MAY 2018

Bradpole Parish Council
 Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Annual Meeting held in the Village Hall
Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs: Dendle (Chairman), Baker, Casey, Smart, Ellis and Schuster. District Council, Cllr Bussell,

Mrs Sandy Goldsmith Parish Clerk, and three members of the public.

Cllr Dendle welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1. Apologies: Cllr Giles- Townsend Absent: Cllr Dunn and Coatsworth

Cllr Dendle then stepped down as Chairman and handed the meeting over to the Clerk

2. Nomination and Election of Chairman: The Clerk called for nominations for Chairman.

Cllr Ellis proposed that Cllr Dendle be elected as Chairman for Bradpole Parish Council, seconded by Cllr

Smart, unanimously agreed. No other nominations, Cllr Dendle duly elected as Chairman for Bradpole

Parish Council.

Cllr Dendle took over chairing the meeting.

3. Nomination and Election of Vice Chairman: Cllr Dendle called for nominations for Vice Chairman.

Cllr Schuster nominated Cllr Baker, seconded by Cllr Casey, unanimously agreed. No other nominations,

Cllr Baker duly elected as Vice for Bradpole Parish Council

4. Declarations of Acceptance of Office and Registration of Interest – Cllr Dendle and Cllr Baker

signed acceptance of office forms. Both declared no change in the registration of interest.

5. Appointment of Representatives on outside bodies:

Village Hall – Cllr Casey and Cllr Ellis

DAPTC – Cllr Smart and the Clerk

BLAP – Cllr Coatsworth

BLAP Parish Liaison Meetings – Cllr Dendle and Baker

Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Baker.

6. Declaration of Interest: None at this time, Councillors to declare an interest during the meeting

if necessary.

7. Minutes of Meeting held on 5th of April 2018 – Minutes taken as read, agreed and signed as a

true record.

8. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Cllr Bussell spoke about the devolution of services by

WDDC and gave an update in regard to Local Government Reorganisation.

9. Democratic Ten Minutes – No matters raised.

10. Matters Arising from Minutes 5th April 2018

a) Future Maintenance of the Gore – Cllr Dendle reported that six members of the community had

attended a meeting just prior to the Parish Council Meeting. Although in principle they felt a

Community Group could be formed they also agreed that the Parish Council would need to put

together a plan to show to people what ideas they had for the future of the Gore and then ask

the Community to comment and put forward their ideas. In regard to the current work being

carried out, Carl Stoodley would be asked to carry on work on the West side of The Gore but

not to start of the East side until a plan is decided by the Parish Council.

b) Section 106 Award Money for Bradpole – Cllr Baker told Councillors that the application form

was almost complete and that the cost to purchase and install a new shed to go on Gore Cross

Green would be in the region of £2000, and would therefore require a contribution from PC

reserves of 40% towards the cost. Cllr Baker pointed that there was no guarantee that Bradpole would be

awarded the amount asked for. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that if the Parish Council are successful

in being awarded the Sec106 Grant then 40% of the cost of purchasing and installing the new shed on Gore

Cross Green be taken from Parish Council Reserves, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously agreed. Councillors

also agreed that Cllr Baker and the Clerk finalise and submit the application of behalf of the Parish Council.

c) Future Community Events – Cllr Casey reported that he believed that owing to shortness of time, no event

could be held before September. After discussion Councillors agreed that Cllr Casey should come up with a

date and then contact the other councillors to find out who could help. Clerk to send marquee contact details to

Cllr Casey.

d) Badger Row Landscaping – Councillors discussed the recent information received from Bill Wiberforce,

WDDC. Councillors still very concerned over the lack of progress by WDDC to ensure the developer

completes the work. After discussion Councillors agreed that yet another strongly worded letter be sent to Mr

Prosser, DCC and also all others involved in this case, including Sir Oliver Letwin, MP. Cllr Bussell informed

Councillors that he would make further enquiries. Clerk to liaise with Chairman and Vice Chairman.

e) WDDC Devolution of Assets and Services – Cllr Dendle reported on the meeting she and the Clerk had

recently attended. The meeting had not enlightened anyone with any further information. It seems WDDC

stock answer seems to be “no Parish or Town Councils will be forced to pay” for services no longer supplied

by them.

f) New on line Planning Consultation – The Clerk reported that the starting date for the new on line

consultation has been delayed, no new start date known.

11. Parish Councillor- Casual Vacancies – Co-option – Councillors discussed the previous circulated

application form Mr Frederick Hudson to be co-opted as a Parish Councillor for Bradpole. Mr Hudson

previously served on Bradpole Parish but had to resign due to ill health. He is now fully recovered

and willing to sit on the Council once more. After discussion Councillors agreed that Mr Hudson

would be an asset to the Council, he has all the skills and knowledge required, specialising in planning.

Cllr Dendle proposed that Mr Hudson be co-opted as a Councillor onto Bradpole Parish Council,

seconded by Cllr Baker, unanimously agreed. Mr Hudson welcomed back onto the Council,

application and declaration of interest forms, signed.

12. Community Bus – Request from Bridport Town Council for contribution towards running cost:

The Clerk read out an email received from Bob Gillis, Bridport Town Clerk in regard to the proposed

Round Bridport Bus Pilot Scheme which is to run for 6months. Bradpole Councillors previously

agreed and budgeted for £2000 to be available to go towards the running of a community bus to cover

Bridport and Bradpole. After discussion Cllr Schuster proposed that Bradpole Parish Council

contributes £1100 towards the funding of the pilot scheme, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously

agreed. Councillors also agreed that Bridport Town Council together with the operators consider a

Hail and Ride” scheme. Clerk to write to Bridport Town Council

13. Bridport Wider Neighbourhood Plan

a) BANP –Vision Statement For Bradpole – Cllr Baker presented to Councillors a prepared

and previously circulated draft vision statement with four options. After discussion Cllr

Dendle proposed that Bradpole Parish Council adopt Option 4 for Bradpole Parish Vision

Statement, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously agreed.

b) BANP – Cllr Baker updated Councillors in regard to the progress of the plan and the

forthcoming Reg 14 consultation which Bradpole Parish Council will need to respond to.

14. BLAP Parish Liaison Meeting – Cllr Baker attended the meeting together with the Clerk.

Minutes of the meeting circulated to Councillors.

15. Request for Pedestrian Crossing St Andrews Road near Kings Head Bus Stop– Prior to

discussion Cllr Dendle read out a document she had prepared before the meeting in regard

to previous numerous requests from the same resident in regard to a new pedestrian crossing.

The document also listed the advice given. Councillors agreed that this document should be

attached to the May Minutes. After advice from the Clerk and further discussion Councillors

agreed that enquiries should be made with DCC Highways and Bridport Town Council.

16. Planning



SHOE LANE, BRIDPORT, DT6 3EX Demolition & removal of reception/office & store. Siting of

twin-unit reception/office with connection to mains services. Removal of boundary fencing & gates.

Erection of boundary fencing & gates. (Full) – Adjoining Parish – After discussion Councillors

agreed that they had no comments to make in regard to this application.


b) WD/D/18/000050 FORSTERS, FORSTERS LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HY Create new vehicular

access (Full) – After discussion Councillors agreed that they had no comments to make into the

amended application.


c) WD/D/18/000430 8 WILLOW WAY, BRADPOLE, DT6 4RU Demolition of conservatory and

erect a single storey side extension (Full)


Conversion of barn to 1 no dwelling (Full)

WD/D/18/000284 THE FIRS, LEE LANE, BRADPOLE, DT6 4AJ Alterations to include bay window

and reinstating internal garage. (Full)

17. Correspondence

a) Parents Parking Issues – Coneygar Close

b) Loders PTA – Request for donation – No donations budget for in the current budget. Will be

reviewed at the end of the Financial Year. Clerk to reply to Loders PTA.

c) Holy Trinity Church – Grass Cutting Grant – Granted already agreed in budget.

d) Request for support Chideock Bypass – No further action at this time

e) Request from resident to reduce height of tree in The Gore – Councillors to ask advice from

Forest and Tree Care.

Below correspondence received after agenda published:

f) DAPTC Survey on LGR Matters – Reply needed before 20th of May, Councillors agreed

that Cllr Baker and the Clerk should meet and answer the survey on behalf of the Parish


18. Democratic Ten Minutes: No further issues raised.

19. Finances

a) Approval of Cheques for Payment:

1543 HTC £1600.00 Church Yard Grant

1544 B BURTON £471.00 Grass cutting :

1545 Forest Tree Care £653.90Tree work and shrub planting The Gore :

1546 S GOLDSMITH £388.96 Wages £378.01 Admin £4.20 Travel £6.75

1547 HM Revenue £94.51 : 1548 Land Registry £40.00 AN1 Pageants :

1549 Land Registry £40.00 RX1 Pageants

b) Balances: Current Account: £33,807.02 Deposit Account: £32,183.40

c) Investments: The Clerk reported that she and Cllr Dendle had met with a customer services

officer from TSB. At this time there isn’t a Bond that can be invested in owing to BPC

having business account. The money from WDDC Bond will be transferred into the deposit

account whilst further enquiries are made into future investment.

d) Bank Signatories – The Clerk reported that several signatories need to be removed and three

others added. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that Cllr Smart and Cllr Schuster be

added to the listed signatories together with The Clerk, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously


20. Parish Maintenance:

a) Gore Cross Green – After discussion in regard to further new fencing around Gore Cross Green

Cllr Dendle proposed that Brights Estimate to install new fence along two sides of Gore Cross Green,

(Townsend Way and Helmet’s Close) be accepted, seconded by Cllr Ellis, unanimously


b) Pageants Play Area – The Clerk reported that the signed FIT deed of dedication has been received and copies

will now be forwarded to Land Registry

c) Parish Office – The Clerk reported that the skylights have been cleaned, the damp and woodlice problem

seems to have been resolved. She thanked Cllr Ellis for ensuring these issues were addressed.

21. Councillors Information Items:

Cllr Baker: New notice board installed in Jessopps Avenue to be shared with King Charles

Residents Association. Problem regarding tree roots on pavement dealt with by Highways.

Cllr Dendle: Consideration needed into requesting pavement for Higher Street, Complaints from

residents in regard to safety of pedestrians.

Cllr Smart: She is regularly watering the new trees on Gore Cross Green and they are doing well.

22. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 7th June 2018

Meeting Closed at 10.10pm

Signed T Dendle

June & 2018