MARCH 2017

Bradpole Parish Council

 Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
Thursday 2nd March 2017 at 7.30pm 

Present: Councillors: Spear (Chairman), Dendle, Baker, Ellis, Smart and Giles-Townsend.  Cllr Coatsworth has informed the Clerk that he would be arriving late due to attended prior meeting. Three members of the Public in attendance.


  1. Apologies: Cllr Casey
  1. Declarations of Interest – None at this time Councillors to declare an interest at the time should such an occasion occur.
  1. Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd February 2017 – Minutes taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.
  1. Resignation of Cllr Freddie Hudson – The Clerk informed the meeting that she and the Chairman had received a written resignation from Cllr Hudson, he had resigned for health reasons. Cllr Spear stated that Freddie Hudson would be sorely missed by other Councillors as he had worked hard to help the Parish Council and the local community, all Councillors present agreed.  Cllr Spear requested that a letter of thanks be sent to Freddie.

The Clerk informed Councillors that she had informed DCC Electoral Services and the necessary posters had been displayed.  If an election is not called for then a Casual Vacancy can be advertised.

  1. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters – No Councillors present at this time.
  1. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Kinsella spoke in regard to the vacancy on the Councillor asking whether or not he would be considered, he also apologised for his behaviour at a previous meeting. Cllr Spear told him to apply again via the normal route. Cllr Coatsworth joined the meeting.

Mr Kinsella questioned Cllr Coatsworth in regard to the money been spent by DCC to install a roof garden on their building in Dorchester.  Cllr Coatsworth to make enquiries.  

The other lady and gentleman present stated that they had recently moved into Hemlet’s Close and  their bungalow backs onto Gore Cross Green, they asked a question in regard to the Green being used for Football and also that they had been told that the land would never be built on.  The Clerk gave information in regard to the Junior Football team who will be using the Green.

  1. Matters Arising from Minutes 2nd February 2017:

a) Use of Gore Cross Green by Football Club – The Clerk informed Councillors that she still hasn’t received any update from Mr Symes but will try again.

b) Tree Work in the Gore – The Clerk reported that she had met with Mr Stoodley as requested by Councillors. In his opinion all the trees that back on to Mr Head’s property are healthy and he would not recommend any further work be carried out, one branch had already been removed at Mr Head’s request.  In regard to the restriction of light, Mr Stoodley stated that nothing would be achieved by reducing the height of the trees as other trees on the other side of the path would cause shading. After discussion Councillors agreed that it was not in the wider public benefit to carry out any further work on these trees at this time.  Cllr Spear requested that the Clerk writes to Mr Head.

c) Parish Office Rental Agreement – No further information available at this, Cllr Spear to meet with the Village Trustees in April.

  1. WDDC 2017 Local Plan Review – Response to Questions– Cllr Baker addressed in regard to the report which was 143 pages long.  The working party had met and discussed the questions that needed answering but the answers provided only related to Bradpole Parish.  The draft question and document had been previously circulated to all Councillors.  After a short discussion Cllr Baker proposed that the report in regard to Bradpole Parish Council replies to 2017 Local Plan Review be accepted and sent to the Council, seconded by Cllr Dendle, unanimously agreed.
  1. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030

a) Update & Progress – Cllr Dendle reported that unfortunately the draft plan has still not been submitted to the Joint Council. At this time Bradpole Parish Council has done all it can to help progress the plan forward. 

Cllr Dendle presented to Councillors a draft report that had been prepared by members of the PC working party in regard to Bradpole Parish Council response to a request from the Joint Council  for clarity from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. After discussion Cllr Spear proposed acceptance of the response letter to the Joint Council Committee, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously agreed.

b) To agree Bradpole Parish Council’s response to first site assessment. Cllr Baker presented the report that had been prepared by the working party group which had previously been circulated to all Councillors.  After discussion in regard to the wording of a subsequent final paragraph Cllr Baker proposed that Bradpole Parish Council should approve the response to Bridport area first stage site assessments survey and that a copy be sent to the Neighbourhood Plan Group, seconded by Cllr Spear, unanimously agreed.

Cllr Dendle asked that a vote of thanks be recorded in regard to all the time spent by Cllr Baker in researching and preparing information for the Council without his hard work Bradpole Parish Council would not be so well prepared.  Agreed by all Councillors present.

  1. Planning:

a) Consultation:

WD/D/16/002860  26 Fox Close, Bradpole, DT6 3JF – Small extension to front elevation to provide and small entrance lobby and ground floor Toilet. (Full) – Previously circulated to Councillors, no objections.

b) Approval:

WD/D/16/002649  Ruslea Ford, Dodhams Lane, Bradpole, DT6 3DY  Safer Footpath Access, Timber Crib-Lock Retaining Wall and Parking Bay/Pull in. (Full)

c) To consider any applications received after agenda published:


WD/D/17/000282  3 Drew Close, Bradpole, DT6 3JG  Erect single storey extension to the north-east elevation. Construct a low level retaining wall to create a dry area to north-east wall of extension. Modify existing dropped kerb to provide vehicular access to existing gravel parking area. (Full) Only received today return date 24th of March, Clerk will try for extension.  Cllr Baker reported he had visited the site and could not see a problem with the application.

  1. Tree Work:


a) WD/CA/17/00060 – Proposal: T1: Magnolia – reduce by 40% overall, T2 and T4: Alder – reduce to previous cut and reshape as necessary, T3: Alder – fell, T5: Birch – reduce to previous cut and reshape. Site Address: The Old Vicarage, Higher Street, Bradpole, DT6 3JA. Previously circulated to Councillors, no objections.

  1. Correspondence:

a) Planning – Training for Town and Parish Councils – Wednesday April 5th 6-8pm

b) DCC – Local Government Reorganisation – Future of Dorset

c) To discuss correspondence received after published agenda

  Bridport Town Council: Request from Daryl Chambers asking if Bradpole PC would be willing to pay for a dog waste/litter bin to be installed at the Victoria Grove End of the footpath that leads from Dibdin View to Pymore Road.  After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that Bradpole PC pay for a  litter bin to be installed, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously agreed.  Clerk to speak with Daryl Chambers.

  1. Democratic Ten Minutes. The two members of the public still in attendance stated that it was good to know that the Councillors were working hard to keep the Parish residents up to date with what was happening via social media and the web site.
  1. Finances

a) Payments for Approval: Chqs:

1462 Footeprints, Inks £50.35.

1463 HM Revenue £93.57

1464 S.Goldsmith £456.53, Wages £374.24, Stationary £3.20, Postage £1.10 and Office Equipment £77.99. 

Payments agreed and cheques signed

b) Bank Balances:

Current Account £2,911.30

Deposit Account £10,859.95

Bond £35,844.89

Income since last meeting:

Bank interest 51p

VAT Reclaim £1,099.13.

The Clerk pointed out that although the Office Running Cost was £775.43 over budget because of extra printing cost and purchasing of necessary equipment the whole PC expenditure is still well within the agreed budget.

c) Appointment of Internal Auditor form End of Year Return 31st March 2017: The Clerk informed Councillors that she had spoken to Mrs Meech who was happy to act as Internal Auditor again this year. Cllr Dendle proposed that Mrs Meech be appointed as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor for end of year return 31st March 2017, seconded by Cllr Ellis unanimously agreed.

  1. Parish Maintenance:

a) The Gore – The Clerk informed Councillors that the Lengthsman has suggested that the tarmac path down the Gore is sprayed with weed killer in the drier weather to stop regrowth, but this would necessitate the path being closed off for two days afterwards and signs warning the public put up. After discussion Councillors agreed that the path should be sprayed with weed killer and that all necessary precautions should be taken.  Clerk to speak with the Lengthsman.

b) Pageants Play Area – The Clerk reported that the new gate will be ordered from Brights and once it is in stock the Lengthsman will collect it and fit it.

c) Gore Cross Green – The Clerk reported that Mr Stoodley had informed her that over the next two years the Horse Chestnut trees will need to be felled as they are all diseased. He asked if the Council would be interesting in taking part in a tree rescue program. After discussion Councillors agreed that it would be a good idea and would like more information about the trees.

d) Railway Crossing Gardens – The Clerk reported that the Lengthsman is still carrying out work down at the Gardens.

  1. Clerks Information:

The Clerk reported that she at the present time she had not been able to find out how many people within Bradpole Parish are looking for alternative accommodation still within the Parish. After discussion Councillors agreed that a Freedom of Information Request should be made to housing.

  1. Councillors Information:

Cllr Dendle: Has received request from Bridport Town Council and the Chairman of BLAP asking if Bradpole Parish Council would reconsider being part of BLAP. To be an agenda item for the April Meeting.

Cllr Spear: Stated that whoever had cut back the hedgerow along Pymore Road had not cleared any of the debris and it was a hazard for road users. Clerk to make enquiries.

Cllr Baker: The Facebook Page had been visited several times and was proving popular but what it has shown is that our Web Site is not mobile friendly.  Councillors agreed this should be an agenda item for April. 

Cllr Baker also stated he had concerns over the current protection for Pageants Close in view of recent Government advice. To be discussed as an Agenda Item at the April Meeting.


  1. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 6th April 2017


Meeting Closed at 9pm.


Signed. T. Dendle                            Dated. 6th April 2017