JUNE 2017

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
Thursday 1st June 2017 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Cllrs Dendle (Vice Chairman), Baker, Ellis, Smart, Casey and Coatsworth

Meeting chaired by Cllr Dendle in the absence of Cllr Spear

1. Apologies: Cllr Giles- Townsend and Cllr Spear

2. Declarations of Interest: None at this time, Councillors to declare at the time should the need arise.

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on 9th May 2017 – Minutes taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.

4. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters – Apologies from Cllr Kayes – No reports available

5. Democratic Ten Minutes: No members of the public present

Cllr Coatsworth joined the meeting

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 9th May 2017:

a) Parish Office Rental Agreement – To Discuss – No further information at this time.

b) Bradpole Fete – June 3rd – Final arrangements made, Councillors to meet at 10am in the hall.

c) “Picnic on the Green” – July 8th – Cllr Casey gave a progress report, the Marquee and Portaloo are booked and once the Fete is over he will start to confirm with various people in regard to entertainment. He will carry out a Risk Assessment for the Event. Fliers to be handed out at the Fete. Clerk dealing with purchase of a few outside games as previously agreed. Councillors agreed that a small First Aid box should also be purchased.

d) Landscaping Badger Row- The Clerk referred to the email received from Mr Martin on the 11th of May which had been circulated to Councillors. To date no Landscaping work has commenced. After discussions Councillors agreed that the Clerk should write to Mr Martin asking when and how the enforcement of the planning conditions will take place.

e) Casual Vacancies for Councillors – The Clerk informed Councillors that she has placed notices on the notice boards and Bridport News has published the vacancies. Mr Kinsella has already spoken to the Clerk and taken away the relevant paperwork.

f) Dropped Kerb – Caley Way – Update – Cllr Coatsworth stated that he is still chasing the person concerned but is not hopeful that the work will be carried out in the near future. Cllr Smart to tell concerned residents to contact Cllr Coatsworth.

g) Parish Notice Board – King Charles Estate – Cllr Baker informed Councillors that he has heard nothing to date from the Residents Association in regard to anyone allowing a board to be placed on their land.

7. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Cllr Baker gave a brief update in regard to the progress of the plan which is heading towards the public consultation stage. The consultation document has to be approved by the Joint Councils before it goes out to the public. It is hoped that the public consultation will start in the last week of June for a month. Consultation document will be delivered to every household by Royal Mail. There will be various named drop off locations for completed documents.

8. Planning:

a) Consultation: None

b) Approval: WD/D/17/000276 15 COURT CLOSE, BRADPOLE, DT6 3EH Create a driveway/ hardstanding in my front garden for the use of car parking. Works to include laying of a porous hardstanding, dropping of approximately 8 kerb stones and make good of works around pathway (Full)

c) To consider any Planning Matters received after Published Agenda

WD/D/17/001071 STEPPS FARM, LEE LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 4AW Conversion of barn to holiday accommodation, demolition of agricultural barns & erection of new barn, garage, stables & tennis court. (Full)

Select WD/D/17/001072 STEPPS FARM, LEE LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 4AW Conversion of barn to holiday accommodation, demolition of agricultural barns & erection of new barn, garage, stables & tennis court. (Listed Building Consent)

The closing date for consultation is July 1st, Clerk to request an extension as the Parish Council meeting is not until the 6th.

9. Correspondence:

a) Letter from Mrs Taplin in regard to strimming of boundary hedge Pageant’s Close Play area.

The Clerk informed Councillors that she had replied to Mrs Taplin and that her letter would be discussed later in the meeting under Parish Maintenance.

b) Invitation to BLAP Meeting – June 1st – Cllr Coatsworth reported that he had attended the meeting there was very little discussed that was relevant to Bradpole Parish. There was some discussions in regard to the Neighbourhood Plan and List of Sites.

c) DAPTC – Annual General Meeting – Information and Timetable – Information circulated prior to meeting.

d) Dorset Wildlife Trust – Changes to road verge cutting system – Information circulated prior to meeting.

Mr Kinsella joined the meeting

10. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Kinsella told the Councillors why he believed he should be a Parish Councillor and handed his letter to the Clerk. He also spoke to the Councillors on behalf of another resident in Court Close who would like to have a disable parking bay outside his house but had been turned down in the past so Mr Kinsella asked if the Parish Council could arrange it for him. Cllr Dendle informed Mr Kinsella that the person concerned should approach DCC Highways as they are responsible for disable bays and also if the person concerned is registered disabled then he should have a support worker who may be able to assist him in his application. Mr Kinsella voiced his concerns in regard to the Parish Council doing very little to help residents on the estate. He then left the meeting.

11. Parish Office – Revamp – The Clerk asked that Councillors consider purchasing two new tall storage cupboards. The Council is gathering more and more items that need to be stored away and the current filing cabinets are not suitable. After discussion in regard to cost Cllr Dendle proposed that a maximum of £1500 pounds be allocated from reserve funds to pay for purchase of Parish Office furniture, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously agreed.

12. Western DAPTC Meeting – Cllr Smart circulated a written report for Councillors information. She stated that she had found the meeting very interesting and informative. The next meeting is on the 8th of September.

13. Finances

a) Payments for Approval

Cheque: 1476 B BURTON £375.00 Grass Cutting

: 1477 HM Revenue £94.51

: 1478 S GOLDSMITH £397.45 Wages, Admin & Postage

: 1478 DAPTC £70 Councillors Training

: 1479 Brights £134.07 New Gate

b) Bank Balances

Current Account: £13234.22

Deposit Account: £7591.28

WDDC Bond £35968.55

c) Approval of Accounting Statements 2016/17: The Clerk presented the account statement to the Councillors, Mrs Meech has carried out the internal audit. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that the Accounting Statement for year-end 31st March 2017 be approved, seconded by Cllr Ellis unanimously agreed by Councillors present.

d) Approval of Annual governance statement 2016/17 – After discussion Councillors unanimously agreed approval of the Annual Governance Statement for 2016/17.

14. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments – Clerk to still to visit site with Lengthsman and Cllr Smart to discuss new fence.

c) Pageants Playing Field – Boundary Fence – After discussing Mrs Taplin’s letter and taking note of her concerns Councillors agreed that Cllrs Dendle, Smart and the Clerk should visit the field to assess the need for a boundary fence to be installed.

d) Gore Cross Green – Goal Post – The Clerk informed Councillors that Edwards have agreed to supply new goal post which will hopefully be installed before the 8th of July. There had been a problem in regard to the coating and Edwards were no longer dealing with the company involved. Councillors stated that they were very impressed by the promptness that Edwards had dealt with the complaint.

e) The Gore – The Lengthsman is still carrying out work in the Gore in regard to cutting back of bushes backing onto Bath Orchard.

f) Japanese Knotweed – The Knotweed does not appear to be shooting up in many places. After discussion Councillors agreed that Dr Annabel King should be asked to re visit the site and make a further assessment in regard to the treatment plan.

g) Lengthsman – Update by Clerk – The Scheme is still working very well for Bradpole, with Ed carrying out many tasks that were previously done by WDDC or DCC. If more work is delegated down to Parishes Councillors may have to discuss increasing the hours that the Lengthsman is employed for.

h) Pavement and Verge Spraying within the Parish – Cllr Dendle informed Councillors that she’s very concerned over the lack of verge weed control not being carried out by DCC. In some areas within the Parish the pavement surfaces are starting to break up as the weeds are forcing their way to the surface. Clark to make enquiries with DCC in regard to their verge maintenance policy.

15. Clerk’s Information: The Clerk informed Councillors that she had received a written application from Mr Kinsella in regard to the Councillor Vacancy. Councillors agreed that the Clerk should write to him acknowledging his application and inform that it would be considered in due course.

16. Councillors Information Items: No other information from Councillors.

17. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 6th July 2017 7.30pm

Meeting Closed at 9.15pm.

Signed: S. Spear Dated: 6th July 2017