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Here you will be able to read about your Parish Council’s Finances, the rules we work within and what we do with the money we receive.

The content will be updated and added to from time to time.

Bradpole PC Financial Regulations Amended 6th August 2015

Parish Council Finances – Your Rights

And from the National association of Local Councils (NALC):

The 2017 Good Councillors Guide on Finance and Transparency


Monthly income and expenditure details together with the Parish Council’s bank and investment balances are reported at each meeting of the council and detailed in the meeting minutes.  This information may be found in the council  MINUTES

Each autumn Parish Councillors agree a budget for the following financial year and after adjustments the resulting figure (Precept) is submitted to West Dorset District Council and forms part of the calculation of the Council Tax rate.

Bradpole Council pays a significant sum each year to Bridport Town Council for services provided by the Town Council to Bradpole.

The budget for 2018 ~ 2019 reflects provision for a Community Bus Service Trial.

The Agreed Budget & Precept for 2018 – 2019:  Precept Budget 2018 ~ 2019


Risk Assessment 2018 – Financial Management Systems



Apart from long-term and fixed assets Bradpole Parish Council maintains a balance of cash reserves. The prudent management of the Council ensures that these reserves include an amount at least equal to each year’s annual precept.

Additional reserves are held to enable the Council, when necessary, to replace or refurbish assets.

Previous years’ externally audited reports are here:

2017 ~ 2018

Precept & Budget 2017-2018

End of Year Return to Auditors 2017 ~ 2018

2016 ~ 2017

Year End Financial Report March 2017

External Auditor Report & Cert. 2016 ~ 2017

Accounting Statements 2016 ~ 2017

External Auditor Report & Cert. 2016 ~ 2017

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016 ~ 2017


2015 ~ 2016

Audit & Governance Statements 2015 ~ 2016

Audit Conclusion Notice 2016


2014 ~ 2015

External Audit Accounting Statement 2014 ~ 2015

Annual Governance Statement 2014 – 2015


2013 ~ 2014

External Audit and Accounting Statement 2013 / 2014

Annual Governance Statement 2013/2014


2012 ~ 2013

Accounting Statement 2012 / 2013

External Audit Report 2012 / 2013


For information about openness and accountability visit our Freedom of Information Act page.

For hard copies or additional information please contact the Parish Clerk