Bradpole Parish Council

Minutes of Bradpole Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting held in the Parish Office

Thursday 21st March 2019 at 10am

Present: Cllrs: Dendle (Chairman), Baker, W. Smart and A. Smart Also present Mrs Sandy Goldsmith, Parish Clerk.

     No members of the public present.

     The Clerk addressed the meeting in regard to general advice in regard to decision making.       

 1.  Apologies: Cllr N Chilcott

 2.  Declarations of Interest – Cllrs to declare interest at the time should the need arise.

 3. To Agree Approval of BANP Regulation 15 draft document:

Cllr Baker firstly spoke about the HNA 12D document, a copy of which Councillors had received late the previous evening.  The document now consisted of 92pages and therefore the contents of which could not be considered at this meeting as Councillors had not had time to read the document in full.

 Councillors then discussed the Regulation 15 Draft Document taken into account the Health Check report.

Councillors agreed that Trevor Warrick’s suggestion to include the description that the BANP area was “washed over by the Dorset AONB” was particularly relevant to BANP and should be included probably under “Neighbourhood Characteristics” on page 6.

After considering and discussing all the Policies within the document, Cllr Alan Smart proposed that Bradpole Parish Council approve all of them en-block other than the Housing Policies which would be addressed separately. Seconded by Cllr Wendy Smart, unanimously agreed. 

In regard to the Housing Polices after discussion Cllr Alan Smart proposed that Bradpole Parish Council should respond with the following comments, seconded by Cllr Wendy Smart, unanimously agreed. Resolved

Housing Policies

H1 – Approved

H2 – Approved

H3 – Comment in regard to text wording “These are small-scale sites for affordable housing adjoining existing settlements. The local planning authority will support such sites if there is an unmet local need for affordable homes, the scheme design is appropriate, and the homes remain affordable in the long term.”

Councillors agreed that the wording “long term “should be replaced by “in perpetuity” 

Also agreed with the Health Check report “Affordable Housing Exception Sites” should be referred as “Rural Exception Sites”.

In regard to H3 (3) should include reference to NPPF (Feb 2019) and in particular the description of Rural Exception Sites.

Rural exception sites seek to address the needs of the local community by accommodating households who are either current residents or have an existing family or employment connection.

Also “small numbers” needs to be defined.

Councillors agreed they could not approve H3 as this meeting

H4 – Approved

H5 – Approved

H6 – Approved

H7 – Approved

H8 – Councillors agree that this policy is ambiguous and concur with the recommendations in the Health Check report. As in H3 “small-scale sites requires definition in terms of size/number of units.

H9 – Councillors concerned over the evidence base for this policy and again concur with the Health Check recommendations.

4. To Agree Approval of Joint Council Committee terms of reference. After discussion Councillors agreed approval of this document.

5.  Authorisation for the Chairman of the JCC to make changes to Regulation Document. Councillors agreed at that they could not approve authorisation for the Chairman of the JCC to make any changes to the Regulation 15. Any amendments to the Final Submission Document should be referred back to each Parish Council and, in the case of Bradpole Parish Council, would be discussed at a Full Council meeting.

Meeting Closed at 11.15am.                                                                   Signed      T Dendle     4 April 2019