Cllr Kayes joined the meeting and Cllr Spear proposed that item 5 on the published Agenda be discussed at this stage as Item 6a, agreed.

Cllr Kayes addressed the meeting informing Councillors that the parking issues had improved with cars not parking right on the bend, she was also mindful to the concerns of other residents in Higher Street to whom double yellow lines would mean that they would have nowhere to park their vehicles whereas the residents of Badger Row have garages and parking spaces. Cllr Spear thanked Cllr Kayes this matter to be discussed by Councillors later in the meeting.

7. Matters Arising from Minutes 6th October 2016:

a) Landscaping of Land at Badger Row – Update from Cllr Coatsworth – Cllr Coatsworth informed the meeting that from further enquiries that he has made with the Council and the developer, planting is to commence in the Spring of 2017. After discussion Councillors agreed that they would keep an eye on the situation to make sure the landscaping was carried out as planned.

b) Gore Cross Green – Improvements to Playing Surface – Update –The Clerk informed the meeting that no further information is available at this time but Mr Harries from Wessex Ground Services would like to meet with a Councillor up at the Green on Thursday 10th of November to discuss the work that has already been carried out. Cllr Hudson agreed to meet with him.

c) Budget and Precept 2017/18 Working Group – Update – The Clerk informed Councillors that the working group had met and the budget and precept would be presented to Councillors later in the meeting.

d) Request from Cllr Kayes for consideration of extension of white lines or yellow lines – Higher Street – Badger Row: After much discussion Councillors agreed that at this time the Council would not support a request for double yellow lines. Councillors voiced concerns over the fact that some Badger Row residents appear to be in breach of planning conditions by using their garages for storage, therefore not parking their vehicles off the road. Councillor Coatsworth to make arrangements to meet on site with a Highways Representative to see if they can suggest any means of restricting parking so as to avoid any future accidents.

Cllr Kayes left the meeting.

e) Social Media Policy – Cllr Casey presented a draft copy of his proposed policy, Councillors agreed to study the draft and for it to be further discussed at the December Meeting.

f) Parish Face Book Page – After discussion Councillors agreed to consider the information presented and discuss at the December Meeting.

8. DAPTC – AGM – 5th November – Resolutions: After discussions in regard to each resolution, Cllrs voted unanimously against Motion 1 and collectively for Motions 2 to 7. Cllrs Hudson and Cllr Baker to attend the meeting.

9. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Cllr Dendle reported that the group is still waiting for a reply from WDDC it is unlikely that this will be received until the end of December. All the working groups are now pulling together working towards the writing of the draft plan which will then be sent out to all the parishes for consultation.

10. Planning:

a) Consultation – Adjoining Parish

i) WD/D/16/000838 ST ANDREWS TRADING ESTATE, SHOE LANE, BRIDPORT, DT6 3EX Change of use from B2 general industrial to D1 (crèche / day nursery) and D2 leisure (indoor sports and recreation together with ancillary cafe facility) (Change of Use). After discussion Councillors agreed that they had no objections in regard to the application although concerns were expressed in regard to the increase of traffic during drop off and picked up times if there is to be a crèche/nursery.

ii) WD/D/16/002150 LIDL, ST ANDREWS ROAD, BRIDPORT, DT6 3DJ Proposed Totem (pylon) (Advertisement) After discussions and taking in to account views of local residents Councillors agreed that they were against the application for the following reasons:

The proposed sign, having regard to its height, width and internal illumination, would result in a visually intrusive and prominent sign in the street scene and would dominate the street scene detracting from the amenity of the area; the adjacent Conservation Area (and the sign would neither preserve or enhance that area), contrary to West Dorset Local Plan Policy ENV10 and ENV14. It would also dominate the outlook from those residential neighbours opposite the site in particular. As such, it would be detrimental to visual amenity a material planning consideration

b) Approval

i) WD/D/16/001739 4 CLAREMONT GARDENS, BRADPOLE, DT6 3AX Replace the existing front driveway with a gently sloping parking area to provide safe off-road parking for up to two cars (Full)

ii) WD/D/16/001723 HOME FARM, MIDDLE STREET, BRIDPORT, DT6 3HS Construct a new pitched roof on existing building (Full)

WD/D/16/001724 HOME FARM, MIDDLE STREET, BRIDPORT, DT6 3HS Construct a new pitched roof on existing building (Listed Building Consent)

Tree Work:

WD/CA/16/00367 – 1 NEWFOUNDLAND, BRADPOLE ,DT6 3JB Cherry Tree – Thin crown by 40%, Ash Tree – Remove all deadwood: Previously circulated to Councillors, no objections.

c) To consider any applications received after agenda published

Mr Williams left the meeting.

11. Correspondence:

Dorset CPRE – Invite to Parish Councils – Urbanisation of Dorset – 19th November

DCC – Travel and Transport Newsletter

WDDC – Local Council Digital Consultation Project Update Bulletin

Came & Co – Council Matters Autumn Newsletter

DAPTC – Autumn 2016 Newsletter

a) To consider any correspondence received after Published Agenda

Mr Nigel Head – Request in regard to cutting back of trees in the Gore which back onto his garden in Blind Lane Close. Cllr Spear to visit site and report back to the Council.

12. Finances

a) Payments for Approval:


1440 B.Burton £375.00 Grass Cutting:

1441Viking £238.80Paper Shredder for office:

1442 Forest Tree Care £192.00 Railway Crossing Gardens:

1443 RBL £75.00 Poppy Wreath

1444 HM Revenue £93.57: 1445 Goldsmith £380.87 Wages, Postage and Admin

b) Bank Reconciliation: 2nd of November presented by the Clerk to Councillors, checked against bank statements by Cllr Hudson and signed as a true record.

c) Budget/Precept for 2017/18 – The Clerk presented the proposed budget for 2017/18 to Councillors, after discussion Cllr Spear proposed that Bradpole Parish Council sets a budget of £ 29151.00 for 2017/18, seconded by Cllr Dendle unanimously agreed.

The Clerk then presented the proposed Precept for 2017/18 after discussion Cllr Spear proposed that Bradpole Parish Council sets a precept of £28848.00 for 2017/18 and applies for LEA grant of £303 giving a total of £ 29151 seconded by Cllr Hudson unanimously agreed.

13. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments – Update from Clerk – The Clerk informed Councillors that Mr and Mrs Camps are willing to rent the last allotment and the Clerk suggested that as it was late in the season that Mr and Mrs Camps can start clearing the allotment but no rent is paid until the start of new rental period in April 2017. Agreed by Councillors present. Tenancy agreement to be signed prior to any work commencing.

b) Lengthsman – Update from Clerk – The Lengthsman has a considerable amount of work on his list which he is working through in order of priority, any new work request to be given to Clerk.

c) Pageants Play Area and Field – Update from Clerk – The Clerk informed Councillors that the Lengthsman has confirmed that he is willing and able to install the new gate, therefore it would only be the cost of materials and not labour. After discussion Cllr Spear proposed that the Clerk be allowed to spend up to £480 on the new gate and any other materials needed, seconded by Cllr Casey, unanimously agreed.

14. Clerks Information: No new information at this time

15. Councillors Information:

Cllr Baker – Gave an update in regard to the Vearse Farm Meeting held on 19th October.

He also asked if there was a written agreement between the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council for renting the Parish Office. Clerk to make enquiries with Hall Committee.

Cllr Ellis – Informed Councillors that she would check her files regarding rental agreement.

Cllr Coatsworth – Gave an update in regard to the re shaping of the County Council

16. Chairman to Close Meeting to Public- To allow Confidential Information in regard to Clerk’s Appraisal:

8.50pm Cllr Spear closed the meeting to the public.

Meeting reopened at 9.10pm

17. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 1st December 2016 7.30pm

Meeting Closed at 9.15pm Signed: S.Spear Dated 1st December 2016