Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of  Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
Thursday 12th January 2017 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Baker, Hudson, Ellis, Smart, Dendle, Casey and Coatsworth.
Cllr Kayes and Mrs Sandra Goldsmith (Parish Clerk). No members of the Public in attendance

In the absence of Chairman, Cllr Dendle offered to Chair the meeting, agreed by all Councillors present.

  1. Apologies: Cllr Spear and Cllr Giles Townsend
  1. Declarations of Interest: None at this time, Councillors to declare an interest at the time should the situation arise.
  1. Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st December 2016 – Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.
  1. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Cllr Kayes spoke in regard to the Local County Council Reform, Community Buses, NHS Clinical Review and the proposed Neighbourhood Plan Land Use Sites.
  1. Democratic Ten Minutes: No members of the public present
  1. Matters Arising from Minutes 1st December 2016:

a) Councillor Vacancy – After discussion Cllr Ellis proposed that there should be a closing date of the 31st of March for application, seconded by Cllr Coatsworth unanimously agreed.

b) Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – First Stage Site Visits – Cllr Hudson gave a verbal report about the site meetings, subsequent meeting and the forthcoming report.  After discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk should write to Katy Graham requesting a copy of the report so it can be discussed as the February PC Meeting.

c) Cutting back of trees A3066 Gore Cross – The Clerk reported that she had received a reply back from Highways stating that the required work is on their list of work and will be carried out as soon as possible.

d) Tree Work in The Gore, trees backing onto Blind Close – No new information at this time.

e) Parish Office Rental Agreement with Village Hall – No new information at the time.

f) Football Club – Use of Gore Cross Green 2017 – The Clerk reported that she spoken with Mr Symes who has confirmed that they would like to use the Green again as from March, he will check the ground over and then report back.

  1. BPC Working Party To Manage Day to Day Matters Arising From Emerging NHP, in Line With Agreed Parish Council Policy – After discussing the document presented by Cllr Baker, Cllr Dendle proposed acceptance of the proposed policy document, seconded by Cllr Coatsworth, unanimously agreed.
  1. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Cllr Dendle reported that at the moment she is experiencing great difficulty in regard to calling a Joint Council Meeting, the plan needs to be brought back on track.  Cllr Baker reported that certain members of the NHP still have their own agendas and several of them do not realise that the plan has to go to the Joint Council before it can be presented to WDDC. Members of the Steering Group wil be meeting with Hilary Jordan at WDDC to discuss planning issues. Cllr Baker suggested that Bradpole PC should invite the Steering Group to hold one of their meeting in Bradpole Village Hall.
  1. Planning:

a) Consultation:

WD/D/16/002321  2 ST CECILIAS GARDENS, BRADPOLE, DT6 3XF  Rear extension & alterations. (Full)
Circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting, no objections or comments

WD/D/16/002555  1 CORNERWAYS, FISHWEIR LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 3XW  Erect extension and alterations (Full)
Circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting, no objections or comments

WD/D/16/002511  6 HILLVIEW, BRADPOLE, DT6 3EF  Erect extension & raised patio area to the rear
Circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting, no objections or comments

WD/D/16/002804  UNIT 1, HOMEWOOD WAY, GORE CROSS BUSINESS PARK, BRADPOLE, DT6 3FH  Change of use of part of the building from B1 (Business) & B8 (Storage & Distribution) to D2 (Assembly & Leisure) (Change of Use) – After discussion Cllrs agreed that they had no objections in regard to this application, but made comment that if the proposed gym area was used for any other purpose then planning should look at the proposed use again.

b) Approval: WD/D/16/002207 1 THREAD MILL LANE, PYMORE, BRADPOLE, DT6 5QT Addition of wood burning stove flue through roof (Full)

  1. Correspondence:

Mr John Norris – Installation of mains gas Gore House – Previously circulated to councillors The Clerk to date has had no contact from SGN in regard to excavating the ground where the Japanese Knotweed is. She has spoken with Dr Annabel King who stated that as long as a “mole” was used and that SGN were very careful not to contaminate any other land then there should not be a problem.  She also stated that SGN are used to dealing with areas affected by Knotweed.

DAPTC – Subscriptions 2017/18 – Previously circulated

DAPTC – Royal Funeral Protocol – After discussion Councillors asked that the Clerk to look into the cost of purchasing necessary items.

a) To consider any correspondence received after Published Agenda
Cllr Coatsworth referred to the NHS Review Document he strongly believed that the Parish Council should respond with a corporate review.  Councillors to fill in survey and return to the Clerk, response to be discussed at February meeting.

  1. Democratic Ten Minutes: No members of the public present
  1. Finances:

a) Payments for Approval:
1452 J Morey £90.00 Weekly Playground Inspections
1453  Village Hall £715.00 Rents :
1454 HM Revenue £93.57 :
1455  S.Goldsmith £375.34 Wages & Postage
1456  HM Land Registry £40.00 FIT Registration:
1457 HM Land Registry £40.00 FIT Registration.
Taken as read, agreed and signed.

b) Bank Balances:

Current Account:     £2294.65 :

Deposit Account:     £12589.01:

WDDC Bond             £35844.89

  1. Parish Maintenance:

a) Lengthsman – The Clerk reported that Ed is working his way down the work list.
b) Pageants Play Area – New access gate – Cllr Hudson and the Clerk to meet in regard to this matter
c) i. Allotments – After discussion Cllr Hudson proposed that the rent for the allotments should be increased to £12 for the year, seconded by Cllr Baker, unanimously agreed.
c) ii. New Boundary Fence – Cllr Hudson and Clerk to meet in regard to this matter
d) Railway Crossing Gardens – The Clerk reported that Cllr Baker and his wife had very kindly carried out ground work down at the gardens, Cllr Dendle thanked Cllr Baker and asked that a record of thanks was recorded. Cllr Baker reported that the ivy still needed to cut away from around one of the trees, Clerk to arrange.
e) Planned Maintenance Checks – Cllr Hudson and Cllr Smart carrying out checks and will report back to the Clerk.

  1. Clerks Information: No further information at this time.
  1. Councillors Information:

Cllr Baker: The visits to the web site are up by 10 per cent as to the same time last year, the twitter account seems to be working well.
Informed Councillors about the Neighbourhood Plan Bill which is currently in the House of Commons.
Updated Councillors with information that Highways have no objection to a roundabout at Miles Cross in regard to the Vearse Farm Development.

  1. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd February 2017

Meeting Closed at 9.20pm

Signed:     S. Spear                      Dated: 2nd February 2017