Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 1st February 2018 at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs Dendle (Chairman), Baker, Ellis, Coatsworth, Schuster, Smart and Casey.

1. Apologies: Cllr John Giles-Townsend and Cllr Dunn

2. Declarations of Interest – None at this time, Councillors to declare interest at the time if necessary.

3. Minutes of Meeting held on the 11th January 2018 – To agree minutes – minutes taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.

4. Reports from WDDC and DCC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters – No Dorset County Council Councillor in attendance. Cllr Coatsworth to give update later.

5. Democratic Ten Minutes: No members of the public present.

6. Matters Arising from Minutes from 11th January 2018:

a) Landscaping Badger Row- Councillors discussed the correspondence received from WDDC Enforcement  Officer. He will be sending a letter to the developer reminding him of his responsibilities in regard to fulfilling the planning application conditions and will stress to him that the work must be completed by the end of May 2018. Councillors agreed to monitor the situation and asked Cllr Casey to inform the residents of Badger Row and ask them to reinforce the required action with the developer.

b) Local Government Reorganisation – Use of Bradpole Parish Residents Council Tax Reserves held by WDDC

The Clerk informed Councillors that she had earlier that day received an email from WDDC stating that if the proposed new Unitary Council for Dorset is approved then it would come into effect from 1st April 2019. All existing Councils would cease on March 31st 2019 and all their assets and liabilities would be transferred to the new Unitary Council. This would include any reserves held by the Council. WDDC does not have any reserves that specifically relate to a specific Town/Parish Council. After discussions Councillors agreed that this information should be re-laid to our Parishioners via our web site and social media as it is a matter of public interest.

c) Grass Verges – Kings Head and Court Close Estate – No further communication from local residents.

Highways will carry out repair work on the verges and re-seed when the weather improves. Cllr Dendle reinforced that the Council are still willing to work with local residents.

d) Community Infrastructure Levy – After discussion Cllr Dendle asked if anyone would like to volunteer to write the policy, with no other person coming forward Cllr Baker said he had already outlined a draft police and was willing to work on it, Cllr Dendle stated she was willing to help.

Cllr Baker asked for any ideas on how any CIL money could be used within the Parish to send them to him.

7. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan – Vision 2030

a) Report from BPC Working Party – Cllr Casey gave a verbal report of the meeting held by the working party on the 23rd of January, he also put forward the recommendations from the group. Before discussing the recommendations Cllr Baker gave an update in regard to the appointments of the Consultants and of Mr David Dixon as Project Manager. Cllr Baker stated that he was happy to remain sitting on the JCC as Bradpole’s representative as long as the timescale is not allowed to slip back any further.

After discussion and taking into account the recommendations from the working party Cllr Dendle proposed Bradpole’s continued support for the Plan, as long as the timeline should be made firm, including a clear and focused remit established at the inception meeting for the whole process to be brought to completion by March 2019.

The budget should continue to be managed sufficiently so that we as a council are not required to make any further payments. Parishes should be given reasonable opportunity to be represented at key stages of the process, including at the inception meeting. The situation to be monitored by the Parish Council and reviewed in May. Seconded by Cllr Smart unanimously agreed.

Councillors also agreed that there was no need for a representative at this time on the Steering Group.

Cllr Casey to send written report of working party to Clerk for attachment to minutes.

8. The Gore – Future Work – After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that the quote from Forest and Tree Care be accepted and the work carried out as per the quote, second by Cllr Casey. To re-lay hedge and make good hedge. £400 plus vat. To clear corner by flats and along Gore, replant on corner with Dorset hedge shrubs – £500 plus vat. plus cost of shrubs at time of planting.

Councillors also agreed that local residents should be invited to attend the next PC meeting to put forward any ideas that they may have for the future maintenance of The Gore, a letter to be delivered to residents living nearby and information sent out on social media.

9. Sec 106 Money for Bradpole Parish – After discussing the information received from WDDC in regard to the distribution of Sec 106 money, Councillors agreed that the Council should request more information in regard to allocation of money. WDDC to be made aware that Bradpole has already identified a need for the money due to the Parish.

Cllr Coatsworth stated that he would take the necessary action to find out more.

10. BLAP – Parish Councils Liaison Meeting – The Clerk gave a verbal account of the meeting, minutes to be circulated to Councillors when received. The Clerk stated that she believed it was very important that one or two representatives from Bradpole PC attend the next meeting which will be held on the 7th of March.

11. Planning:

a) Consultation:

WD/D/17/002671 PYMORE MILLS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, PYMORE ROAD, BRADPOLE, DT6 5PJ. Revised proposals for northern section of the Pymore Industrial Estate comprising Units 1 to 3, Unit G and Units 4 to 9 (now known as units 1-34) with no increase in floor space proposed. – (variation of Condition 1 of planning permission ref WD/D/14/001669 amended plan/materials units 30-34) (Variation of condition).

After discussion Councillors agreed that they had no comments to make on the application.

b) Approval:

WD/D/17/002606 34 CLAREMONT ROAD, BRIDPORT, DT6 3AY Erection of single storey extension (Full)

c) To consider any Planning Matters received after Published Agenda

12. Correspondence:

DAPTC – General Data Protection Regulations – The Chairman and Clerk to attend seminar on the 26th of March.

The Case for a Chideock Bypass – Letter asking for support – After discussing letter, Councillors agreed that they understand and empathise with various differing views of Chideock residents but felt that it would be inappropriate for Bradpole Parish Council to support any one particular view.

Dog Fouling Pymore Road/Dibdin View – Cllr Baker reported that he had made enquiries with the WDDC Dog Warden in regard to dog fouling within the Parish and she advised that the best way to try and address the problem is for local residents to report to her if they know where offenders may live. People only have to give an address and not the name of the person. Notices can be put up by Dog Warden but enforcement is difficult without the help of the community. Relevant links are on the Parish Web Site, Cllr Baker has designed posters that people can print off if they should so wish.

Badger Sett – Pageants Field – Information letter from resident – After discussion Councillors acknowledged the efforts of residents to try and stop the badgers from damaging their properties any further and thank them for including the Parish Council in their discussions. The Chairman reminded Councillors that they should not comment or make any decisions on this matter outside of Council Meeting. Cllr Baker and the Clerk to attend a meeting with householders and the Consultant they have instructed. To be discussed at the March Meeting.

a) To discuss any correspondence received after Published Agenda – None

13. Democratic Ten Minutes: No members of the public present

14. Finances

a) Payments for Approval: Cheques:

1528 Village Hall £550.00 Office and Hall Rents 1/1/18-31/3/18

1529 HM Revenue£ 94.51:

1530 S Goldsmith £405.43 :Wages £378.01, Travel £8, Postage 56p, Office supplies £18.86.

b) Bank Balances:

Current Account: £5819.41

Deposit Account: £15594.02

WDDC Bond:      £35968.55

c) WDDC Bond – After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that the Parish Reserves which are currently held in a bond with WDDC should be withdrawn on the 31st of March 2018 and the money transferred into the Parish Deposit Account, seconded by Cllr Schuster unanimously agreed. Cllr Baker pointed out that the Clerk as RFO  is required by the PC Financial Regulation Section 8 to consider all risks when investing Parish funds.

Clerk to consider risks and pursue safest and best value options with the bankers.

d) Bank reconciliation – The Clerk reported that as the bank statements had not yet arrived she was unable to present the bank re conciliation . After discussion Councillors agreed that Cllr Baker should be allowed to  examine the bank reconciliation once statements are received and approval them if all in order.

15. Parish Maintenance:

a) Gore Cross Green – To agree new stile and fence adjacent to footpath. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed acceptance of the estimate from John Bright for £2020.00, seconded by Cllr Schuster, unanimously agreed. The Clerk had tried to obtain a second estimate in time for the meeting but it had not been forthcoming. Cllrs agreed that the work needed to be carried out as soon as possible as the football playing season will soon be starting again.

16. Clerk’s Information: No further information

17. Councillors Information Items:

Cllr Ellis: Hay from passing Lorries is causing a problem outside of the village hall.

Cllr Schuster: Asked if there was any further information in regard to the Community Bus. No new information at this time.

Cllr Coatsworth: Gave an update in regard to the Local Government reorganisation.

18. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 1st March 2018

Meeting Closed at 9pm.

Signed.              T. Dendle                                                 Dated. 5 April 2018