Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 4th October 2018 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs: Dendle (Chairman), Baker, Smart, Schuster, Casey, and Hudson. Mrs Sandy Goldsmith, Parish Clerk and two members of the public.

1. Apologies: Cllrs Coatsworth and Bussell Absent: Cllr Dunn

2. Declarations of Interest: None at this time, Councillors to declare an interest during the meeting if  necessary.

3 Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th September 2018 – Minutes taken as read and signed as a true record.

4. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC  Matters – No Councillors in attendance.

5. Democratic Ten Minutes – No issues raised by members of the public present

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 6th September 2018:

a) Bradpole Parish DCC Rights of Way future maintenance – The Clerk referred to information circulated to Councillors from DCC ROW in regard to the cost of Service Level Agreement to manage and allow  unhindered access within the Parish. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that subject to DCC ROW confirming that they are able to service a contract to cover all ROW paths within the Parish. The Parish Council will enter into a Service Level Agreement at a cost of £2271.14 per year, seconded by Cllr Casey, unanimously agreed.

b) Badger Row Landscaping – After discussing the lack of response from WDDC, Councillors agreed that a letter should be sent to the Leader of WDDC stating disappointment in the lack of response from WDDC Officers. Councillors agreed that the lack of any further action from WDDC was very disappointing as  they had thought this matter was moving forward. A letter has been delivered to the residents of Badger Row.

c) Parish Boundary Changes – After discussing replies from WDCC and Bridport Town Council, Councillors agreed that a letter should be sent to WDDC stating that Bradpole Parish Council would expect to be fully  consulted before any decisions were made, allowing the Council to carry out a consultation with all Parish Residents.

d) Councillor Vacancies – The Clerk reported that to-date no election had been called for, closing date 5th of  October. After discussion Cllr Dendle proposed that subject to no election having been called Bradpole Parish Council seek to co-opt Councillors at the next Parish Council Meeting subject to them complying with the Parish Council Co-option Policy, second by Cllr Smart, unanimously agreed.

The Clerk then read out a letter she had just received from Cllr Schuster, as he will moving away from the  area in the near future he will be resigning after the meeting. Councillors thanked him for he support and  wished him all the best for the future.

Councillors also discussed future events to encourage new Councillors, Councillors agreed to hold an event  on Tuesday March 12th 2019.

e) Installation of Shed on Gore Cross Green – Cllr Hudson is still working on obtaining quotes for the base, shed will be ordered once the Clerk has confirmed that Bridport Town Council can house it until it can be installed.

f) Proposed Watton Hill Development – No reply from WDDC in regard to guaranteed funding. Cllr Dendle read out reply from RSPB, copy attached to minutes. ENCL 1 Oct 2018 The developers have postponed their meeting  with Bridport Town Council. Councillors also agreed that an email should be sent to the Chair of the BANP Steering Group reminding them that we had not received a reply to our query in regard to Watton Hill.

g) Community Bus – Councillors discussed the recent information received from Bridport Town Council and agreed that they should wait for a detailed 3 monthly financial report before any further decisions are made. Cllr Dendle reported that timetables have now been delivered to all Bradpole residents via the Bridge Magazine. Letter of thanks to be sent to the Bridge deliverers.

7. Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Baker gave a full report in regard to the Reg14 responses, amended timeline and the financial position of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan. After discussion Councillors also agreed to a delay of six weeks to ensure that the plan is up to-date with NPPF.

8. BLAP – Parish Liaison Meeting – Verbal report by the Clerk who had attended the last meeting in the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman. Cllr Baker also spoke about the written report he had  prepared in regard to the Parish Liaison Group. After discussion Councillors agreed that Bradpole Parish  Council should formally withdraw their representation on the Parish Liaison Group to allow Councillors to focus their resources on other issues within the Parish. This decision will not affect the Parish Council’s relationship with the wider focussed Bridport Local Area Partnership.

9. Planning:

a) Consultation:

WD/D/18/002125 METZ FARM COTTAGE, HIGHER STREET, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HZ Conversion of agricultural barn to residential dwelling (Full). No objections to this application but comment to be made in regard to the Rights of Way path which crosses the land concerned. The path way should be kept clear at all times during any building works. Also once the work is completed the Councillors would like to see The ROW sign re- installed.

WD/D/18/002029 2 NEWFOUNDLAND, BRADPOLE, DT6 3JB Erection of first floor rear extension. (Full) After discussion Councillors objected to this application on the following grounds. The extension will be overbearing to adjacent properties. There will be loss of light and overshadowing to adjacent properties. Materials – although the proposed extension will be on the rear of the building the suggested materials of wood cladding will be at odds with the adjacent Stone cottages and have a detrimental effect on visual  amenity of the conservation area.

WD/D/18/001804 29 EAST ROAD, BRIDPORT, DT6 4AG Dropped kerb to the front of property. (Full) – No objections raised

9a. Planning Continuation:


Conversion of existing building into 6 new dwellings with associated parking and private garden amenity and demolition of remaining workshop buildings – Variation to Condition 1 of planning approval WD/D/17/001240 to amend the plans to address the removal and rebuilding of walls originally shown to be retained (Variation of condition). Adjoining Parish – After discussion no objections raised.

b) Approval: WD/D/18/001522 35 CONEYGAR CLOSE, BRADPOLE, DT6 3AR

Erection of extension to garage. (Full)

c) To consider any Planning Matters received after published agenda

10. Correspondence:

a) Car Parking Coneygar Close – Obstruction – The Clerk read out an update from DCC, Councillors agreed that there was very little more that the Parish Council could do. DCC corresponding with complainant.

b) Temporary Closure of Village Road – 5th November to 16th November – Circulated- No comments

c) Dog Fouling – Foot path leading from River Vale to St Catherine’s School – Councillors agreed that once again there is very little more the Parish Council could do, a bin has been installed and arrangements made to empty it. The dog warden has been asked to carry out more patrols and residents have been encourage to report offenders. Dog owners have to be held responsible as they are breaking the law.

d) To discuss any correspondence received after published agenda – None

11. Democratic Ten Minutes – No issues raised

12. Village Hall AGM – Cllr Dendle gave a verbal report, the meeting was only attended by 3 of the Village Hall Committee, minutes of previous AGM not available, verbal report from the Treasurer.

Income £4500, savings of £5700, ongoing funding not an issue. Acting secretary reported a 6 year maintenance plan is ongoing. Cllr Dendle requested a copy of the accounts and maintenance plan for the Parish Council

13. Remembrance Service – Sunday 11th of November 2018 – Councillors discussed attendance of Councillors everyone welcome to attend. Cllr Dendle will lay a wreath on behalf of the Council.

14. Clerk’s Annual Staff Appraisal. Chairman to carry out Clerk’s appraisal and report back at November Meeting.

15. Finance:

a) Payments for Approval Cheques:

16: B Burton £471.00 Grass Cutting:

17: J.Morey £90.00 Pageants Weekly Inspections :

18: PKF £240.00 External Audit :

19: J. Bright £7174.80 New Fences

20: BTC £2400 Lengthsman :

21: Footeprints £46.08 Inks :

22: Forest Tree Care £150.00 Tree works

23: HM Revenue £104.06 :

24: S.Goldsmith £417.95 Clerk wages and postage

b) Bank Balances:

Current Account £17,039.10

Deposit Account £52,776.60

c) Budget and Precept 2019/20 – Councillors agreed that a working group of at least three Councillors and the Clerk should meet and prepare a draft budget and precept to be presented at the November PC meeting. Cllrs. Dendle, Casey, Hudson, Baker and the Clerk to meet on Monday 22nd October in the Parish Office.

16. End of Year Audit March 31st 2018 – The Clerk reported that the accounts had been signed off by the external auditors. One minor issue raised, Section 2 approved before Section 1. Clerk to ensure that the sections are signed and minuted in the right order for the next end of year audit.

17. Parish Maintenance:

a) The Gore – The Clerk informed Councillors that she had received a request from a resident whose bungalow backs onto The Gore to have some bushes trimmed back down to allow access to their fence. – Cllrs to visit the area and report back to Clerk.

b) Pageants Play Area and Field – Cllr Baker reported that the Play Area and Field are now protected by “Fields in Trust” and details are on their website.

c) Japanese Knotweed – Report from Dr King – Previously circulated to Councillors and on web site.

d) Allotments – Cllr Hudson reported that the Lengthsman will hopefully be able to put in the marker post very soon as the ground is a lot softer.

18. Clerk’s Information: No further information.

19. Councillors Information Items:

Cllr Dendle: Cllr Coatsworth had informed her that he had received a letter from a resident in Jessopp Avenue in regard to Community Speed Watch. She also asked for Councillors permission to make enquiries in regard to purchasing a new notice board for Pymore as the old one is no longer fit for purpose. Agreed by Councillors present.

Cllr Hudson: Has received complaints from residents in regard to the terrible state of Gore Lane in particular the amount of dog mess.

20. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 1st November 2018 7.30pm

Meeting Closed at 9.30pm

Signed       T Dendle                                         Dated    1st November 2018