Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 7th December 2017 at 7.30pm

Prior to the commencement of the Parish Council Meeting a period of Remembrance for Cllr

Steve Spear was held, several members of the public were in attendance.

Present: Cllrs: Dendle, Baker, Ellis, Smart, Casey, Schuster,  and Coatsworth. Cllr Ros Kayes and Mrs Sandy Goldsmith, Parish Clerk.

Apologies: Cllr John Giles-Townsend.

1. Election of Chairman – Cllr Dendle informed Councillors that she was willing to stand as Chairman until the annual Parish Meeting in May 2018.

No other nominations. Cllr. Coatsworth proposed that Cllr Dendle be elected as Chairman for Bradpole Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Schuster unanimously agreed. Acceptance form signed

2. Election of Vice Chairman – Cllr Dendle asked for nominations for Vice Chairman, Cllr Ellis proposed Cllr Baker, seconded by Cllr Coatsworth unanimously agreed. Acceptance form signed.

3. Declarations of Interest – None at this time Councillors to declare interest at the time if necessary.

4. Minutes of Meeting Held on November 2nd 2017 – Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.

5. Reports from WDDC and DCC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters. Cllr Kayes gave an update in regard to the Proposed Community Bus Scheme which would cover Bridport and surrounding parishes. She also gave an update in regard to the Community Hub.

6. Democratic Ten Minutes – No members of the public present.

7. Matters Arising from Minutes 2nd November 2017:

a) Landscaping Badger Row- Update – No new information at this time, Councillors agreed that if no further update was received by early January then a letter should be sent to Oliver Letwin MP asking him if he could look into the issues raised by the Parish Council. Consideration also to be given to raising the matter with the local press and social media.

b) Local Government Reorganisation – Use of Bradpole Parish Residents Council Tax Reserves held by WDDC.  Cllr Dendle proposed that this matter be carried over to the January meeting, unanimously agreed.

c) Notice Board – Kings Charles Estate – After discussion Cllr Baker proposed that Cllr Dendle be allowed to spend up to £850 to purchase a notice board for King Charles Estate, seconded by Cllr. Casey unanimously agreed.

d) Obstructive Parking- Coneygar Close – Response from Headmistress St Catherine’s School, response previously circulated to Councillors, no reply received from the Governors. After discussion Councillors agreed that the Parish Council has done its best and brought the matter to the attention of the appropriate authorities, but at this time there is not a lot more action the PC can take.

e) Fields In Trust – Pageants Field – The Clerk reported that the relevant forms have been submitted to  “Fields in Trust”.

8. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030

a) To discuss way forward for Bradpole Parish within the Plan – To discuss recommendations and reasons from Working Group. Report circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. After discussion Councillors agreed the recommendations made by the Working Group. Councillors also agreed that the Clerk should write to Bob Gillis, the Steering Group and the Joint Councils’ Committee asking for all relevant paperwork be sent to her.

b) BANP – Proposed Consultancy Appointment and Fees- After discussion Councillors agreed that Cllr Baker should be allowed to respond on behalf of the Parish Council, after consulting with members of the Working Group, so as not to hold up the procedure.

9. Bradpole Village Store and Post Office – Update – Unfortunately owing to Peter’s ill health, he and his wife are no longer able to run the Store and Post Office. The property is being advertised as a private sale and it will be up to the future owners how they use the premises. The Post Office are under no obligation to arrange any outreach services as there is another Post Office within three miles.

10. Planning:

a) Consultation:

i) WD/D/17/002462 9 ST KATHERINES AVENUE, BRIDPORT, DT6 3DF Installation of railing with handrail around an existing flat roof (Full) – Adjoining Parish – After discussions Councillors agreed they had no comments to make in regard to this application.

b) Approval:

i) WD/D/17/002157 ENDWAY, HIGHER STREET, BRADPOLE, DT6 3JA Change of use of agricultural land to garden land (Full)

11. Correspondence:

i) Letter from Village Hall Trustee in regard to Hall Chairman – Cllr Dendle acknowledged the great loss that Cllr Spear would be to the ongoing running and governance of the Village Hall. She extended the invitation to meet with the Village Hall Trustees to discuss the long-term protection of the Village Hall as a community asset and to discuss any way in which the Parish Council may be able to help.

ii) DCC – Opening Doors – Circulated to Councillors prior to meeting – taken as read.

iii) Mr Wisby – Bradpole Post Office and Village Store Closure – Mr Wisby had intended to be at the meeting but was unable to owing to ill-health. This matter was discussed early in the meeting (Item 9).

12. Democratic Ten Minutes – No members of the public present.

13. Finances

a) Payments for Approval:

1515 B BURTON £375.00 Grass Cutting :

1516 J MOREY £90.00 Weekly insp. Pageants and Gore Green x15 :

1517 DAPTC £ 35.00 Cllr Training :

1518 VIKING £68.44 Paper

1519 FOOTEPRINTS £70.16 Inks:

1520 K HUSSEY £58.98 Safety work swings Pageants Playground

1521 V.HALL £721.25 Office and hall rents :

1522 HM REVENUE £94.51 :

1523 S.GOLDSMITH £390.57 Wages and Admin.

b) Bank Balances:

Current Account: £8349.39:

Deposit Account:  £15593.34:

WDDC Bond         £35968.55

14. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments – No new information at this time.

b) Gore Cross Green – No new information at this time

c) The Gore – The Clerk reported that it appeared that someone has cut back shrubs in the Gore. Cllr Dendle to check.

d) Lengthsman – Any new job requirements to be passed to the Clerk

e) Pageants Playground – No new information.

15. Clerk’s Staff Appraisal – Councillors agreed to carry this item over to the January Meeting.

16. Clerk’s Information: – No new information

17. Councillors Information Items:

Cllr Baker: Informed Councillors that he would be putting a seasonal post on the web site, he also spoke about CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)

18. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 11th January 2018 – Agree change of date – After discussion Councillors agreed to change the date of the next meeting from 4th of January to January 11th 2018.

Meeting Closed at 8.50pm

Signed: T. Dendle

Dated: 11 Jan 2018