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Bradpole Parish Council’s Role in the Planning Process

Bradpole Parish Council, in line with other Parish Councils, is NOT empowered  to either agree or decline Planning applications. However the Parish Council is involved in the planning process for each application that falls within the Bradpole Civil Parish as a statutory consultee insomuch that it is able to comment, support or raise objections based on Material Planning Considerations and make other comments to the Planning authorities.

The Local Planning Authority make their decisions based upon Material Planning Considerations which include reference to national and local planning policies which include the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan.

Each application is discussed among Councillors and a “corporate” response to each application is submitted to the Local Planning Authority and subsequently published on the planning applications website along with those from other members of the public.

Current applications can be found on the Home Page of this website which is regularly updated.

Developers, large or small, commercial or private, are encouraged to undertake pre-application consultation, see below**, and may wish to contact the Parish Council for advice on how best to engage with the local community.

Whilst the Parish Council is not empowered to make planning decisions some guidance is provided in the links on this page and you may also seek Parish Council help for an explanation of the process by contacting:  or by visiting the weekly Parish Council surgery, see About Your Parish Council  

Community infrastructure Levy (CiL)

For some developments within the civil parish the developer, whether it be for one dwelling or many, is asked to pay a levy to the Local Authority, a proportion of which is passed on to the Parish Council to help fund the local infrastructure.

To learn how our councillors determine where these funds are to be spent if, and when, received see:


Dorset Council information on Developers Contributions:

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Planning Application Search and Advice

Current planning applications for Bradpole can be found on-line at:

Please note that, for security reasons, to make comments you will be asked to  register.

Whilst most Planning decisions are made by delegated officers sometimes applications are called up to a full Planning Committee Meeting. When this happens members of the public may attend these meetings. If you have written to Dorset Council about a specific application you should receive a letter informing you of the committee date and inviting you to attend.

** If you are thinking of making a planning application Dorset Council offer pre-application advice and have a step~by~step guide, including fees, follow this link:

When submitting a planning application there is some information that is a statutory requirement which means that the application cannot be processed without it. If you fail to submit something on the validation checklist your application will be judged as invalid until all the required information is presented. To read this check list follow this link:

Planning Validation Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: DORSET COUNCIL covid-19 planning application update for applicants and agents

Bradpole Civil Parish has a number of areas of potential flood risk, planning applications close to these areas may require a FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT. DEFRA has a website dedicated to providing information for applicants at:

For more Planning information and up to date news on this ever-changing subject have a look at the UK Government Planning Portal