Protecting Bradpole’s Landscape

Summer view across Bradpole countryside

The civil parish of Bradpole lies entirely within the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which washes over Bradpole and the surrounding parishes within the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan (BANP) Area. 
AONB’s receive strong protection within NATIONAL PLANNING POLICY

BANP Landscape Policies set out how any development should aim to conserve and enhance the landscape and scenic beauty areas of this part of the Dorset AONB. In the case of Bradpole Parish these areas include the Asker Valley at “Happy Island” as well as many of the green spaces owned by Bradpole Council. Bradpole Council had already provided protection, in collaboration with Fields in Trust for the green space at the Gore Cross Recreation Area and more recently that at Pageants Field. See: Bradpole’s Green Spaces

Bradpole Council had sought, in 2016, to have the hilltop of Watton Hill designated as a Green Space alongside other iconic Bridport hills at Coneygar and Allington. Unfortunately, following representations from the landowner, the Independant Examiner deleted this designation from the draft plan explaining: “I find that the Watton Hill designation does not meet all of the NPPF tests and should therefore be deleted from the policy.”

It nevertheless continues to receive protection under the terms of the National Planning Policy Framework (Feb 2019) as it is entirely within an Area of Natural Beauty (AONB).

See also: 2018 Landscape & Heritage Assessment

Watton Hill also encompasses several Rights of Way, including the national long distance “Monarchs Way”, all of which have their own protective measures.

alt="BANP Map of Designated Green Spaces"

The Brit Valley (Map11 “B”) has been identified in the Neighbourhood Plan as an area where the visual gaps between settlements should not be diminished (Policy L4):

alt+"map of Green Gaps" Residents across the BANP area also acknowledged, in various consultations, the importance of maintaining green gaps between the settlements within the Neighbourhood Plan area. To achieve this BANP designates various Green Gaps in which new housing development will be restricted to prevent coalescence and to ensure that the Green Gaps are not diminished. In the case of Bradpole Parish this involves the area (B) along the Brit Valley Corridor either side of Pymore Road.


In Parish Plan consultations Bradpole residents have overwhelmingly stressed the importance of protecting the landscape but at the same time have understood the need to accept some small-scale “affordable” and “open market” housing development within the civil parish to accommodate the needs of individuals and families living within the parish. These responses continue to inform Bradpole Council in its decisions.

Bradpole Council Working for the whole of the Bradpole Civil Parish Community