MAY 2017

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Annual Meeting held in the Village Hall
Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 7.30pm


   Present: Cllrs Dendle (Vice Chairman), Baker, Casey, Giles – Townsend and Smart. Mrs Sandy Goldsmith Parish Clerk, one member of the public.

         In the absence of the Chairman meeting chaired by Cllr Dendle

  1. Apologies: Cllr Spear and Cllr Ellis
  2. Nomination and Election of Chairman: Cllr Dendle called for nominations for Chairman.

Cllr Spear had informed the Clerk that he was willing to be nominated as Chairman in his absence.

No other nominations put forward.  Cllr Casey proposed that Cllr Spear be elected as chairman  of Bradpole Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Baker, unanimously agreed.

Cllr Dendle stepped down as Vice Chairman

  1. Nomination and Election of Vice Chairman: In the absence of the Chairman the Clerk asked for nominations for Vice Chairman.  Cllr Smart proposed that Cllr Dendle be elected as Vice  Chairman, seconded by Cllr Casey, unanimously agreed. No other nominations received.
  2. Declarations of Acceptance of Office and Registration of Interest – Cllr Dendle signed acceptance of office form as Vice Chairman of Bradpole Parish Council, confirmed no changes in her registration of interest. Cllr Spear to sign acceptance form on his return.
  1. Appointment of Representatives on outside bodies:

          Village Hall – Cllr Spear

DAPTC – Cllr Smart and the Clerk

BLAP – Cllr Coatsworth

Neighbourhood Plan – Cllrs Dendle, Baker and Spear.

  1.   Declarations of Interest – Cllr Casey declared an interest in Item 9d.  Councillors to declare an interest at the time should the need arise during the meeting.

    6a. Minutes of Meeting 6th of April 2017- Minutes taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.

  1. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters – No Councillors present.
  2. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mrs Jones informed Councillors that she was in attendance to find out what the role of a Councillor involved.  
  3. Matters Arising from Minutes 6th April 2017

      a) Use of Gore Cross Green by Football Club – Update – The Clerk reported that she had still  not received any replies from correspondence to the Club.  Councillors agreed that a letter should be sent withdrawing permission for the Green to be used for practice and matches by the club unless any agreement is reached by 31st May.  

      b) Parish Office Rental Agreement – To discuss – No further information at this time

      c) Parish Event – Gore Cross Green – 8th July – Update – Cllr Casey reported that the working group has met on two   occasions and a “to do list” has been made.  The afternoon is to be a picnic on the Green to involve games and entertainment for children and adults, people would be asked to bring along their own picnic.  The PC to consider hiring a Marquee and Portaloo.  After  discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that £500 from the Parish Plan Budget be spent on the Parish Event, seconded by Cllr Baker,   unanimously agreed.

     d) Landscaping Badger Row – Update – Cllr Dendle informed Councillors that she had received a reply from Andrew Martin and          that he had stated that the planting would commence by the end of May. She requested that the Clerk write to Mr Martin to ensure that if        the planting has not started by the end of May then the Council would take enforcement action.  Cllr Casey informed Councillors that  Mr Lovelock has informed the residents that he is still waiting for clarification from the District Council before he commences the work.

     e) Parish Councillors Casual Vacancies – Role of Parish Councillor – Job Description – To Discuss
The Clerk presented to the Councillors the job description document which she together with Cllr  Smart had compiled.  After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that the job description for the role of Parish Councillor together with amendments be accepted and approved by the Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Casey, unanimously agreed.

  1.   Bradpole Village Fete – Saturday 3rd June – Update – No new information at this time from the Fête Committee.  The Parish Council will have a stand at the Fête, final arrangements to be confirmed at the June PC Meeting.  Information in regard to the Fête is on the Parish Web Site.
  2.   Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030        

      a) Response to NP Intentions Document – To Discuss – Cllr Baker informed Councillors  that he and Cllr Dendle would be working on the Bradpole response document which would be circulated in draft form for Councillors to respond to prior to submission  to the Neighbourhood Plan Group.

      b) Request to Vision 2030 for Parish Councillor to be present at site visits – Response

          Cllr Baker gave Councillors an update in regard to the progress of the plan. There will no request to change the development  boundary and no requirement for site allocations.

          Cllr Dendle stated that it will be the Joint Council that authorises the public consultation document.  Consultation will hopefully      commence at the end of June.  She reported that a lot of positive work was emerging from the groups.

Cllr Baker told Councillors that he has informed the Joint Council that should any discussions take place with landowners or any   other organisation in regard to land sites within Bradpole Parish a Bradpole Councillor would be present.

  1.   Planning – To consider any applications after Agenda is published –None
  2. Correspondence

         Came & Co – Parish Council Insurance Renewal – 1st of June 2017- The Clerk informed the Councillors that the Council   was still tied into the three-year arrangement with the present insurer;  this arrangement ends May 2018.  The quote is well within the amount agreed in the budget.

         Came & Co – News Letter – Previously circulated to Councillors.

         Request for Parish Council to consider installation of defibrillator within the Parish: After discussion in regard to information received from the PC Insurers in regard to the requirements
needed for the installation, weekly maintenance, training and legal liabilities, Councillors agreed it was
not something that the PC could take on.  But should there be a Community Group within the Parish
who would like to take it on board then the Parish Council would like to hear from them.  Clerk to
         reply to Mr Baldwin.  

  1. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mrs Jones stated that she felt that the job description might put people off applying for the role of Councillor. Councillors explained that the duties and responsibilities referred to are shared by Councillors, no one person is expected to do the work by themselves.
  2. Finances
  3. a) Approval of Cheques for Payment:

       1469 Came and Co £839.26 Parish Insurance

1470 Quantum £355.00 New Web Site:

1471 BTC £221.38 Waste Bin and Gate Post

1472 Holy Trinity Church £1600.00 Churchyard Grant :

1473 B. Burton £375.00 Grass Cutting

1474 HM Revenue £94.51 : 1475 S.Goldsmith £514.00 Wages, yearly allowance and padlock

  1. b) Balances:

       – Current Account: £19393.37

– Deposit Account: £7590.92

– WDDC Bond £35968.55


  1. Parish Maintenance:
  2. a) Gore Cross Green – The Clerk reported that the goal post that had were supplied by Edwards  last May are badly rusting, she will be contacting the company in regard to them inspecting the, and discussing a way forward.

        b) Pageants Play Area- The Clerk reported that the new access gate into Pageants Field has been fitted by the Lengthsman.

        c) Railway Crossing Gardens – The Lengthsman is still to remove the ivy from the tree.

        d) Allotments – Clerk to meet with the Lengthsman at the allotments to discuss new boundary fence.

        e) The Gore – The path has been sprayed by the Lengthsman and he will be cutting back the vegetation and bushes that back onto   Number 1 Bath Orchard.  Cllr Dendle requested that enquiries are made with Mr Stoodley in regard to suitable shrubs to be planted in the area.

        f) Planned Maintenance Checks – Cllr Smart has carried out the checks and reported back to the Clerk who will arrange for any necessary work to be carried out by the Lengthsman.

           Cllr Coatsworth joined the meeting

  1. Councillors Information Items:

           Cllr Baker: Spoke in regard to the need of a Parish Notice Board within the King Charles Estate. He has spoken with the Chairman  of the Residents Association who will make enquiries  to find out if anyone in a relevant location would allow a notice board to be placed on their land.

           Cllr Dendle: Requested that enquiries are made by the Clerk in regard to the spraying of the weeds of the verges and pavements

           Cllr Casey: Reported that he and Cllr Smart had attended the new Councillors Course run by DAPTC and he felt that he now had better understanding into the role of a Councillor and the running of the Parish Council.

           Cllr Smart: Asked Cllr Coatsworth if he had any news in regard to the drop kerb in Caley Way, he said it was on the list and would be done but no firm date given.           

  1. Date of Next Meeting:   Thursday 1st June 2017

          Meeting Closed at 9.10pm

          Signed:  P. Dendle (Vice Chairman)    Dated: 1st June 2017