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Vegetation Review at The Gore – Jan 2018

Parish Councillors have held a site meeting with “Forest & Tree Care Ltd” to discuss the ongoing hedge maintenance plan at “The Gore” in Bradpole.

Unfortunately some people have taken it upon themselves to cut back trees and bushes which our consultant has told us is not a lot of help and may lead to additional costs for the Parish.

Forest & Tree Care Ltd have reported: “It was noted that some residents have cut the tops out of the hedges. As a result of their actions, there will be a delay in the agreed long-term plan to layer the hedge and allow it to thicken up to make a better hedge.
We will have to wait another 2 years to allow the plushers to grow to a length and thickness to enable us to continue layering them so these hedges can then be trimmed yearly as planned, to stop them getting too big.”



It is anticipated that remedial work will commence before the start of the growing season, in the meantime please refrain from damaging the shrubbery.

Pruning etc. must be left to the professionals.

We would prefer to keep The Gore as a green wildlife corridor at a time when there is pressure to develop land for other purposes. Please help us with this ambition.



Councillors were disappointed to see the disgusting amount of dog litter left by inconsiderate owners. It is not the dogs’ fault it is the owners’.

As usual the irresponsible minority are spoiling our environment for both residents and visitors PLEASE STOP IT.

One of the many examples of dog mess found in The Gore

Hefty fines are applicable please send reports to:


Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community
BPC Jan 2018



Reports have been received from around the Parish of dog poo left on pavements and roads by a minority of inconsiderate dog owners.

This is unacceptable, unhealthy and particularly annoying to the majority of decent dog walkers who clear up their pets’ mess.

Here are some pdf posters for those areas already reported which you can download:

Dog Poo Notice Pymore Road & Dibden View Neighbourhood

Dog Poo Notice King William Head & Gore Cross Way Neighbourhood

Dog Poo Notice Jessopp Ave & Norman Close Neighbourhood

Please report offenders on line at:

Bradpole Parish Council working for the Bradpole Civil Parish Community
BPC Feb 2018