October 2016

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 6th October 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Mason (Chairman), Spear, Dendle, Baker, Hudson, Giles Townsend, Casey and Coatsworth. Three members of the public in attendance.

1. Apologies: Cllr Ellis and Cllr Kayes

2. Declarations of Interest: Councillors to declare declaration of interest at the time should any arise.

Cllr Casey declared an interest in regard to agenda Item 7 J.

3. Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st September 2016 – Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Co- option of Parish Councillor: At 7.35pm the Chairman closed the meeting to members of the public to allow confidential information to be discussed in regard to the co-option of Councillor. After discussion Councillors were asked to vote for their preferred choice, one Councillor abstained from voting. The Clerk then counted the votes with the majority of votes were for Mrs Smart.

At 7.45pm the Chairman reopened the meeting and members of the public returned to hall.

Cllr Dendle proposed that Mrs Wendy Smart been co-opted as a Parish Councillor for Bradpole Parish Council, seconded Cllr Coatsworth.

Cllr Mason welcomed Mrs Smart to the Council, acceptance of office signed by Mrs Smart.

Clerk to contact Mr Kinsella and advise him that he was not successful in his application.

5. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on

WDDC and DCC Matters – No matters raised at this time

6. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Kinsella spoke in regard to the need for a pedestrian crossing at The Kings Head Public House. He stated that he had spoken to someone in Bridport and they said that a crossing would not be considered until a death occurred. He asked Councillors again for a crossing to be considered, he stated he had seen a mother being verbally abused by a car driver as she tried to cross the road opposite the pub to get to the bus stop with her child in a pushchair. The Chairman informed Mr Kinsella that this matter was an agenda item and would be discussed later in the meeting.

7. Matters Arising from Minutes 1st September 2016:

a) Fields in Trust – Draft Copy of Deed of Dedication for Gore Cross Green – After much discussion between Councillors in regard to the pros and cons of entering into a Deed of Dedication, Cllr Dendle proposed that Bradpole Parish Council entered into a Deed of Dedication with Fields in Trust in regard to Gore Cross Green. Some Councillors still carried on discussing the matter, Cllr Dendle then once again renewed her proposal, seconded by Cllr Coatsworth, 6 Councillors in favour, Cllr Mason and Cllr Giles- Townsend voted against the proposal. Resolved

b) Landscaping of Land at Badger Row – Cllr Casey gave an update of information he had received from the developer. Cllr Coatsworth informed Councillors that he was still making enquiries with WDDC Planning department, it would appear that a planting schedule has been agreed but no actually dates have been agreed.

c) Gore Cross Green – To discuss improvements to Playing Surface: Cllr Mason informed Councillors that he had met with Stephen Harris from Wessex Ground Services and as a result Mr Harris had prepared a report with several recommendations, this report had been previously circulated to Councillors. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that Council accepts the Immediate Recommendations and that Wessex Ground Services are instructed to carry out the work at the cost of £646 plus VAT, seconded by Cllr Casey, unanimously agreed. Resolved

Further work to be discussed at November Meeting.

d) Parish Plan and Neighbourhood Development Plan Evening, September 2014: The Clerk reported that the meeting seemed to have gone very well, with some very positive comments made by those people who had attended the meeting. Many people who attended were pleased to learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan and how they could become involved and how it may affect Bradpole in the future.

e) Budget and Precept 2017/18 Working Group – The group will meet on October 10th and report back to the November Parish Council Meeting.

f) Repositioning of gate Pageants Field: Cllr Mason updated Councillors in regard to the quote obtained from Bright’s to remove a section of chain link fence and post and haul away, to supply and erect two concrete post, new fencing and also to supply a new gate. He had also spoken to the Lengthsman in regard to the possibility of him carrying out the work if the Council supplied the materials. The Lengthsman agreed that he would be able to carry out the work required. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that the Clerk in her role as RFO be allowed to purchase the necessary materials for a new gate to be installed at Pageants Field to the value of £750 and that the Lengthsman is employed to carry out the work, seconded by Cllr Spear, unanimously agreed. Resolved

g) Clerk’s Appraisal – Update: Cllr Mason informed Councillors that he would be meeting with the Clerk on October 13th to carry out her appraisal.

h) Parking Court Close – Councillors discussed the ongoing problems in regard to parking in Court Close and surrounding roads but felt that as a Parish Council there was very little they could other than once again refer the matter to Highways and Magna.

i) Request for pedestrian crossing Kings Head – After discussion Councillors asked that a letter be sent to Bridport Town Council informing them that a request had been made to the Council by a Bradpole resident asking for a pedestrian crossing to be installed at the Kings Head Public House to allow people to cross the road safely. Several Bradpole residents use the bus stop at Kings Head. – Mr Kinsella left meeting

j) Request from Cllr Kayes for consideration of extension of white lines or yellow lines –Higher Street – Badger Row: As Cllr Kayes was not in attendance Councillors agreed to carry this matter over to the November Meeting, at this meeting the letters from residents would also be taken into consideration.

k) Cutting back of trees in The Gore –No new information at this time.

8. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Update: Cllr Dendle gave a verbal update in regard to the progress of the Plan.

9. Social Media – To discuss possible Facebook Page for Bradpole PC – Cllr Casey informed the meeting that he felt that it would be beneficial to the Parish Council to have a Facebook Page which would be proactive and would engage younger members of the community. After discussion Councillors asked Cllr Casey to bring back further information to the next meeting including information in regard to the Council adopting a Media Policy.

10. DCC “Reshaping your Councils” Town and Parish Consultation Questionnaire: Cllr Coatsworth gave Councillors up to date information in regard to the Consultation, as not all of the Councillors present had read the papers circulated to them, they asked that a letter be sent to DCC stating they concerns over the lack of information and shortness of time given to complete the questionnaire.

11. Parish Fete or Community Event 2017 – Cllr Casey asked Councillors if there was any plans to hold a Community Event in 2017. Councillors informed him that Community Events would need to be organised by members of the Community and that the Friends of Holy Trinity usually arrange the village fete. Cllr Casey to contact Dave Kelley.

12. Neighbourhood Plan – Joint Councils Meetings – To Discuss – Bradpole’s Joint Council’s appointed member to be authorised to represent Parish Council on “Working Together” issues other than the Neighbourhood Plan:

After discussion Cllr Spear proposed that Cllr Dendle be authorised to represent Bradpole Parish Council on “Working Together” discussions other than the Neighbourhood Plan, seconded by Cllr Mason, unanimously agreed. Resolved

13. Planning:

a) Consultation

WD/D/16/001739 4 CLAREMONT GARDENS, BRADPOLE, DT6 3AX Replace the existing front driveway with a gently sloping parking area to provide safe off-road parking for up to two cars (Full): Details of application previously circulated to Councillors, no objections.

b) Approval

WD/D/16/001571 49 EAST ROAD, BRADPOLE, DT6 4AL Widen existing vehicular access & re-build piers & retaining walls to new line. Lay new concrete drive surface. Erect detached flat-roofed garage. Erect single storey extension to extend Hobbies Room / Store. Erect Conservatory to West elevation. Demolish existing single storey rear extension and erect replacement flat-roofed extension to North elevation. Construct new flat-roofed rear dormer window to north elevation. (Full)

c) To consider any applications received after agenda published:

WD/D/16/001723 HOME FARM, MIDDLE STREET, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HS Construct a new pitched roof on existing building (Full)

Select WD/D/16/001724 HOME FARM, MIDDLE STREET, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HS Construct a new pitched roof on existing building (Listed Building Consent):

After discussion Councillors agreed that they had no objections to above applications.

Member of the public left meeting.

14. Correspondence:

DCC – Changes to Mobile Library Service

DAPTC – Executive Circulation – Cllr Baker and Cllr Hudson to attend DAPTC AGM

a) To consider any correspondence received after Published Agenda

i) Letter from Mr Coveney in regard to the treatment of Japanese Knotweed, Gore House: The Clerk informed Councillors that she had made enquiries with DCC Natural Environment Team who informed her that the legislation states that it is the responsibility of the landowner whose land the Knotweed is growing on to treat it and not allow it to spread. In the case of Gore House it is almost impossible to know whether or not the weed spread from there onto the land owned by the Parish Council or the other way round. After discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk after consultation with the Chairman should send a letter to Mr Coveney reinforcing that the Council had only treated the Knotweed in Gore House as a favour to Mrs Coveney (deceased) at her request and owing to her age and ill-health.

15. Democratic Ten Minutes. No members of the public present

16. Finances

a) Payments for Approval: Cheques

: 1431 Village Hall £715.00 Hall and Office Rents

: 1432 J.Morey £90.00 Playground Inspections

: 1433 Footeprints £58.15 Inks

: 1434 B.Burton £375.00 Grass Cutting

: 1435 DAPTC £40.00 Clerk’s Seminar

: 1436 BTC £ 2160.00 Lenghtsman

: 1437 HMRC £93.57

: 1438 S.Goldsmith £374.24 Wages

: 1439 S.Goldsmith £61.48 Admin and Travel Expenses.

b) Bank Balances

: Current Account: £14434.45

: Deposit Account: £8087.67

: WDDC Bond £35844.89

17. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments – The Clerk informed the Councillors that she was still waiting to her from the gentleman she had contacted who was on the waiting list.

b) Lengthsman – The lengthsman has a list of work to do any new work to be given to the Clerk

c) Overgrown Vegetation along cycle path from Pymore to Bridport – Clerk informed Councillors that Cllr Casey had received a complaint from a member of the community in regard to this matter. The cutting of this vegetation was actually the responsibility of the Highways but they have not done it for the past 18 months, the Lengthsman has been employed to cut it back as and when necessary and the job will be added to his worksheet.

d) Flooding along Cycle Path from Pymore to Bridport – The drains were the responsibility of Highways but over the past 18 months the Lengthsman as cleared the drains as well as best he can when flooding occurs. He will be asked to check them on a regular basis over the winter period.

18. Clerks Information:

Clerk reported that she had recently attended the Clerk’s Seminar, which was very informative in regard.

She will prepare a short report and forward onto Councillors.

19. Councillors Information:

Cllr Baker: Gave an update in regard to the hosting of the web site and the finalisation of the registration of land at Pageants Close. He also referred to the fact the Village Hall Trustees are due to have their AGM which should be open to all residents of Bradpole to attend.

Cllr Coatsworth: Informed Councillors that he had spoken to the owner of Shell Cottage in regard to flooding problems.

20. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 3rd November 2016 7.30pm

Meeting Closed at 10pm

Signed: S. Spear Dated 3rd November 2016