UK Government Consultations on the Planning System

During the Parliamentary recess The Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government (Sec of State Robert Jenrick) have issued a number of public consultations.

The ones that are most significant to residents are these proposals concerning future development planning:

Changes to the current planning system

Planning for the future.

These Consultations close on the 1st October & 29th October respectively.

Whilst both of these are quite lengthy they should be read if you are interested in what may happen to your neighbourhood.

Members of the public and organisations may respond by answering all questions or only those that they have the most concerns over.

Dorset Council have published a web page where residents may also provide comments. A glance through those comments from readers already published will provide a flavour of the concerns people have.

Govt consultations are largely ignored particularly during holiday periods, perhaps its time for a change.

BPC Aug 2020