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Here you will be able to read about your Parish Council’s Finances, the rules we work within and what we do with the money we receive.

The content will be updated and added to from time to time.

Bradpole PC Financial Regulations 2019

Parish Council Finances – Your Rights

And from the National association of Local Councils (NALC):

The 2017 Good Councillors Guide on Finance and Transparency

From time to time vacancies occur on the parish council which we are able to fill by co-option.

If you have expertise and experience in financial management and are interested in becoming a councillor please CONTACT the Parish Clerk for more information.


Monthly income and expenditure details together with the Parish Council’s bank and investment balances are reported at each meeting of the council and detailed in the meeting minutes.  This information may be found in the council  MINUTES

During the period of COVID-19, where the regular council meetings have been disrupted, financial information is included in the weekly report to Councillors which may be found on the COVID-19 page.

Each autumn Parish Councillors agree a budget for the following financial year and after adjustments the resulting figure (Precept) is submitted to Dorset Council and forms part of the calculation of the Council Tax rate.

Bradpole Council pays a significant sum each year to Bridport Town Council for services provided by the Town Council to Bradpole Civil Parish.

2021 ~ 2022

In Sept 2020 parish councillors agreed that a working group, including the Parish Clerk (RFO) should be formed to produce a draft budget for the financial year 2021 ~ 2022 to be considered by the full council before 31st December 2020

2020 ~ 2021

In Nov 2019 parish councillors asked a working group, including the Parish Clerk,  to prepare a draft budget for the financial year 2020 – 2021 to be considered by the full council in December 2019.

The Group considered:

– The additional responsibilities, and associated costs, that the new Dorset Council have indicated they will be devolving to parish & town councils as they seek to manage their own costs.

– The increasing workload experienced by the Clerk resulting partly from additional responsibilities together with new and amended legislation.

– The future cost of new legislation.

– The agreed need for refurbishment work on the railway crossing gates to enable them to continue as an important Bradpole landmark in years to come.

– A renewed mowing contract for the Parish Green Spaces.

– The amount paid to Bridport Town Council and to Dorset Council for services provided to Bradpole Civil Parish.

– Support for community groups and services.

– Whether a councillors Allowance scheme should be adopted.

– The levels of any anticipated income.

– Earmarked reserves for future projects (including the £2400 held for a defibrillator).

– The level of general reserves that should be maintained for contingencies.

– The current financial year’s budget and spending and how any projected budget under spend may be carried forward to defray costs in 2020 -2021.

– The resulting level of precept taking account of these factors and how that compared to the national average per household.

Interim I & E / Budget Report June 2020

BPC Budget & Precept 2020 – 21

2020 – 21 Budget Chart



BPC Reserves Policy – Sept 2020

In addition to its long and short term assets Bradpole Parish Council maintains a balance of cash reserves. These include general reserves, which are roughly equivalent to 50% of the annual expenditure budget, to ensure that the Council has contingency funds available both to cover its financial responsibilities and its ability to cope with any unexpected situation which may arise.

Additional cash reserves are held “earmarked” for future projects including the planned enhancement of community facilities, the refurbishment and replacement of the council’s office and other council equipment and to provide for potential expenditure items such as Election costs.

Cash Reserves as at 31 March 2020

Full details of the Council’s reserves may be obtained by a request to the Parish Clerk:- Bradpole Publication Scheme August 2015

Previous years’ externally audited reports are here:

2019 ~ 2020

In view of COVID-19 the UK Govt have amended reporting deadlines for 2019-20: UK Govt Accounts & Audit Regulations Coronavirus Amendments 2020

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2019-20

Annual Governance Statement 2019-20 (AGAR Sec. 1)

Annual Statement 2019-20 (AGAR Sec.2)

External Auditor Report & Certificate (AGAR Sec.3)  Contains minor issues which have been addressed

Annual Internal Audit Report 2019~20

Precept Budget 2019 ~ 2020.

2019 ~ 2020 Budget Summary Pie Chart


2018 ~ 2019

External Auditor Report 2018~19

Audit & Governance Statement 2018~19


2017 ~ 2018

Annual Accounting Statement 2017 – 2018

Annual Governance Statement 2017 – 2018

External Auditors Certificate 2017 – 2018


2016 ~ 2017

Accounting Statements 2016 ~ 2017

External Auditor Report & Cert. 2016 ~ 2017


2015 ~ 2016

Audit & Governance Statements 2015 ~ 2016


2014 ~ 2015

External Audit Accounting Statement 2014 ~ 2015

Annual Governance Statement 2014 – 2015


2013 ~ 2014

External Audit and Accounting Statement 2013 / 2014

Annual Governance Statement 2013/2014


2012 ~ 2013

Accounting Statement 2012 / 2013

External Audit Report 2012 / 2013


For information about openness and accountability visit our Freedom of Information Act Page.

For hard copies or additional information please contact the Parish Clerk