2016 Parish Plan Review

The Bradpole Community published a Parish Plan in 2011

2011 Parish Plan

A review of the Plan was undertaken in 2016.

Bradpole Councillors, whose time is given voluntarily, assisted by our Parish Clerk spent several hours preparing & delivering the questionnaires for you to complete. The closing date for responses was 25 July 2016.

256 completed questionnaires (representing 500+ residents) were returned and the Parish Council team have analysed these. Unlike some “Consultations” your council does not have a pre-determined view of what is required so we tried to ensure that the questions asked were “open”.

A Community Meeting was held in September 2016 to enable residents to discuss the results and to learn more about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan which will cover the wider Bridport area including Bradpole.

Residents views expressed in the responses to the questionnaire will be reflected by Bradpole Parish Council in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Here is a summary of the responses received:


and here is a breakdown, in spreadsheet form, of those responses which are summarised above:

PARISH PLAN REVIEW 2016 Summary of Responses

The Parish Council adopted the 2016 Review at the Parish Council meeting of the 1st September 2016.

Various other comments were received covering a wide range of issues, here are some of them as displayed at the Sept 2016 Open Meeting:

2016 Parish Plan Review – Comments re overgrown areas

Overgrown areas-response

2016 Parish Plan Review – Various comments

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For more information contact: bradpole@dorset-aptc.gov.uk