Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall February 7th 2019

Present: Cllrs Dendle (Chairman), Baker, W. Smart, A. Smart, Coatsworth.

Also present 2 members of the public and Cllr. Bussell

In the absence of the Parish Clerk, minutes recorded by the Chairman

  1. Apologies : Mrs Sandra Goldsmith (Parish Clerk)
  2. Declarations of Interest: None. Cllrs to declare interest at the time should the need arise.
  3. Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd January 2019 – Taken as read. Agreed and signed as true record.
  4. Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – Five minutes – To receive reports on WDDC and DCC Matters.
    Cllr Bussell gave an update regarding an agreement between WDDC & Bridport Town Council in respect of The Grove building.

5. Democratic Ten Minutes
Member of the public spoke regarding salaries of council staff. Speaker informed nothing to do with Bradpole and he should contact his MP.

6. Matters Arising from Minutes 3rd January 2019:

a) Councillor vacancies – Cllrs informed two people had made enquiries and information had been sent. Follow up emails had been sent but no further contact had been forthcoming from the applicants.
One other applicant had declined. A copy of the email had been circulated.

b) Installation of storage shed Gore Cross Green – Cllr Dendle had met with the contractor on site. Discussed position and agreed ducting to be installed in retaining wall. The final position would need to be left to the contractor’s discretion when the ground work was started, but as tight to the corner as possible. Ground conditions and weather will affect timing but as soon as possible.

c) Landscaping of land at Badger Row/Court Close – Landscaping has started. Waiting for approved revised landscaping plan from WDDC.

d) Community Get Together 12 March 19 – Invitations have been sent to all residents. Disappointingly only 8 responses had been received to date. Persons to help with ‘kitchen’ duties needed.

7. Reports from Outside Organisation

a) BLAP – Minutes Circulated and taken as read.

b) Village Hall – To receive any information – no information

c) Community Bus – Cllr A Smart reported he had taken a round journey on the bus. He would like to commend the driver who was extremely caring and helpful and was responsible for the convivial atmosphere throughout the journey. The bus was clean and tidy. An analysis of the information received from Bridport Town Council would indicate the bus would need to be full with paying passengers on every journey for the full cost of running the service to be covered.
Cllrs discussed the need for community transport and hoped the service would eventually be viable.

8. Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan – Update

a) To discuss – Email from D Dixon iro ‘Bridport Town Council has commissioned a piece of work to look at heritage and green spaces to develop templates to promote a co ordinated approach to interpretation and project funding.
Cllr Dendle reported that neither the Joint Council nor Bradpole Parish Council had been previously informed of this ‘project commissioning’ in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan area. This was unacceptable.
Cllrs agreed further details and an explanation to be obtained from Bridport Town Council.

b) Report from Joint Councils’ meeting –
Cllr Baker provided a report on the progress of the BANP project which was now heading for a target REG15 submission date of 31 March 2019: BANP Report to Bradpole Council 7 Feb 2019

Proposed by Cllr Baker seconded Cllr W. Smart “The BANP (Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan) / Bradpole Parish Council Corporate Policy dated adopted 5th January 2017 be reaffirmed for 2019”

Resolved: Policy be reaffirmed – Unanimous decision.

9) Additional 106 money – update

Cllr Dendle explained Bradpole Parish Council had been asked to submit a project application for additional/2nd Phase of 106 monies totalling £1038.68. The amount covered Community Venues, Green Spaces and Allotments. Cllr Dendle sought permission to obtain quotes for various Green Community Space signage, Notice Boards for the VH and possibly a Bench.
Cllrs agreed quotes to be obtained and the application to be progressed and submitted.

10. Planning:

a) Consultation:

Adjoining Parish: WD/D/18/002897 24 MANOR FIELDS, BRIDPORT, DT6 4DB.
Erection of extension & alterations (Full)   – no observations

b) Approval: none outstanding

c) To consider any Planning Matters received after published agenda

Adjoining Parish. WD/D/18/002027 166A ST ANDREWS ROAD, BRIDPORT,

Retrospective permission Change of use from existing Garage/workshop to dwelling. No observations

10) Correspondence:

a) Bradpole Village Fete – email 8 January – taken as read

Cllr W Smart attended a recent meeting. The new group intend to purchase a Defibrillator and suggested the Parish Council may wish to contribute to the costs.
Cllrs discussed. Cllrs agreed should the group be properly constituted requests for grants made by them would be considered in the normal way at year end. In the case of a ‘community defibrillator’ any application would need to be considered alongside a long term plan for the ongoing maintenance and training etc.

b) CAB – letter 22 Jan 19 – The request for a donation would be considered at year end.

c) Application to be considered for co-option as Councillor – An application had been made by Neil Chilcott to be co-opted to the Parish Council. Cllrs discussed the application. Cllrs were offered the opportunity to ask Mr Chilcott questions.
Cllr Dendle proposed Mr Chilcott be co-opted at the March meeting of the Parish Council. Seconded by Cllr Coatsworth. Resolved unanimously Mr Chilcott be co-opted to Bradpole Parish Council.

d) To discuss any correspondence received after published agenda

Cllr Dendle informed several emails had been received regarding installing a Dog Waste Bin on the Bridge by St Catherines School. The Children had produced posters etc., and were campaigning. Cllr Dendle had contacted Bridport Town Council and, utilising the Clerks discretionary allowance, had agreed to share the costs of a bin and the ongoing emptying on a 50/50 basis. The bin is to be installed on the Bridge fence within Bradpole’s Parish boundaries.

11. Democratic Ten Minutes

A member of public stated many of his neighbours had commented on how good it was to see the land behind Badgers Row finally being cleared and put to good use. They also felt safer using the footpath as the high hedges and undergrowth had now been removed.

A pot hole at King William Head was now dangerous. Councillors reminded that residents can report such instances direct to the local authority.

12. Finance:

a) Payments for Approval – none

b) Bank Balances – Current account £ 6348.25

Deposit account £46845.50

Cllr Dendle reminded Cllrs the balances reflect the total funds in the Parish Council’s bank accounts and was not a ‘reserves’ figure. Cllr Baker said that the total funds included money “earmarked” for future projects etc. and that the overall reserves figure would be reviewed at the financial year end by the Clerk (RFO).

13) Parish Maintenance.

Planned maintenance checks – Update

Cllr Smart had carried out the regular checks.

  • Tuffys seat was in disrepair and needed attention – Cllrs explained the history of Tuffys seat and explained it was not located on Parish Council owned land and it had been previously agreed the seat could be coming to the end of it’s life. To be added to the next agenda for discussion and progressing.
  • The fence around the allotments needed repairing – to be added to the next agenda for discussion and progressing.
  • Millennium Bench is broken in several places. Cllr Dendle and the lengthsman had inspected and agreed the seat could be coming to the end of it’s natural life. Cllrs to consider replacing in the future.

14. Clerk’s Information: none Councillors Information: WDDC / DC new planning web site is now live but not yet fully functional.

15. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday March 7th 2019, 7.30pm

Signed Cllr T Dendle

7 March 2019