Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall
Thursday 5th October 2017 at 7.30pm


Present: Councillors: Cllr Spear (Chairman), Dendle, Baker, Dunn, Casey, and Coatsworth. Cllr Kayes

and Mrs Sandra Goldsmith, Parish Clerk.  Three members of the public in attendance.


  1. Apologies: Cllr Schuster, Cllr Giles- Townsend and Cllr Ellis         Absent: Cllr Smart


  1. 2. Declarations of Interest – None, Councillors to declare interest at the time if necessary


3   Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th September 2017 – Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.


  1. Reports from WDDC and DCC Councillors:

Cllr Kayes informed Councillors that there was still no more news in regard to the Local Government Reorganisation.  She gave an update in regard to the possibility of a Community Bus which would cover Bridport Town and surrounding Parishes and the route of the No 40 Bus. She also spoke in regard to Badger Row, planning conditions not being complied with and the money saving changes that have to be made in regard to the Library Service.


  1. Democratic Ten Minutes: A new resident asked if the Councillors could please introduce themselves as she

and her husband had only recently moved into the village.  Mr Hobby asked if the Parish Council was going to do anything about the land in Happy Island which is currently been fenced in.  The Chairman explained that the land was privately owned and the owner can do as he so wishes. The matter will be discussed later on in the meeting.


  1. Matters Arising from Minutes 7th September 2017:a) Landscaping Badger Row- After much discussion around the facts that the landscaping work has still not been started and that the builder seems to come up with more and more excuses why he hasn’t started it and that WDDC seem unwilling to commence any legal action. Councillors agreed that Cllrs Coatsworth, Spear and Dendle get together and draft another letter for the Clerk to send to Head of Planning, Chief Executive and Oliver Letwin MP. b) Community Cinema Evening and Future Cinema Events – Update – Cllr Casey – No further information at this time.

c) High Path – Village Road – Clearing of Vegetation – The Clerk reported that DCC had cleared the path but because this will only be carried out a couple of times a year by County owing to the cut backs she suggested that the Lengthsman gives it a regular cut back. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that The Lengthsman regularly maintains the High Path between the clearing work carried out by DCC, seconded by Cllr Spear, agreed by majority of Councillors present.  Cllr Coatsworth abstained from voting.

d) Drop Kerb Trinity Way – Caley Way – Cllr Kayes stated Blaire Turner was still waiting to be told where it  is actually to be installed.  Cllr Coatsworth confirmed that he had told them on several occasions. The Clerk informed Councillors that she has also emailed Mr Turner to tell him where it is to be installed.

e) Village Hall Committee – Request for information in regard to Parish Office Rent for 2018/19.

Cllr Spear informed Councillors that the Village Hall Trustees were agreeable to a rent increase for the Parish Office to £40 per week but would like the agreement to be for a three-year period not five years. After discussion Councillors agreed that the draft agreement could be changed to 3 years and that the rent for the Parish Office would be £40 a week back dated to the 1st October 2016.  The Clerk to prepare new proposal document to be sent to the Hall Trustees for them to agree, sign and send back to the Parish Council for final agreement by Councillors.

Cllr Kayes left the meeting

      7. 7.55pm Cllr Spear proposed that the Parish Council meeting be closed to allow Mr Trevor Warrick from WDDC Planning to address the Councillors in regard to questions about the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan, seconded by Cllr Baker, unanimously agreed. Meeting closed.


  1. 8.30 pm Cllr Spear re opened the meeting of Bradpole Parish Council

Mr Warrick left the meeting.


  1. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030 – Cllr Dendle informed Councillors that with immediate effect she was resigning from her role as Chairman of the Joint Councils Committee and also as the representative for Bradpole Parish Council. She felt that she could no longer be objective enough and that she was spending a disproportionate amount of time on the Plan against any gain for the Parish.

Cllr Spear thanked Cllr Dendle for her hard work over the years agreed by all Councillors present.

Councillors would now have to consider the options in regard to Bradpole Parish within the Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Baker has shadowed Cllr Dendle and covered meetings that she has not been able to attend, he will continue to attend meetings as Bradpole’s representative until the Council agree a way forward.  No decisions will be made until all options are considered.  Councillors encourage to attend the meeting on October 31st, as they will learn more about the future of the plan and be able to ask questions in regard to how it will serve Bradpole Parish. Cllr Spear is still a member of the Steering Group.


  1. Parish Emergency Response Plan – The Clerk reported that she’s still obtaining information to complete the draft document.


  1. DAPTC – Western Meeting – Cllr Smart not in attendance so no report available.


  1. BLAP – Steering Group Meeting – Cllr Coatsworth informed Councillors that he had attended the meeting but had not yet received a copy of the minutes and would report back at the next PC meeting.


  1. Planning:

a)Consultation: WD/D/17/001984  ST ANDREWS TRADING ESTATE, SHOE LANE, BRIDPORT, DT6 3EX  Proposed alterations to provide outdoor play areas and adjustment of Nursery area (Full)

After consideration and discussion, Councillors agreed they had no comments to make in regard to this application.

b) Approval: WD/D/17/001577 VINE COTTAGE, LEE LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 4AP Erect Single and Two Storey Extension to existing Dwelling (Full)

c) Refused: WD/D/17/000049 LAND TO WEST OF WATTON GARDENS, BRADPOLE Erect detached dwelling, garage and associated landscaping (Full) 


  1. Correspondence:

a) Land at Rear of Seal’s Cove: Email received from Mr Hobby regarding concerns over the land being fenced in. Also several comments and messages on our social media sites from concerned residents. After discussion Councillors agreed that as the land was privately owned the owner could do as he wished, but it did appear that he was going to keep the open spaces available for public use.  The Clerk to write to Mr Seal and ask if Councillors could meet with him to discuss his plans.  Councillors concerned in regard to the possibility of an increase in the flood risk.  Clerk to contact the Environment Agency.


b) DCC – Joint Local Plan Issues & Options Summary – Discussed, document circulated to Councillors prior to meeting.


c) To discuss any correspondence received after Published Agenda

Letter from Holy Trinity Church Warden asking if the Parish Council would be prepared to help with the cost of repair to a section of the Church Wall that leads up from Higher Street to Church Close. After discussion Councillors agreed that as no money has been allocated for donations in the current budget the Parish council were unable to contribute toward the cost on this occasion.


  1. Democratic Ten Minutes: Mr Hobby spoke about the over grown vegetation along the High Path in Village Road and the fact that the owners of the houses backing on to the path should be written to and told to cut back the vegetation if the over growing shrubs are from their property. The lady present asked if information in regard to events and classes within the Village could be placed on the notice boards as not everyone has access to the internet.


  1. Finances
  2. a) Payments for Approval, Cheques:

1501 BDO £240.00 Audit  :

1502 Footeprints      £22.06 Inks                

1503  B.Burton       £375.00 Grass Cutting :

1504 BTC               £2160.00 Lengthsman    :

1505  BTC                  £57.60 Hire of Eqp. Fowlers :

1506 DAPTC               £80.00 Training :

1507 S.Goldsmith    £386.25 Wages, postage and mileage :

1508 HM Revenue    £ 94.51 :

1509 Forest Tree Care £240.00                              

b) Bank Balances: Income Since Last Meeting :

Bank Interest £0.34 :

Precept £14,575.50             

 Balances as of 29th September 2017:

Current Account:     £21433.94 :

Deposit Account:     £7592.57

WDDC Bond             £35968.55

c) External audit Year End March 31st 2017 – The Clerk informed Councillors that the audit had been signed off and no issues were raised.


  1. Parish Maintenance:

a) Allotments – Lengthsman to visit allotments with Clerk in regard to fence.

b) Gore Cross Green – The diseased Horse Chestnut trees to be felled the following day (Friday).

c) The Gore – The Lengthsman has cut back the overgrown vegetation around the steps leading from Gore Cross Flats to the Gore and also strimmed back along the foot path leading from the Gore down into Higher Street.

d) Lengthsman – The Clerk will be attending a meeting on Monday 23rd of October with Bridport Town Council and participating Parishes in regard to the Lengthsman scheme.

e) Pageants Playground – an issue has been raised by Mr Morey in regard to the links of the cradle swings.

Mr Hussey has re checked the links and although there is so wear there is no safety issue.  He will speak with Mr Morey.


  1. Clerk’s Information:

a) BLAP – Parish Liaison Meeting – Clerk to circulate minutes when received

b) Clerks Seminar – Clerk to circulate report to Councillors


  1. Councillors Information Items: No new information for any of the Councillors


  1. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd November 2017 7.30pm


Meeting Closed at 9.10pm.

Signed T.Dendle                   2nd November 2017