September 2016

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 1st September 2016 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Mason (Chairman), Dendle, Baker, Ellis, Hudson, Giles Townsend and Coatsworth. Five members of the public in attendance.

1. Apologies: Cllrs Spear

2. Declarations of Interest: Councillors to declare declaration of interest at the time should any arise.

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th August 2016 – Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors:

Cllr Coatsworth spoke in regard to the forthcoming consultation in regard to the reshaping of the Councils, Parish Councils and Councillors will be involved in the Consultation. He also gave an update in regard to the CCG and Dorchester Hospital.

Cllr Kayes also spoke in regard to the combined authorities and also voiced her concerns in regard to the dangers caused by cars parking on the bend at Badger Row, Higher Street, Bradpole. There had been an accident on the bend, she handed around pictures showing the parked vehicles and requested that the Council once again consider yellow lines or at least extending the white lines.

5. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Simpson from Ruslea Ford addressed the Councillors in regard to his new proposed planning application in regard to new access, retaining wall and parking area at his home address. He gave Councillors background information in regard to the application. Councillors thanked Mr Simpson for attending and they would wait to hear from WDDC in regard to a new planning application. Mr Kinsella addressed the Councillors in regard to a need for a pedestrian crossing at Kings Head and also about parking problems at Court Close.

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 4th August 2016:

a) Fields in Trust – Draft Copy of Deed of Dedication for Gore Cross Green – Cllr Baker referred to the draft document which had been previously circulated to all Councillors for their consideration, he gave background information in regard to the application. Cllrs Baker and Dendle reminded Councillors that residents of the Parish in the 2011 Parish Plan had asked for existing “green areas” to be given protection to keep them as open public spaces. After much discussion Cllr Mason proposed that this matter be carried over to the next meeting to allow Councillors to consider the implications of the document, seconded by Cllr Ellis. Four Councillors voted in favour, two against and one abstained.

b) Councillor Casual Vacancy – The Clerk reported that until this evening she had received one application from Mrs Smart but this evening she had received a second one from Mr Kinsella. After discussion Cllr Coatsworth proposed that both application be considered and that a decision and co-option would be made at the October Meeting. Also that the closing date for applications should be the 16th of September 2016, seconded by Cllr Ellis unanimously agreed.

c) Railway Crossing Gardens – The Clerk informed Councillors that Carl Stoodley had quoted £160 to carry out the work as this amount was within the Clerk’s discretionally budget, the work had been agreed and will be carried out as soon as Mr Stoodley has the manpower to carry it out.

d) Landscaping of Land at Badger Row – Cllr Coatsworth informed Councillors that he was still not much further forward but was still working on the issue. Cllr Dendle voiced her concerns of the possibility of a landslide on the site and the water egression.

8. Co- option of Parish Councillor – Mr Robert Casey was in attendance and confirmed that he was still willing to serve as a Councillor. Cllr Dendle proposed that Mr Robert Casey be co-opted to serve as a Councillor on Bradpole Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Coatsworth, unanimously agreed. Councillor Casey signed declaration of acceptance and completed declaration of interest forms. Cllr Mason welcomed him to the Council.

9. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Cllr Dendle reported that the Steering Group was now doing well and that a draft plan is in the process of been prepared, it will then be submitted to the Joint Council. The completion date for the plan will now be a year later than first agreed.

10. Use of Gore Cross Green by Footballs Teams – Four Councillors had met with the Mr Symes the Club’s Manager and Coach on site on the 31st of August, Cllr Baker had prepared a short report in regard to the meeting. After discussion Councillors agreed that the site needs to be scarified and then treated to be brought up to match standard. Cllr Mason said he would made enquiries into cost. Cllr Dendle proposed that Cllr Mason should be the liaison person for the club and that a plan should be discussed and brought back to the Council for agreement, seconded by Cllr Ellis, and unanimously agreed.

11. Japanese Knotweed Townsend Way – After discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk should reply to Mr Coveney explaining that as discussed at previous Council Meeting the Council would no longer treat the Knotweed in the grounds of Gore House as Councillors had only carried out the work for Mrs Coveney owing to her ill-health and that the work had been carried out without accepting any liability for the Knotweed. There was also the question whether or not the Knotweed may have spread from Gore House in the first place. Councillors also pointed out that the legal requirement is for the landowner to control the Knotweed if it is growing on their land. The Parish Council are still treating the Knotweed on Townsend Way as advised by Dr King.

12. Parish Plan 2016 Review Document – Cllr Dendle presented the review document to Councillors, document previously circulated to all Councillors. She thanked the Clerk for her assistance in regard to the inputting of data and to Cllr Baker for preparing the report and also to a resident who helped deliver the questionnaires. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that the 2016 Review of the 2011 Parish Plan be adopted and that 100 copies be printed and made available for the public, seconded by Cllr Baker unanimously agreed. Resolved

13. Parish Plan and Neighbourhood Development Plan Evening – September 14th – Final Arrangements. Cllr Dendle and the Clerk out lined the events for the evening. Representatives from Magna and Vision 2030 will be in attendance, she requested that all Councillors attend the evening. Cllr Casey gave his apologies as he had a previously arranged commitment and Cllr Baker would be away on holiday.

14. Planning:


WD/D/16/000385 RUSLEA FORD, DODHAMS LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 3DY Excavation into road side bank with construction of retaining wall and step construction to provide parking area and improved footpath access. (Full)

b) To consider any Planning Matters received after Published Agenda – None received

c) Tree Works:

WD/TP/16/00280 14 BEAUMONT AVENUE, BRADPOLE, DT6 3AU T1: Beech – Reduce by 20% overall and remove deadwood. Reshape as necessary – After discussion Councillors agreed they had no objections in regard to the work.

15. Correspondence:

i) Holy Trinity Church – Letter of Thanks for Grass cutting Grant

ii) Residents from Pymore – Request to move Parish Notice Board – After discussion Councillors requested that the Clerk writes to Mr Crook requesting that a request to move the Notice Board comes from Pymore Management Committee.

iii) Withdrawal of Planning Application Ruslea Ford – Letter from Mr Simpson addressed in democratic time.

iv) Magna – Request for trees in the Gore which back onto Gore Cross Way to be cut back – Clerk to arrange for Mr Stoodley to assess the work that needs to be carried out.

16. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Simpson thanked Councillors for listening to him in regard to his proposed new planning application.

17. DCC “Working Together Document” – The Clerk reported that the group had met but at this time they were not able to estimate any costings in regard to future work and she was still trying to obtain past schedule of works from Highways but will little success. She will keep trying, Cllr Coatworth said he would also try and obtain the relevant information.

18. Finances

a) Payments for Approval: Chqs:

1425 B.Burton £375.00 Grass Cutting :

1426 BDO £ 240.00 Audit

1427 Quantum Enterprises £ 50.70 Web site hosting:

1428 S.Goldsmith £374.79 Wages, £374.24 Admin £0.55

1430 HM Revenue £ 93.57 Clerks Income Tax: Agreed and signed

b) Bank Balances as of 31st August 2016:

Current Account: £1,795.51

Deposit Account: £8,087.33

WDDC Bond £35,844.89

c) 2017/18 Budget and Precept – After discussion, Councillors agreed that The Clerk together with Cllrs: Dendle, Baker and Hudson should form a working party group and report back to full Council Meeting for approval.

Below received after agenda published

d) BDO – Completed Audit year-end 31st March 2016: The Clerk reported that she had received the completed audit yesterday, she presented the report to Councillors. The Annual Return has been approved with one minor issue raised which was that the Clerk had included the LEA grant in box 2 (precept) when it should have been recorded in box 3 (other receipts). The Clerk will ensure that in future years the amount is recorded in the correct box.

19. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments – The Clerk reported that she is hopeful that the last allotment will soon be reallocated

b) Pageants Field – Repositioning of gate to allow unrestricted access, after discussion Cllr Mason and Cllr Hudson agreed that they would meet with the Lengthsman to discuss the issue.

c) Pageants Playing Area – The Clerk informed Councillors that the Playground Inspector had checked the swings and they were completely safe.

d) Lengthsman – Update by Clerk, any new work to be passed to the Clerk.

e) Planned Maintenance Checks – Cllr Mason and Cllr Hudson have carried out the checks, no real problems and the minor problems have been passed to the Clerk.

f) Gazebo Trial Outing – Cllr Baker informed Councillors that he and Cllr Dendle, together with their spouses had put the Gazebo up on Gore Green. It definitely needs four people to erect it owing to the weight of it, a few members of the public had come over to see what was going on and had spoken to the Councillors.

20. Clerk’s Appraisal: Chairman and Clerk to agree a date and then the Chairman to report back to Councillors.

21. Clerks Information: None at this time.

22. Councillors Information:

Cllr Baker: Andy Hunt was now in a position to take over the Web Site Hosting.

Confirmation had been received from Nantes Solicitors that the land at Pageants Close has now been registered with Land Registry.

Cllr Coatsworth: Work in regarded to installing the drop kerbs in Trinity Way and Caley Way should be carried out in the next couple of months.

Cllr Casey: Thanked Councillors for co-opting him onto the Council.

23. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 6th October 2016 7.30pm

Meeting Closed at 9.45pm

Signed N. Mason Dated 6th October 2016