JULY 2018

Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 5th July 2018 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs Dendle (Chairman), Baker, Smart, Schuster, Hudson and Casey. Mrs Sandy Goldsmith. (Parish Clerk) and three members of the public

Cllr Dendle welcomed everyone to the meeting

1. Apologises: Cllrs Ellis, Dunn, Coatsworth and Cllr Bussell : Authorised absence: Cllr John Giles- Townsend

2. Declaration of Interest: None at this time, Councillors to declare an interest during the meeting if necessary

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th June 2018 – Taken as read, agreed and signed as a true record.

4. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – No Councillors present.

5. Democratic Ten Minutes: Local resident voiced his views in regard to the way DCC Highways Workman carried out their duties, he also complained about the lack of action in regard to DCC installing a crossing at King’s Head. Another gentleman in attendance stated he was representing a resident who lives adjacent to the  Gore and he was interested in hearing about what was going to happen in regard to a tree which was damaging  resident’s property. In view of this request, the Chairman proposed that item 14a on the agenda be brought  forward and discussed after Item 10, this would allow for further comment during democratic time, agreed by  Councillors present.

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 7th June 2018:

a) Landscaping Badger Row, Higher Street – Update – Cllr Dendle referred to the correspondence  received from Sarah Caines and Greg Northcote. Cllr Baker and she will be meeting with Greg Northcote on  Wednesday 11th of July on site to discuss the situation.

b) Section 106 Fund Application – Update – Clerk reported that no further information has been received

c) Meeting with Highways – Higher Street – Signage – Update – Clerk reported no further update at this time, she  has yet again written to the relevant person at DCC

d) Community Bus – Update – Clerk reported that she had received information from Bridport Town Clerk that  he’s trying to arrange with First Bus to go out on a second trial run to check on the areas that the bus can serve.

It is hoped that the bus will be on the road by the end of the month.

e) Request for Pedestrian Crossing – St Andrews Road – Kings Head – Update – Clerk reported no further  information at this time.

7. Rights Of Way – Bradpole Parish – Maintenance – To discuss – Cllr Dendle stated that she believed that in the future the Parish Council is going to be expected to maintain more and more Rights of Way. This task could  become never ending and very costly. If the PC has to take on the responsibility for doing so then it will mean an increase in the yearly precept. Therefore she proposed that a clear procedure was set up in regard to the request to clear Rights of Way from members of the community. After discussion a procedure for the Clerk to follow was agreed.

The Clerk reported that she had still not received a reply from DCC Rights of Way Officer in regard to their current policy, she will write again.

8. Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan – Update – Cllr Baker informed Councillors that the Regulation 14 Consultation Fliers have been sent out and every household within the Plan area should receive one.

Members of the community are asked to complete the survey on line or ask for hard copies.

a) Pre submission Consultation Draft Document – Cllr Baker outlined the points already raised by the Parish Council in regard to Policy H? After discussion Councillors agreed that after the 18th of July meeting in the  Village Hall, the PC “working party group” together with any other interested Councillors should meet and  prepare a draft response to be discussed at the August PC Meeting.

b) Consultation Event – Bradpole Village Hall – July 18th – Members of the Steering Group will be present to speak to any members of the public, event will run from 3pm to 8pm. Councillors encouraged to attend.

9. Planning:

a) Consultation:

i) WD/D/18/001258 FORSTERS, FORSTERS LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HY Erection of

outbuilding (Full) – After discussion Councillors agreed that the design of the building was not suitable for a conservation area and they had concerns that it is on a flood plain.

b) Approval:


DT6 3HZ, Request for confirmation of compliance with conditions 3 and 5 of planning  approval WD/17/002161 (Compliance with Conditions)

c) Appeal under section 78, Town and Country Planning Act 1990:

i) WD/D/17/00049 – Erect dwelling, garage and associated landscaping – Land west of

Watton Gardens, Bradpole – To discuss – After discussion Councillors agreed that they had no further  objections other than those referred to in the original application.

d) To consider any Planning Matters received after published agenda

WD/D/18/001277 CARLOWAY, LEE LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 4AJ Erection of dwelling (Full)

After discussing Councillors agreed that they had no observations to make in regard to this application.

10. Correspondence:

a) DAPTC – Local Football Facility Plans – Circulated to Councillors

b) DAPTC – Coastal Designation – Circulated to Councillors

c) DAPTC – Remembrance Day Silhouette Installation Grants – Circulated to Councillors

d) NALC CIL Survey – Circulated to Councillors

All correspondence taken as read and none required any further action at this time.

e) To discuss any correspondence received after published agenda

Smartbridport Eco Housing – Request to address Councillors at August Meeting. Councillors agreed that a representative would be allowed to address Councillors but they must be told that Councillors will not be making any comments in regard to any planning proposals and also told that the meeting will be open to the public.

14 a) The Gore – Cllr Hudson reported on his meeting with Carl Stoodley, Forest Tree Care in  regard to two trees in the Gore.

In regard to the problem of overhanging branches and shading of garden, the tree examined with the owner and discussions had in regard to some branches being trimmed back, owner agreed that the branches could be trimmed back but main trees to remain.

In regard to the second tree, shadowing garden and tree roots damaging fence. The tree is in good condition, but the resident’s fence is being damaged. The resident is willing to pay for a new tree to replace the existing one if necessary.

After discussion, Cllr Dendle declared that she has a predetermined interest in regard to this matter and therefore would not take part in any further discussion in regard to this issue. Other Councillors agreed that further  enquiries should be made in regard to the cost of removing the tree and insurance responsibilities. To be  discussed at August meeting.

11. Democratic Ten Minutes – Gentleman representing local resident in regard to the tree damaging the fence stated that he was happy that further enquiries are made and that there was no immediate reason to take down the tree.

Another gentleman present informed Councillors that if the community bus route is classed as a  rural bus route” and as long as the driver deems it safe, the bus can be stopped by a hand request.

12. Parish Council Information Afternoon – Gore Cross Green – Sunday 15th of July – To  Confirm Arrangements – After discussion Councillors agreed that owing to various sporting finals on this day the Parish Council Information event would not go ahead. Hopefully an event can be arranged later in the year.

13. Finance:

a) Payments for Approval :

Cheques: 1557 B BURTON £471.00 Grass Cutting

: 1558 DAPTC £749.72 Yearly Subs

: 1559 HM REVENUE £104.06

: 1560 S GOLDSMITH £435.83 Wages, Admin and Office Equipment

b) Bank Balances :

Current £27,644.76

Deposit £32,185.07

14. Parish Maintenance:

b) Allotments – Cllr Hudson reported that he together with the Lengthsman have visited the allotments in regard to confirming allotment boundaries. Boundaries confirmed and in due course will be marked out by post in the ground.

c) Knotweed – The Clerk spoke to Councillors in regard to recent legal action in other Counties and in her view it would be sensible to erect a permanent fence around the Knotweed area. After discussion Cllr  Dendle proposed that Brights are asked to supply a quote for a fence. Agreed.

d) Planned Maintenance Checks – The Clerk reported that Cllr Smart had carried out the checks, a few minor issues  need to be addressed and the Clerk will ask the lengthsman to look at them.

e) Lengthsman – Clerk reported that the lengthsman has a list of jobs which is being added to weekly and he is  working his way through them.

Cllr Hudson – Has noticed that some of the lettering on the War Memorial has become insecure, not the ones  recently replaced but other ones. Enquires to be made in regard to any available grants to help with cost.

15. Clerk’s Information: Update in regard to Cllr John Giles Townsend.

16. Councillors Information Items:

Cllr Dendle: Next year Parish Council Elections will be held, she asked Councillors to speak to anyone they think may be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and encourage them to contact the Clerk for any further information.

Cllr Baker: Reported that he had a good news story in regard to a local resident who has taken it upon himself to  keep the verges tidy along Jessopp Avenue and Sea Road. Cllr Baker has thanked him on behalf of the Parish Council.

Cllr Baker also referred the fact that on July 11th it would be 200years since the birth of W.E. Forster, in Remembrance he read two short extracts from the “Life of the Rt Hon. W.E. Forster” by T. Wemyss.

17. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 2nd August 2018 7.30pm Meeting Closed at 8.50pm

Signed   T. Dendle         Date 2nd August 2018