MARCH 2019


Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Thursday 7th March 2019 at 7.30pm

  Present: Cllrs: Dendle (Chairman), Baker, W. Smart and A. Smart Also present Mrs Sandy Goldsmith, Parish Clerk.

  Two members of the public in attendance.

1.  Apologies: Cllr R Coatsworth

2.  Declarations of Interest – Cllrs to declare interest at the time should the need arise.

  Cllr Dendle addressed the meeting prior to Minutes of last meeting been agreed, “I would like to apologise again for the procedural error. I added the co-option to a part of the agenda the council cannot make decisions from. Unfortunately none of us noticed at the time of the meeting. It was a genuine error on my part and I apologise for the problems it has caused.  These are solvable and we will proceed correctly today”

  7.32pm Cllr Dendle closed the meeting to the public to allow the Clerk to advise Councillors.

  7.36pm Cllr Dendle re-opened the meeting

3.   Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th February 2019 – Taken as read. Agreed and signed as a true record.

4.  Co-option of Councillor – After considering and discussing Mr Neil Chilcott’s application, Cllr A Smart proposed that Mr Neil Chilcott be co-opted as Parish Councillor for Bradpole Parish, seconded by Cllr W Smart, unanimously agreed.

Mr Chilcott was then invited to join the meeting and signed Acceptance of Office Form.  Councillors welcome him back onto the Council.

 5.  Reports from WDDC and DDC Councillors – No Councillors present.

 6.  Democratic Ten Minutes: A local resident addressed Councillors concerning Village Road resurfacing, in particular the comparatively short and narrow section between the junctions of Kings Head Hill and Trinity Way. This sect ion and indeed the whole of Village Road was scheduled for resurfacing work back in 2013, but was never carried out owing to gas works taking priority at the time.  Since that time surrounding roads have been resurfaced but not Village Road.  Recent enquiries with Highways reveal that the site is identified for assessment as part of the thin surface treatment sites, but no works are programmed.   Village Road is extremely busy at all times of the day. The resident asked for the Council to help in an attempt to resolve this matter.  Councillors agreed to make further enquiries with Highways

   7.  Matters Arising from Minutes 7th February 2019:

   a) Community Get Together 12th March – At this time 40 members of the community are expected to attend the meeting. Arrangements in regard to refreshments in hand but help will be needed in the kitchen.  Chairman and Clerk to set up the hall with display boards and tables.

   b) Landscaping Badger Row – Cllr Dendle has asked for the rubbish to be cleared from the land at the rear owned by WDDC, to date this has not been done and the Clerk is chasing up WDDC but still has not received any responses to emails.

Cllr Dendle spoke in regard to a letter of complaint received about public access being allowed.  The complainant had been informed that the land is owned and managed by WDDC and also that the forming of a wildlife area is part of the planning permission granting the development of the rest of the site.

    c) Storage Shed Gore Cross Green – Waiting for base to be laid, Clerk to contact him for possible date.

   d) Bradpole Village Fete – Cllr W Smart attended the last meeting, arrangements well in hand.  The group hope to raise money to purchase a defibrillator and a bench for the village.  Next meeting is on April 3rd at 6.30pm

   e) Community Bus – Cllr A Smart informed Councillors that the new timetable and route seems to be working well. He recently travelled on it and instead of taking an hour to get into town it was now only 20minutes. Councillors discussed paying the remaining £900 contribution to Bridport Town Council.  After discussion Cllr W Smart proposed that the remaining £900 be paid to Bridport Town Council to go towards the cost of the trial, seconded by Cllr Dendle, unanimously agreed.  Bridport Town Council to be asked to provide up to date information to PC in regard to running cost.

 8.  Reports from Outside Organisation

     a) BLAP – Minutes circulated

     b) Village Hall – No report

     c)  DAPTC – Minutes and report from Cllr W Smart circulated.

 9. Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan

    a) BANP – Annual Report for Bradpole Councillors, Cllr Baker spoke in regard to his previously circulated report to Councillors.  The Plan is very close to being submitted to WDDC, currently things are changing day by day which makes giving precise detailed information difficult.

    b) Report from Joint Councils Meeting – Once the Steering Group have completed the final draft Reg15 document it will be sent out to all relevant Parish Councils for them to approve, this will mean that Bradpole PC will need to call an extraordinary meeting as the submission date in expected to be prior to the April PC meeting.  Once the document is agreed by the Parishes the Steering Group hand it over to the JCC for submission.  

 10.  Additional Section 106 Monies – Cllr Dendle proposed to Councillors two options for 3 Street Information Signs (The Gore, Railway Crossing Gardens and Gore Cross Green), two internal notice boards for the Village Hall and one seat for Gore Cross Green.  The first option was for bespoke notice boards, which means they will fit well into the wall space available, the second was for economy.  If Councillors agreed to Option One the cost to the Parish Council would be £143.82, Option Two would not need a contribution from Parish Council.   After discussion Cllr Chilcott proposed that Cllr Dendle should be allowed to pursue Option One on behalf of the Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Baker, unanimously agreed.

 11. Annual Parish Meeting – Councillors agreed that the Annual Meeting should be held prior to the April Parish Council Meeting.

 12.  Planning:

     a) Consultation:

        i) WD/D/19/000059 : Proposal: Erect single storey front/side and rear extensions, and replacement front porch. Erect new iron railings in front garden. Location: THE KNAPP COTTAGE, MIDDLE STREET, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HS. No objections.

         ii) WD/D/19/000358 Proposal: Erect extension and alterations.  Location: 1 CALEY WAY, BRADPOLE, DT6 3HD. No objections

        iii) WD/D/19/000212 : Proposal: Erection of a rear single storey extension.  Location: 2 WATTON GARDENS, BRADPOLE, DT6 3DG .  No objections

Some Councillors voiced their concerns in regard to the new on line Consultation Procedure which still appears to have teething problems.  Cllr Dendle also concerned that the Planning Department are asking Parish Councillor to make comments on matters that they may not be qualified to make. Clerk to make enquires.

Cllr Baker informed Councillors that links to the Planning Applications are on the Parish Web Site.                      

     b)  To consider any Planning Matters received after published agenda – None

 13. Correspondence:

DAPTC – Councillors Nomination Packs – Circulated- The Clerk offered to check over the forms and if Councillors so wished she would make an appointment and take them up to WDDC Offices in Dorchester.

Request to install memorial bench Railway Crossing Gardens – Request received from relative in regard to installing a memorial bench in the gardens in memory of his aunt who had lived nearby.  A copy of the Parish Council Policy has been sent to him and also the link to Earth Anchors.  The bench would be paid for by the relative but ordered by the Parish Council.

    a) To discuss any correspondence received after published agenda.

Letter from Loders PFTA requesting donation.  Donations to be discussed at April meeting.

 14. Democratic Ten Minutes – No members of the public present.

 15.  Finance:

    a) Payments for Approval:


46: FIT £65.00 Annual Subscription

47: Earth Anchors £2931.00 4 New Notice Boards

48:  Morrison’s £112.00 Buffet 12/3 :

49: Daptc £55.00 Training :

50: HM Revenue £245.36 : 51 S Goldsmith £981.3 Wages Jan and Feb 

    b) Bank Balances: Current £7,558.93 Deposit £46,926.40

16.  Parish Maintenance.

    a) Planned Maintenance Checks – All completed by Cllr W Smart, forms returned to Clerk

   b) Allotment Fence – Cllr Baker and Cllrs Smart had met with the Lengthsman at the allotments.  There are actually two fences, the inner fence is the original railway line fence which is in serious disrepair and represents a danger.  The second fence is a stock fence which is in satisfactory condition.  After discussion Councillors agreed that the Lengthsman is asked to remove the old railway line fence.

   c)  Tuffys Seat – After discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk should write to Mr Bennett (Jnr) informing him that the Council can no longer maintain the bench, as it is not owned by them or on Parish owned land.  To be asked to remove and if not the Council will remove it, cut-off date to be given.

    d) Notice Boards – All have arrived and the Lengthsman will install them.

17. Clerk’s Information: No further information

18.  Councillors Information:

Cllr Chilcott – Complaints re vehicles parking Gore Cross Way and Pageants Close, emergency vehicles would have difficulty in gaining access to properties.

Cllr Baker – CIL from planning application Metz Farm, estimates the amount due to the Parish Council would be around £6000.

Cllr Dendle – As IT seems to be causing problems for some Councillors, has asked the Clerk to look into one to one training for any Councillor who would like to take up the offer.

 19.  Date of Next Meeting:  Thursday 4th April 2019, 7.30pm

Meeting Closed at 9.35pm                                         

Signed T Dendle 4th April 2019